Greg Palast on Condoleezza Rice teaming up with Chevron

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June 3, 2011

Chevron's Toxic Legacy in Ecuador's Amazon

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on Jun 3, 2011

Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has teamed up with the Chevron Oil Corporation and a think tank to reduce poverty worldwide. While Rice has been long affiliated with Chevron, their gameplan seems the most unlikely part of the equation. Chevron wouldn’t pay for poisoning 1,400 people by dumping oil in Ecuador, so why would they care about the Third World now? Investigative journalist Greg Palast says this partnership is fooling no one but the American press.

Condoleezza Rice teams up with Big Oil to Promote Democracy Around the Globe

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Chevron, and a think tank have teamed up to launch a new project to look at how to promote “economic development, livelihoods, and reduce poverty worldwide.” This, from an oil company that refused to pay an $8.6 billion court-ordered payout for poisoning the Ecuadorian amazon rainforest, which led to the deaths of 1400 people.

Chevron and Condoleezza will hurt, not help

Condoleezza Rice and oil giants Chevron say they will work towards reducing poverty in parts of the world. Writer and activist Rania Khalek says, that when corporations often try to help, however, they usually do more harm than good. If Chevron really wants to help then they should concentrate on repairing the damage they have already caused in Ecuador before digging an even deeper hole of destruction, she says.

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  2. Chevron own the largest oil refinery in Europe, namely Milford Haven in Wales. There was an explosion in a storage tank last week in which four people died. I understand Chevron were in the process of selling up this refinery to another US oil company Valero Energy from Texas.

    Perhaps Condi could fly over and do some bereavement counselling.

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