What Jesus Said About Resurrection

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Travel to Israel with Mart De Haan and hear from scholars and authorities in the field of New Testament studies as they explore Jesus’ claims and examine the evidence for his resurrection. In this 2-part DVD, you’ll see Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified and buried, and Bethany where, according to the Gospels, he was last seen on earth. Decide for yourself whether or not the resurrection of Jesus is the single most important event in history.

Part 1: What Jesus Said About Resurrection, Part I

Our Daily Bread on May 27, 2020

Part 2: What Jesus Said About Resurrection, Part II

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31 thoughts on “What Jesus Said About Resurrection

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    • one shred — May first 37 years ago today ..Christ came to his stubborn enemy ..ME …and proved it. he has been raised . he is not dead ..believe you me .

      anyone who asks for evidence does not really want to know . if you wanted to know sincerely Larry , the risen Christ would have revealed Himself to you by now.

      when you are as desperate for truth as you are for the last breath that is keeping you alive , and you really mean business ..then the truth will be revealed to you . not until then .

  13. Anyone interested in New Testament studies should examine the work of Dr. Robert M. Price. He is a scholar of the finest caliber.

    • Anyone who is interested in the New Testament ought to just pick it up and read it for themselves without someone being a middle man and telling them what it means . a thinking mans fundamental axiom is to go to the source themselves before consulting commentarys .

      for as the great Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard said ”it is a fearful thing for a man to be alone with the New Testament ”.

      • So, which of the 900 or so versions do you suggest? For I can show you many discrepancies between them all.

        There are versions that support various agendas/theologies.

        • it is clear to me that you have no interest in giving your life to Christ . …so don’t bother even reading it .

        • rocket,

          How can you feel you know such a thing about me, simply from my question? I assure you that I have read that book as many times, if not more than you. I have read many of those 900 translations in comparison, just as I asked specifically of you. Which means I have an answer to my own question.

          But I understand your complete aversion to my question for it is impossible to answer if you have no idea.

          And please note that such an attitude and knee-jerk reaction that you displayed, especially if I were not a Christian, is not at all edifying or any way to express your supposed knowledge of the Gospel.

          But I am not at all surprised.

        • @ BuelahMan ~ I hear you on a couple of different issues but have promised myself I will not waste any more time on one of them. Re: versions of The New Testament ~ I too have looked at many different translations and that is a very interesting subject. I have a copy of the Comparative Study Bible, which lays out 4 different translations side by side. Wow, is that interesting. I’m sure you already know about that one, but just in case. I really enjoy Becks translation, possibly because it’s written in a more “modern” style than the KJ, but is still (according to many respected Bible scholars) very accurately translated from the original texts.

        • @ ooppoddoo

          I actually own a copy of that very Comparative Bible on a book shelf I have within 2 feet of me. The pages are worn out.

          But I also own many other print copies (including a Kenyan version of the KJV). In addition, I also own many software versions and have access to even more online.

          All I was trying to ask of this person (I assume this is Rocket Kirchner who has had his writings featured here many times) was which one does the man recommend. For in my exhaustive study, I can assure you that there are vast differences in many of them. (This is certainly common knowledge for most people who have ACTUALLY studied this subject.)

          I have my theories of why this is (and could have expounded upon this with a sensible and honest participant), but when the only response is to question a person’s faith and immediately assume them to be a heretic (which is precisely what this rocket person did), then I question just how knowledgeable (and sadly, even how truthful) that person is.

          Thank you for your polite and Christian-like attitude.

        • @ rocket

          Because that is what Christ instructs us to do (I would think that someone that understands the New Testament Scriptures would KNOW this)..

          Sadly and apparently, you don’t even know this very basic tenant of the faith.

        • Rocket remembers you commenting on other articles. You have lost your faith and are not a seeker but would rather bring up something that had nothing to do with this particular post like the rest of those commenting here.

          How about watch the videos and discuss resurrection, please?

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