Saeed al-Shahabi: Bahrain talks doomed to failure

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Protest at Pearl Roundabout

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 on Jul 13, 2011

The ongoing negotiation between Bahrain’s opposition and the Al Khalifa regime is “futile” as it fails to address the real demands of the people, says an activist.

‘Bahrain talks doomed to failure’


Bahrain Dialogue-News Analysis-07-05-2011

 on Jul 6, 2011

With talks underway between Bahraini rulers and the opposition, it looks like the al-Khalifa ruling regime is keen to turn things back to normal. But has five months of popular protests against a brutal crackdown changed everything for the Persian Gulf kingdom?

This edition of News Analysis discusses the issue with Press TV’s guests Mohammed Al-Maskati President of Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights in Manama, Colin Cavell, professor at Holyoke Community College and Reza Kazim from Islamic Human Rights Commission in London.

Bahrain Dialogue-News Analysis-07-05-2011


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