War, Treason, Redemption by Mark A. Goldman

by Mark A. Goldman
Guest Writer
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July 11, 2011

1st of May & anti-IMF demonstration; Thessalon...

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We are in the middle of a war.  We are being attacked by a relatively small number of people, many of whom have been able to acquire great wealth and power… or hope to do so.  Their mercenaries are various governments, corporations, and militaries – including our own US government/military/ industrial complex.  They are working to control as much of the earth’s people and resources as they can.  In the process, they commit unconscionable crimes without regard for what in the world gets destroyed or who in the world gets hurt.    Continue reading

“Make Obama GOP nominee for president,” says Huntsman (Satire) + Sanders: It’s a piece of crap

Reposted with permission from Rabbi Arthur Waskow from the Shalom Center.


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by Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Special Roving Reporter for the Dissociated Press
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
The Shalom Center
July 11, 2011

[Dissociated Press, Washington DC, September 5, 2011. The Dissociated Press seeks to report not the “actual facts” but the deeper “counter-factual” truth. Sometimes that truth is datelined from a hidden place beneath the surface of the facts, sometimes from the future  — as in the photograph of our reporter, above.  Often this kind of truth will read like satire.]

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Fascism Today: Corporate Tax Escapees and You by Ralph Nader

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by Ralph Nader
The Nader Page
July 11, 2011

Tax the Rich!

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The all-consuming Washington, D.C. wrangling over debts and deficits, spending and taxing is excluding a large reality of how these financial problems can sensibly and fairly be addressed. These blinders in Congress and the White House come from fact-starved ideologies–mostly from the Republicans–and fear-fed meekness–mostly from the Democrats. Both are furiously dialing for commercial campaign cash.

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Carlos Montes and the Security State: A Cautionary Tale by Chris Hedges

by Chris Hedges
Featured Writer
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With God On Our Side: George W. Bush and the Rise of the Religious Right in America (2004)

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Replaced video Jan. 9, 2013

Christians cannot love their enemies and kill ...

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Deftly maintaining an evenhanded tone in tackling a sensitive topic, this two-part documentary first traces the roots, rise and rocky history of the conservative evangelical movement in America. The film then goes on to explore how President George W. Bush’s religious beliefs inform his decisions as the country’s commander in chief. Included are rare archival clips, interviews with leading evangelists and comments from key players in Washington.


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Michael Hudson: Greece a Dress Rehearsal for United States


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 on Jul 10, 2011

Michael Hudson: Cuts to Social Security and Medicare and privatization at the state level mirror strategy imposed on Greece

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