Rosanne Barr: Vote for Neither if you are a Patriot and Plant your garden + Cindy Hickey on the Hikers in Iran, interviewed by Cindy Sheehan

by Cindy Sheehan
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June 5, 2011

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(SOAPBOX #100) – Cindy presents two guests: 1) up is actress, comedian and political commentator Rosanne Barr, and then on to 2) Cindy Hickey, mother of incarcerated hiker (in Iran) Shane Bauer.  Roseanne presents her own web site,, and then moves on to discusses her new book: Roseannearchy, also known as “Dispatches from the Nut Farm.”  It’s really her personal Journal on leaving ‘Babylon’ (Hollywood), for a real life in Hawaii.  Golly gee, she sounds like “gasp” a real person here, boyz and grrls!  Awesome, indeed – especially in this day and age!  What I expected was a semi-comedic tour of “Roseanne’s World,” perhaps a distant cousin to “Wayne’s World.”  What I got was a carefully reasoned and well thought-out semi-comedic presentation of a serious plan to save the world we already have.  She’s done a marvelous job analyzing/structuring her “Roseanearchy” here, folks!

Next up is Cindy Hickey for her son, Shane Bauer.  In July 2009, Josh Fatal and Shane Bauer, along with his fiancée Sarah Shourd were detained by Iranian forces while they were were enjoying a recreational hike in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan.  There are conflicting news reports about whether Iranian forces entered Iraq to arrest the three young Americans or they strayed across the poorly marked border by mistake.  Supposedly, these three crossed the border into Iran illegally.  Even Sarah says there were absolutely no border markings anywhere.  Sarah, 32, was released on September 14, 2010, on humanitarian grounds after spending 410 days in solitary confinement and immediately vowed to work for the freedom of Shane and Josh, both 28.  All three were charged shortly before Sarah’s release with illegal entry and espionage at a hearing in Evin Prison in Tehran where they were finally allowed to meet their lawyer for only the first time.  Shane, Sarah and Josh are innocent of any crime.  You can sign the International petition to free them at


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