Simon Norfolk: Using beauty to expose the brutality of the Afghan war

Abdulai before the giants
Used with permission
photo by Hakim
All Rights Reserved

Dandelion Salad

on May 4, 2011

In October 2010, Simon Norfolk began a series of new photographs in Afghanistan, which takes its cue from the work of nineteenth-century British photographer John Burke. Norfolk’s photographs reimagine or respond to Burke’s Afghan war scenes in the context of the contemporary conflict. Conceived as a collaborative project with Burke across time, this new body of work is presented alongside Burke’s original portfolios.

Burke + Norfolk: Photographs From The War In Afghanistan


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3 thoughts on “Simon Norfolk: Using beauty to expose the brutality of the Afghan war

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  2. Thank you for posting this Dandelion Salad.

    It is a beautiful film made by the Tate Gallery of Simon Norfolk’s work and his beautiful haunting images. He is very angry about the futility and the stupidity of the ten years of this most recent Afghan war and draws comparisons using Burke’s photographs of the previous one. It runs for 17 mins and is worth watching.

    There is a current exhibition of his and Burke’s photographs at the Tate Modern in London which was reviewed on the BBC World Service –

    The Strand – World Service – Anglo-Afghan Wars Past and Present (06.21)

    New exhibition at London’s Tate Modern shows photographs taken in Afghanistan in 2010-2011 by British photographer Simon Norfolk.
    Chapter 3

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