Chris Hedges: MSM Feeds Masses “Road Kill”

by Chris Hedges
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Dandelion Salad
June 25, 2011

Media Consolidation Sucks

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 on Jun 24, 2011

The Nation Institute’s Chris Hedges and author of his most recent book, The World As It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress says the world as we know it is coming to an end. And what follows won’t be pleasant or easy. But that the revolution must start, in America. Hedges joins the show to explain.

Hedges: MSM Feeds Masses ‘Road Kill’


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14 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: MSM Feeds Masses “Road Kill”

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  8. Obamanible Bushists: leave your yellow stripes and peccadillos in the middle of the road!

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  10. people,the main point chris made,that seems to always get lost is WE ALREADY KNOW HOW F”D UP THINGS<SO WHEN THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO STAND UP EN MASS AND START Protesting<striking,changing &dropping our useless&insane american lifestyles—tell me when the generations of the last 30yrs are going to show they even give a damm !!!!!!!

  11. I no longer watch ANY TV. People thought I was joking but at a certain point in any news show, you get what I call “the body count.” Stats of accidents, what husband killed his wife and kids, war deaths (sometimes), just a litany of death and destruction.

    You never hear any truly Good News, just political maneuverings in your face – and! then! suddenly! right_in_your-face BODY! COUNT!

    I think it is to wake up those who have been lulled to sleep and adrenalate them rather than give them ways to FIGHT BACK.

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