Pres O: What the F… Don’t You Get About Republican Intentions? by Cameron Salisbury

by Cameron Salisbury
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad, December 2, 2010
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May 5, 2011

DC We Are One Rally 03

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You came out of the meeting with Republican leaders and stood in front of cameras saying that you were optimistic about compromise to improve serious domestic problems.

They came out of the meeting saying that their base liked gridlock and they intended to maintain it.

Were you at the same meeting?

How much clearer can those troglodytes be? What in your background has made conciliation and suck up-ness your most important priorities?

When they say they don’t intend to cooperate with you, they insist on tax cuts for the wealthy, they believe that institutionalized gridlock is the way to accomplish their main goal which is to get rid of you, you need to join the rest of us in the real world and get your head out of the Land of Oz, or wherever it is.

You will not have another chance if you continue to screw up this one. And only your dedicated, appointed, staff believes you haven’t screwed up – so quit talking to them and start listening to us!

You might also disband your insistence on harmony long enough to admit that it doesn’t exist, you can’t create it out of thin air, and no one on the other side wants it.

It was you who lost control of the House, and it was not because of Republican intransigence. It was because you refused to meet them head on. Other presidents, FDR, Harry Truman, had stiff opposition but they used their bully pulpit to disable it. Try to channel them long enough to look presidential.

Where are those principles we thought you had two years ago? Where is your willingness to call injustice by its name and challenge it? Why does Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) have to do it instead of you?

You have been criticized by the usual talking heads for taking your message to the late night talk shows and The View. But it was your explanation that was pathetic. You said that the networks refused to interrupt their own programming to carry your message so you had to resort to social sites to talk to citizens. With all due respect, has anyone ever mentioned to you that the airways that make the networks rich and fat are a PUBLIC resource. Is the real problem less their opinion that you are boring than the fact that you don’t want to cross big campaign donors?

Saying that we, your base, are not happy wildly misses the mark. We are disgusted to the point that many of us will likely sit out the next election, so we too are playing into the hands of the troglodytes. But it is you and not they who are responsible.

Thanks to the conflict-loving media, we understand what you are up against and we get it. We don’t need you to win every battle. We need you to lead, to set a standard, to communicate honestly.

We need you to take a principled stand when health insurers, to protect their profits, insist that they will only ‘allow’ national health care if every citizen is forced to buy health insurance.

We need the drug companies brought under control because of the harm they do – not just in their expensive promotions for dangerous drugs but in their buy out of American medicine.

We need you to clearly state your own grave concerns about the wars in the Middle East and the intimidation tactics used by the military industrial complex to keep you in line.

We need you to think through, once and fall all, those ongoing and ever-increasing corporate bailouts that, despite the happy hype about our improving economy, fools no one and may send our currency into a death spiral. We need you to call corporate socialism what it is and insist on equal treatment for citizens.

We need you to stop the compromise banter and insist on allowing the Bush tax cuts to lapse. You can then begin work on a permanent middle class tax cut and let the Republicans take the fall if they oppose it.

We need you to take a clear look at your administration and get rid of the ethically challenged people, like Tim Geithner and Larry Summers, who never belonged there in the first place.

But you can’t do any of that, can you? Anyone who glances at your campaign financing underwriters understands why.

You’ve also done nothing to support campaign finance reform.

Your base is likely to throw up its hands and walk away in 2012.


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4 thoughts on “Pres O: What the F… Don’t You Get About Republican Intentions? by Cameron Salisbury

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  2. We have Ed & Maddow covering this absurdity in detail with passion & brilliance respectively, but it’s still absurd.

    We can sit here & fight over how to divide up amerigah’s ill-gotten wealth under whatever propagandized idiocy we’re willing to stoop to till the cows come home, just so long as we tear down the ghoulish militarism abroad & the war on the poor at home.

    Until then all the affluent who fail to reconcile & resist, are complicit in atrocity, regardless of party.

  3. His base will be throwing up their hands four years to late. Nothing in his two years as a US senator indicated that ” Obama would “lead” any differently than he has.

    Your “WTF” remark seems to scream frustration. Had you noticed that his rhetoric never once matched his actions you would not be so nonplussed and would never have supported him in the first place.

    Obama is a conservative corporate sock puppet not unlike three decades of presidents before him.

    We are long overdue to put a consumer advocate in the White House because corporate advocates just do not work.

  4. Is this a joke? The guy who got us out of the Bush recession, the guy who got healthcare reform passed, the guy who got consumer protection passed, heck, the guy who ended DADT is somehow failing his base? The guy who brokered not one but TWO budget deals to fend-off government closures, the guy who got bin Laden, the guy with a 58% positive poll number doesn’t have a chance?
    Look, I like Sanders. But he’s not the President – the guy who’s responsible for making compromises and hard choices to get things done.

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