Rick Rozoff: Obama is convicting himself of war crimes in Afghanistan

by Rick Rozoff
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Dandelion Salad
Stop NATO-Opposition to global militarism
May 31, 2011

Press TV
May 31, 2011

President Obama is “convicting himself of war crimes” by saying, “I am ultimately accountable” for civilian deaths in Afghanistan, says Rick Rozoff manager of the Chicago-based Stop the NATO International.

“The fact that president Obama has acknowledged that he’s accountable for the actions not only in Afghanistan… is something he may want to retract,” Rozoff said in a phone interview with Press TV’s U.S. Desk on Tuesday.

“Because he is essentially convicting himself of war crimes by making that statement,” he added.

He noted that any extension of U.S.-NATO presence in Afghanistan will only mean “daily helicopter gunship attacks on villages where innocent civilian are killed.”

NATO Secretary General Andres Fogh Rasmussen has called for an increase in the military budget of member states to extend the U.S.-led presence in Afghanistan.


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4 thoughts on “Rick Rozoff: Obama is convicting himself of war crimes in Afghanistan

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  3. I feel Obama has always been against the Afgan war. He just can’t find a good way to get out.

    • “Always”? Are you sure?

      During the campaign Obama stated he would increase troops to Afghanistan and he did just that as president.

      He can end the war tomorrow with the stroke of a pen.

      Congress can end the war tomorrow by defunding it.

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