John Nichols and Phil Gasper: Return of Socialism

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Capitalism isn't working

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“In the U. S. the Democrats have become what the Republicans used to be  and the Republicans have become lunatics.”  — Phil Gasper

“There’s only one party in America today, with two wings, the conservative wing, known as Democrats, and the reactionary wing, known as Republicans.” — Gore Vidal

“If you ever hear the term “Think Tank”, run from the room. Assume A) no one is thinking and B) a tank is coming your direction.” — John Nichols

 on Jun 28, 2011

John Nichols and Phil Gasper speaking about the history of socialism in America and its increasing popularity during today’s crisis of capitalism.

This event occurred in Madison, WI on June 23, 2011 and was sponsored by the International Socialist Organization, Haymarket Books, Verso Books, and WORT 89.9 FM Madison.


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