Taking Us for Fools by Timothy V. Gatto + Fuel + The American Dream + The Secret of Oz

By Timothy V. Gatto
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
July 7, 2011

I’ve been seeing more and more hope floating around. One enlightening video I’ve seen is this: Fuel- Change your Fuel, Change your World.

 on Nov 22, 2010


While it may not solve every energy need, it sure does give alternatives to what we have now. Now that I’ve said that, why do you think we haven’t heard about all of these alternative fuels? It isn’t just fuels we don’t hear about, it’s just about anything that might be introduced that would change the status quo. Now that the mainstream media has been co-opted by the corporate plutocracy, I doubt that we’ll hear anything on the MSM that interferes with corporate profits.

When I’m out and about, talking with family and friends, I am astonished at what most people don’t know. It isn’t because they are dull, stupid people, it’s because they don’t have the luxury of spending their time in the way that I do. I read and watch videos on the internet.  I’m retired and my time is my own.  Most Americans are working and raising a family. They don’t have the luxury of free time. The way events are unfolding, the rapid pace at which knowledge is flooding the planet; the restrictions placed on the MSM are almost criminal. If we as a nation, or even more importantly, if we as a species are going to survive the changes coming at us from every quarter, we can’t use our greatest method of communication on inane content.

So-called “information” outlets like the History Channel and other outlets like it (Discovery, National Geographic, etc.) are spending more and more time on reality shows and other mindless drivel. It’s not that the people who run these outlets don’t believe that the average American won’t watch informational programming, they know they will; they just don’t want to educate the public. An educated public is a demanding public. These corporations don’t want people asking too many questions.

Could you imagine if everyone knew that this country can’t even print its own money, that the government must borrow every dollar printed from private bankers? That every dollar comes with debt attached? What would the majority of people do if they understood that the same money we bailed out the banks with had to be borrowed from bankers?  It seems that this country has been through this before. In fact, just about every 40 years we kick out the central bank and twenty years later we let them set up another central bank. (See The American Dream by the Provocateur Network.)

 on Jan 2, 2011

The American Dream By The Provocateur Network

If you have the time, and I highly recommend you find it, watch “The Secret of Oz”. 

 on Feb 2, 2011

The Secret of Oz

How many times will we continue to make the same mistakes? When will we finally put an end to the bankers that insist on controlling the American currency? Will we be forced into a revolution to stop the spiral of debt that they put us under, or will the corporate-controlled politicians see the handwriting on the wall and do the people’s will before we revolt? It is only a matter of time.

I have only discussed two of our most pressing problems. Both of these problems, our dependence on oil (and the oil companies supported by the government and its military), and the theft of America’s wealth by the private banking cartel called the Federal Reserve. These problems could be faced and solved simply by educating the public. Most people are ignorant but not by choice, but when they are confronted by the Royal Corporate Elite stealing from them with their own government’s assistance, how long will people put up with it? That kind of knowledge is what is known as a game-changer.

Change is coming, you can bet on that. We are at the tipping point. It won’t be long until the majority of American’s understand exactly what kind of game is being played on them. Barack Obama and every politician at the Federal level know what is going on. Every economist and banker knows what’s going on. Every oil company executive and all their paid-for politicians know about the promise of alternative energy. Every one of us that understands the con that is taking place should be explaining it to those that don’t know.

This isn’t an altruistic endeavor; it’s our survival that’s at stake.

Oh, and one more thing, doesn’t it just make you feel like ripping someone’s throat out when you consider that they are taking us for fools?

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