The TSA is a Terrorist Organization by Mark A. Goldman

by Mark A. Goldman
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
May 7, 2011

TSA Sucks

Image by M.V. Jantzen via Flickr

What is a terrorist organization if it’s not an organization that uses terror to intimidate people into altering their behavior and political beliefs until they are brought into alignment with the terrorist organization? I accuse the TSA of being this because I know that the TSA does not protect citizens from terrorists but rather induces fear and causes people to give up their sense of security, making them willing to surrender and abdicate their basic rights, freedoms, sense of well-being, and happiness. I can prove this by just pointing out a few obvious facts:

First of all the TSA would have you believe that so called terrorists are really stupid people. Obviously any terrorist who has a brain can easily observe that there is no limit to the different ways that people can be terrorized. Anyone who listens to the news in recent years knows that in other countries terrorists have blown up buildings, airplanes, buses, trains, street markets, airports, and more. They have put explosives in trucks, cars, shoes, underwear, and on body straps. No terrorist has to rack his or her brain to get a small explosive onto an airplane when they can very easily get a large amount of explosives into a suitcase, backpack, bus, train, car, or truck and blow people up anyplace they choose if they wanted to. The reason they don’t do this is because there are no terrorists out there, or if they are out there, there are not very many of them. My guess is that more people die of tooth decay in the United States than die of terrorism. It’s not because the TSA makes us safer.

In fact if you think about it, you will see that the United States government is now the largest and most successful terrorist organization in the world. The US is responsible for the death, injury, and terror of more innocent people than any terrorist organization you can name. Our government has the best and most tools of terror than anyone else on the planet and we use them indiscriminately any time we want, anyplace we want. Millions of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan know this intimately. There are many other countries as well. We destroy the lives, families, and infrastructure of entire countries using drones, bombs, depleted uranium munitions, and other military hardware and personnel causing more pain to innocent people than any terrorist organization in history save perhaps the Nazi regime, and maybe one or two others, although when you include the way we exterminated Native American peoples, I’m not really sure of the statistics. Certainly since WWII I feel pretty safe in making this claim and if I am wrong, it’s not by a lot. Of course all this terrorism makes people angry and making other people angry doesn’t make us safer.

The United States government does not defend the rule of law, either national or international and you can easily see this by reviewing articles I’ve written and also other published links on my own web site and the links you will find at the other sites I reference. This means that if you donate money to the Democratic or Republican parties you are donating money to a terrorist organization. These people support the terrorism I’m talking about. The people we elect to public office do not defend the Constitution, the rule of law, or otherwise keep their oath of office. I know that because there is no one in Congress or at the White House who would say what I am saying right now, nor would they otherwise tell the truth about the illegitimate acts our government engages in if, in fact, they don’t think I’m being entirely accurate. As a rule, they have no real moral courage to speak of although some of them do try on occasion.

We spend trillions of dollars terrorizing other peoples when that money could otherwise have easily been used to eliminate poverty and fear in the United States and most other places around the world.

Americans probably experience a greater degree of real terror from medical bills, the inability to offer their children a good education, a job loss, poverty, homelessness, the inability to feed their family, and the TSA when traveling, than they ever will from the people our government calls terrorists.

The truth is, the terrorists that our government says you ought to be afraid of can comfortably sit back, relax, eat popcorn, and observe our country unravel as we terrorize ourselves. Why go to the trouble of trying to figure out how to terrorize Americans and risk their own lives, when foreign born terrorists will never be as effective as we are at destroying our own corrupt civilization. All they need to do is watch and learn. We will show them how to bring the American people to their knees a lot more efficiently than they ever could. We have the know-how, the experience, the tools, and consciousness to do it and no one can stand in our way. We are Americans. We can do anything we set our minds to.

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  5. Damn!! You are right on target, and you have so articulately detailed my thoughts as well. I have stated that since 2000 this country has intentionally destroyedmore countries, murdered more innocent civilians worlwide than the the rest of the world collectively. And yet no country or countries have filed Charges of Terrorism, violations of the Geneva Convention, The War Powers Act, Human Rights, total destruction of countries for greed, power,Marxist Fascist intent, and the seizure of resources. Why are Not All of these People not in one of their own Hell Holes awaiting Trial in Nuremburg Tribunal?

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