Revolution: The Commercial by Cindy Sheehan and Gregory Vickrey

by Cindy Sheehan and Gregory Vickrey
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May 5, 2011

"Stop Bitching - Start a Revolution"

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Cue the sappy music.

Enter Activist: I really enjoy hanging out with a close-knit group of friends at Saturday rallies that end before dinner, and posting a bunch of articles and commentary on Facebook and Twitter so friends can ‘like’ them. It makes me feel like I am doing my part, and appreciate solidarity.

Music turns ominous.

Activist: But I began to experience a sense of emptiness when I realized that feeling self-important didn’t really change much on this planet. In fact, things seem to be getting worse no matter who is in office, no matter which huge organization I join, and no matter how many petitions I sign and share and send.

Music brightens.

Voice: Reality dawns.

Activist: So at the last Saturday rally, I took a chance and separated from my friends. I approached one of the more aggressive presenters who spoke truth-to-power and seemed an expert on, well, actual action. I told her I do my part, and nothing changes. I asked: what’s wrong?

Expert: You are suffering the effects of Clicktivism.

Voice: Clicktivism is a disease, epidemic in nature, that drives us away from reality and into a land of fairy tales and lollipops where everything is “successful” when we get 50,000 signatures, or 2000 people socialize for 3 hours, or 500 pictures of “actions” are put up on a progressive website. Humane, meaningful responses to difficult life conditions (war, climate change, poverty) are usurped by symbolism and marketing emails and educational campaigns, often to the point where the potential for cure is lost. Ecocide, perpetual war, and massive loss of life often result.

Cue the Uprising.

Voice: But now there’s Revolution.

Expert: Revolution provides a mechanism for change on the scale local, national, and international crises require, and cleanses the mind of manufactured bliss by exposing and tackling reality. Revolution rids the sufferers of clicktivism of indulgent self-importance and throws aside the symptoms of complacency and cowardice wrought by major political parties, large environmental groups, corporate controlled foundations, and the pseudo-comforts of capitalism.

Activist: With Revolution, I now see reality for what it is; I see what is required to overcome and overwhelm the constructs and machinations that are destroying our lives and our planet; I see my feet pounding the pavement and disrupting the rapacious system today, tomorrow, and every day.

Voice: When symbolism and solidarity aren’t enough, use Revolution. Revolution is for everyone, but should not be co-opted by corporate front groups, political parties, and marketing campaigns. People who are cowardly and believe in fairy-tales should not use Revolution. Talk to an Expert to understand the opportunity in systemic overhaul and the dire need for dissident uprising. When using Revolution, avoiding wasting valuable time attempting to work with large environmental groups, card-carrying politicos, and others unwilling to break chains and challenge the system head-on. Use Revolution powerfully to avoid certain side-effects such as: working within the system, setting end times for protests, and imagining real hope and change will come without Revolution.

Wake up. Tear down. Rise up.


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  1. Platitudes dont change systems because they cant change hearts. the heart must be changed first if we want real revolution .

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