The Weight Of Chains (2010)

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Note: replaced video Sept. 6, 2016

An animated series of maps showing the breakup...

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The Weight of Chains is a Canadian documentary film that takes a critical look at the role that the US, NATO and the EU played in the tragic breakup of a once peaceful and prosperous European state – Yugoslavia.

The film, bursting with rare stock footage never before seen by Western audiences, is a creative first-hand look at why the West intervened in the Yugoslav conflict, with an impressive roster of interviews with academics, diplomats, media personalities and ordinary citizens of the former Yugoslav republics. This film also presents positive stories from the Yugoslav wars – people helping each other regardless of their ethnic background, stories of bravery and self-sacrifice.

Boris Malagurski on Aug 11, 2012


Michael Parenti regarding U.S. bombing other countries + The U.S. War on Yugoslavia (1999)

Michael Parenti: Lies, War, and Empire (2007; must-see)

Full Circle: NATO Completes Takeover Of Former Yugoslavia by Rick Rozoff


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