Ralph Nader: Seniors: The Great Human Resource of Our Country

Senior volunteer searches shelf

Image by Multnomah County Library via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

on Apr 26, 2011

Karen Ferguson introduces long-time consumer advocate Ralph Nader who presents the 2011 Helen Quirini Activist Award to Ewa Bielski, Paul Edwards, C. William Jones, and Janice Winston.

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2 thoughts on “Ralph Nader: Seniors: The Great Human Resource of Our Country

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  2. Nader – such a great Patriot.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Campaign Funding could b STOPPED – it’s the means for which Special Interests buy INFLUENCE from congress.
    “O” has not over $1B in his campaign fund.
    who can run against such a money machine?

    Pension Rights Center is one of the most valuable groups of America.

    I do not understand how Elections state and federal cannot get FREE network for elections – eliminating the [so called] need for Campaign Funding.

    Years ago Nader said how much money congress House members and Senate members had to raise monthly IF THEY WANTED TO BE SUPPORTED BY THEIR DUOPOLY [D&R] PARTIES.
    AND how much time it takes from their congress duties FOR THE PEOPLE.

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