Obama Doctrine Allows for Regime Change by Assassination by Dennis J. Kucinich + NATO Kills Gaddafi’s Son & Three Grandchildren


by Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich
Washington, Apr 30

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NATO attack in Civilian Neighborhood Undermines U.N. Mandate

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), who has repeatedly challenged the Obama Administration’s policy on Libya, today made the following statement after a Libyan spokesman announced that a NATO missile attack on a residence in Tripoli killed Saif al-Arab, the youngest son of Colonel Gaddafi, and three of Gaddafi’s grandchildren. According to the spokesman, Gaddafi and his wife were in the home, but survived the attack. Saif al-Arab was reported to be a 29 year-old student and a civilian.

“NATO’s leaders have blood on their hands. NATO’s airstrike seems to have been intended to carry out an illegal policy of assassination. This is a deep stain which can never fully wash. This grave matter cannot be addressed with empty words. Words will not bring back dead children. Actions must be taken to stop more innocents from getting slaughtered.

“Today’s attack underscores that the Obama Doctrine of so-called humanitarian intervention appears to be a cover for regime change through assassination and murder,” said Kucinich.


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NATO Kills Gaddafi’s Grandchildren & Son

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12 thoughts on “Obama Doctrine Allows for Regime Change by Assassination by Dennis J. Kucinich + NATO Kills Gaddafi’s Son & Three Grandchildren

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  9. Assassins ‘R Us. We kill anywhere. Just name the victim and the location. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    Obama announces OBL is dead. He described OBL as a ‘killer of Muslims’. Remind you of anyone?

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  11. NATO has decided they can kill a foreign leader by missiles and drone air strikes. This avoids military troops being directly in battle, but it doesn’t reduce the bloodshed. When did the USA decide it was okey to kill a foreign leader just because….because!? I am tired of seeing our sons and daughters dying all over foreign lands. I am afraid we have drifted into technology administered death as a means of insulating ourselves from the killing process which is bloody.

  12. There will be absolutely no remorse for the deaths of the children. In all probability Tomahawk missiles were used as the reports say that there were three ‘massive’ explosions and that the targets were ‘high precision’.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomahawk_(missile) ‘On 19 March 2011, 124 Tomahawk missiles were fired by U.S. and British forces (122 US, 2 British) against at least 20 Libyan targets around Tripoli and Misrata. As of 22 March 2011, 159 UGM-109 were fired by US and UK ships against Libyan targets.’

    It puts the love-in last Friday into perspective doesn’t it? The bride’s bouquet is lying on a white silken cushion on the tomb of the unknown soldier in Westminster Abbey ‘following tradition’. The cushion should be red to match the blood it is soaked in.

    NATO’s motto is obviously NOT ‘No child shall be harmed’.


    Slimy Alastair Burt UK Foreign Office Minister has just been on Sky News and was questioned strongly by Dermot Murnaghan but he refused to reveal ‘operational details’ or to say which force killed the grandchildren. He would not confirm or deny the deaths and said that anyway the targets were in accordance with Res 1973!!!!

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