Kucinich Announces Blueprint for Libyan Peace Plan

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by Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich
Washington, Jun 7, 2011

Libyan Peace Must be Based on National Unity, Not Domination

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, whose pivotal involvement in the House of Representatives has resulted in bi-partisan efforts to impose Constitutional restraints upon the President’s exercise of war power in Libya, today put forth an 11 point plan for peace with the intention of beginning a discussion among the diplomatic community and interested parties. The plan, a result of more than a month of consultations, would provide the principles for a blueprint that includes an immediate cease-fire and transition to a stable, democratic Libya.

See the Kucinich Plan here.

“A stalled conflict in Libya does not serve our strategic national interest,” said Kucinich. “Given the uncertainty, instability, the continued threat to civilians, the inability for rebels to continue their rebellion without the support of NATO, the fact that the rebels have exhausted their financial resources and the fact that the Gaddafi government seems to still be standing despite the tremendous military onslaught, it is time for a renewed effort to bring about a peace agreement.

“It is in the interests of all the people of Libya and the international community to see a peace agreement developed which will constitute a blueprint for political and economic reform which upholds the basic rights of all Libyans.”

Key Components of the Kucinich plan:

– An immediate cease-fire

– Unfettered humanitarian access

– Political dialogue and compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolutions

– Reparations

– Political reform

“This plan, derived in part from the African Union’s early efforts to craft a peace plan, puts forth the principles necessary to create a framework for serious discussions that would lead toward a peace agreement that comes from a determination to achieve reconciliation and national unity in Libya through a meaningful process not through domination and subjugation.

“After consultation with various parties to the crisis, I am bringing forth this plan and sending it to the diplomatic community as well as representatives from the member nations of the Security Council of the United Nations and our NATO partners,” said Kucinich.

Kucinich said he is hopeful to receive responses before Congress returns from recess.


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