Michael C. Ruppert: Arrival of the Post-Petroleum Human

Dandelion Salad

 on Jun 24, 2011

Peak Moment 196: “Petroleum Man is dead. Infinite Growth Man is dead. Post Petroleum Human is alive,” announced Michael C. Ruppert on May 22, 2011. Members of this emerging “species” know they must live in balance with the Earth, while remembering the lessons of industrial civilization. The star and subject of the documentary “Collapse”, Mike founded CollapseNet.org in 2010 to empower people to connect and relocalize.

Watch his full presentation at http://www.collapsenet.com/free-resources/collapsenet-public-access/item/1026….

Watch Mike’s 2006 Peak Moment Conversation at http://www.peakmoment.tv/conversations/?p=118.

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Arrival of the Post-Petroleum Human


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