Move Over AIPAC 2011 Protest in Washington, D.C.

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Move Over AIPAC Protest

Image by mar is sea Y via Flickr

on May 23, 2011

May 22, 2011 Protesting President Obama’s speech at the AIPAC Convention in Washington DC

Move Over AIPAC 2011, Washington DC


on May 21, 2011

Tell Obama to get out of bed with AIPAC!

President Obama will address AIPAC at their annual policy conference Sunday, May 22, after meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu. Outraged that Obama is pandering to AIPAC? Tell him what you think of the Israel Lobby and what’s really needed for a lasting just peace in the region!

Help us get to our goal of 5,000 petitions to deliver to the White House.

Plus, take action in person by joining us in DC on Sunday morning for a rally outside the AIPAC conference while Obama speaks. See Move Over AIPAC full schedule and sign up to join us!

Hava nagila,
Hava nagila
Hava nagila
Va nisma cha

Hava nagila,
Hava nagila
Hava nagila
Va nisma cha

“Hey! AIPAC is meeting”

AIPAC is meeting
We have a greeting
Cuz they’re not speaking
For any of us

Justice is dying
AIPAC is lying
Lies we’re not buying
No No No!

AIPAC doesn’t speak for me
Apartheid’s not my cup of tea
Palestine to Tripoli
We want democracy

Buying Congress with their cash
All opposing views they bash
Can’t have them talking trash
No No No!

Move! Move!
Move over AIPAC!

Move over your weapon hawking
Move over your racist talking
Move over we’re freedom seeking
Move over cuz we are speaking
Move over move over
For a free Palestine

Move Over AIPAC Flashmob (D.C. Union Station)


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