Gary Null and Chris Hedges: The Gut Wrenching Truth on Homeless Vets

with Chris Hedges
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Dandelion Salad
June 23, 2011

Homeless Vet @ Ferry Building Farmer's MarketVideo no longer available.

pt1gard on Jun 21, 2011

Gary Null and Chris Hedges fascinating look inside this sad subject and more.

Gary Null and Chris Hedges gut wrenching Truth on Homeless Vets


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5 thoughts on “Gary Null and Chris Hedges: The Gut Wrenching Truth on Homeless Vets

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  3. Actually the graphics of war are available.
    Military traditionally love war movies.
    Anyone who has hung out with vets knows full well the cost.
    And no they are not innocent.

    Everyone has known for decades the tribulations of the vets.
    And yet they still enlist.

    Fact remains enlisted men enlist because they love to kill.
    No backdoor draft could turn people into cult-killers.
    The military selects for psychopaths.
    Everybody knows the lies, the red-herrings, the absurdity of the justification for combat, the hoax is exposed every time, and yet still they enlist.

    After long years interviewing these ‘spoecial’ people, the vets, who are fundamentally different from non-vets, even the functional ones, I’m convinced enlistees are simply sick in the mind. Nobody can ‘make’ you kill.

    Sorry, little sympathy here.

      • After the warcrimes tribunals for wilfully enlisting and comitting mass-murderous atrocities in illegal wars, yet again, purely for the thrill of the kill? I compassionately offer them full benefits in the hell of the VA, this country’s thanks for their ‘valor’.

        There is no excuse. Just as their mangled bodies are poorly hidden from the public, so the public never sees the My Lai’s of these wars.
        Without these robo-villains (not worth their spinal marrow, Einstein), Botch & Obomba would stand alone.

        When compassion is shown to the victims of drone-bombed civilian weddings, then perhaps there is some small measure of pity for the self-inflicted plight of the complicit cult-killers of the US military machine

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