Chomsky Allstars: Over A Barrel

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on May 24, 2011

Released on Memorial Day 2011, ‘Over A Barrel’ tells the tale of a serving soldier overwhelmed by Afghan combat fatigue. Starring James Young, the track features a breathtaking sax solo from Lord Nelson and is dedicated to the late Gil Scott-Heron.

Chomsky Allstars: Over A Barrel


Press Release

On May 30th – Memorial Day in North America – Chomsky Allstars releases ‘Over A Barrel’.  Inspired by the plight of Bradley Manning, the song tells the heart-rending tale of a soldier overwhelmed by Afghan combat fatigue, and is dedicated to the late Gil Scott-Heron.

To buy audio CLICK HERE; to view the promo video CLICK HERE. [See video above.]

The band will also be playing the following acoustic dates:

Sat. June 4 –

Slouch, Bath Street, Glasgow

Sat. June 11 –

OneElevenLIVE, Shawlands, Glasgow, with more dates to follow.


  • Chomsky Allstars’ debut album ‘RHYME. TREASON & RHYTHM‘ perfectly encapsulates their high-octane constellation of punk, blues, dance and dub.
  • The recent single‘ECONOPALYPSE!‘ decodes the real meaning of ‘austerity’.
  • Chomsky Allstars’ radical re-working of Clash classic KNOW YOUR RIGHTS’ can be found on best-selling Joe Strummer charity tribute album ‘Shatter The Hotel’.



Steve Kohn: Bradley Manning and the Travesty of Justice, interviewed by Peter B. Collins and Sibel Edmonds

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  1. Afraid to watch this twice becuz I think it would be stuck in my head forevah! GREAT acting …

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