“The 15% Solution,” Serialization, 18th Installment: Chapter Seventeen: 2019: The Restoration Declaration

Note: The Preface and Chapters One through Sixteen can be found here: The 15% Solution

by Jonathan Westminster, Ph.D. aka Steven Jonas, MD, MPH
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July 31, 2011

This is the eighteenth installment of the serialization of a book entitled The 15% Solution: A Political History of American Fascism, 2001-2022.  Herein you will find Chapter 17.  This chapter presents the Restoration Declaration issued by the leadership of the first fully organized, national, movement of resistance to the fascist regime in control of the old United States through their monster creation, “The New American Republics.”  The Movement for the Restoration of Constitutional Democracy, as it was known, listed eight principal goals, all of them based on the old Constitution of the United States before it was torn apart, in a thoroughly “constitutional” way, of course by the NAR regime.  The chapter goes on to describe the beginnings of the military revolt which then lead to the outbreak of the Second Civil War.  Under the pseudonym Jonathan Westminster, the book is purportedly published in the year 2048 on the 25th Anniversary of the Restoration of Constitutional Democracy in the Re-United States. It was actually published in 1996 by the Thomas Jefferson Press, located in Port Jefferson, NY.  The copyright is held by the Press.

A commentator had this to say about the book: “I am in the middle of reading “The 15% Solution.”  For some reason I assumed it was a recent publication.  About 100 pages in I looked to see when it was published.  It was published in 1996.  That absolutely shocked me. What it was saying then is exactly what is happening now.  The race-baiting, anti-homosexual crap that takes one’s attention away from what is actually happening, and it was written about 15 years ago.  Even the 14th amendment controversy is discussed in this book, as well as so much more – ownership of the media, talk radio, etc.  This is truly frightening, and if the Dems do not wake up and fight, I fear there is much worse to come.”  Indeed!

Chapter Seventeen – 2019: The Restoration Declaration

The Restoration Declaration, July 4, 2019

Where We Come From

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, es­tablish Justice, insure domestic Tranquil­ity, pro­vide for the common de­fence, promote the general Wel­fare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posteri­ty, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Unit­ed States of Amer­ica.”

This is the Preamble to the old Constitu­tion of the United States of America, written in 1787.  With the Preamble, the Founding Fa­thers said: we have formed a new nation that un­like its predecessor is more than simply a collection of separate states.  With grace and elegance, in that one sentence the Founding Fathers of our great nation went on to lay out the re­spon­si­bil­i­ties of the national government they had just de­signed.  The govern­ment of this new nation, they said, was to take an active role in its economic and social affairs, for the benefit of all the people.

With the Bill of Rights, the first Ten Amendments to the Constitu­tion, added four years later, the Founding Fathers said: this govern­ment is to actively protect the freedom of thought and action of the peo­ple, stay out of their private affairs, and pro­mote personal liber­ty, to the greatest extent possible within the bounds of maintaining a civil and law‑abiding society, and to the extent that one person’s exercise of freedom does not unrea­sonably impinge upon the same freedom of others.

The Founding Fathers provided for a representative demo­cratic gov­ernment, with certain restrictions.  Over time, using the amend­ment process wisely built into the document, many of those restric­tions on democracy were removed.  The processes of democracy and amendment are two of the principal guaran­tors of liberty, freedom, change, and progress.

But processes by themselves guarantee nothing.  Processes must be used, they must be implemented, or they mean noth­ing.  They can be used for the benefit of the people as a whole; they can be abused for the benefit of the few.  It is the latter, tragi­cally, that has happened in our great country over the past forty years.  For many reasons, the interest of the majority of our nation’s people in the democratic electoral pro­cess de­clined, allowing the special interests of Right‑Wing Reaction, represent­ing a minority of the people, to take over the govern­ment with the intent to operate it for the benefit of those special interests.

And they did so.  Greed, selfishness, and making money for its own sake and for the sake of making money, exploiting and exhausting the resources with which Nature has blessed us, mo­tivated Right‑Wing Reaction.  Then with their urging, plan­ning, and plotting, the anti‑human values of every‑man‑for‑himself, and bigotry, and prejudice, and race‑hating, and hating differ­ence, took over.  Finally, the Right‑Wing Reactionaries, having successfully promoted an agenda of anger and rage among their constituents, used the Constitutional process of amendment to destroy both the spirit and the substance of the Consti­tution itself.

Oh they left the form, they very cleverly left the form.  They can claim with justification that much of what they have done is lawful and carried out under the provisions of the Con­stitution.

But form does not function make.  And the functions for which U.S. Constitutional government was designed have been discarded, abandoned, cast adrift, trampled upon.  The respon­sibilities our national government is to undertake as set forth in the Preamble to the Constitu­tion have been ignored and forgot­ten.  The Bill of Rights has been al­tered until it is unrecogniz­able.

We the people of the United States had a more perfect un­ion. We did not have a perfect union, but it was more perfect than most others.  It has been destroyed by the forces of Right‑Wing Reaction and Reli­gious Fundamentalism, by unfet­tered “Free Market” capitalism, by racism and bigotry, by greed and selfishness.  Democracy has been replaced by tyran­ny, liberty by race‑based imprisonment, freedom by oppres­sion.

Where We Are Going

With this Declaration of Restoration, we, the forces of the Move­ment to Restore Constitutional Democracy to the United States of Amer­ica, pledge ourselves to accomplish this end by all means at our com­mand, political, diplomatic, economic, and military.  In so doing, we resolve to achieve the following goals:

1.         The utter destruction of the illegitimate, fascistic, construct known as the “New American Republics.”

2.         The restoration of the United States of America, comprising the for­mer contiguous 48 states, with the option of the over­seas states and territories to return as they wish.

3.         The restoration of the full territorial integrity of the bi‑lingual na­tion of Canada.

4.         The restoration of full sovereignty to the nations of Latin Ameri­ca.

5.         For the United States of Ameri­ca itself, the restoration of Con­sti­tu­tional government as it stood before the adoption of the 28th Amend­ment.  Central to this restoration is the re­newal of our tradi­tional Amer­ican nation­al commitment to freedom and liberty.

Freedom we define as: a state of being characterized by the abil­ity to positively express and act upon beliefs about the nature of human life and behav­ior, social and economic re­lationships, and political process­es, without hindrance, ex­cept to the extent that such thoughts and actions might im­pinge upon the freedom of others.

Liberty we define as: a state of be­ing characterized by the ab­sence of arbitrary or unreason­able or non‑judicial lim­ita­tions on personal thoughts, beliefs, and actions main­tained and em­ployed by state pow­er backed by the use of force.

6.         In the restored United States of America, tolerance of dif­ference will be respected and valued, while institutional, political, and gov­ernmental discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, and religious be­lief or non‑belief, will be outlawed; a positive campaign to wipe away from our national polity the bitter vestiges of racial, sexual, na­tional, and other prej­u­dice and dis­crimina­tion will be un­der­tak­en and pros­e­cuted until that end in achieved.

7.         A new economic policy will be instituted, based on the fol­lowing principles:

a. The market for capital investment decisions will be so­cial­ly based while the market for the production, distribu­tion, and sale of goods and services will be privately based; b. Production for use will take prece­dence over production for profit; c. The establishment of equality of economic oppor­tunity, the elimination of poverty, and the mainte­nance of a reasonable differential in both income and wealth between the rich­est and poorest members of society, as is found in the world’s other industrialized democracies, will be pri­ma­ry objectives of the national government; d. The restoration, renewal, and protection of the environ­ment, and the use of natural resources so as to support sus­tainable growth will be a fundamental principle guiding all economic activity.

8.         For all the people presently living under the sway of the “New Amer­ican Republics” and its continental allies, the creation of a life based on: healthy regard for the earth and the abundance it can provide to us all; recognition of the essentiality of interdependence and community to individual and species survival; respect for the dignity and individuali­ty of each human being and the importance of true multi‑culturalism to national survival; and faith in human­kind and our ability, working to­gether, to solve our prob­lems and create a bright future for our chil­dren, their chil­dren, and their children’s children on down through the ages, through the democratic process.

Why We Are Going There

On this day 233 years ago there blazed forth from the mind of Thomas Jefferson the brightest beacon of freedom and liber­ty for Amer­icans.  To describe at this time why we are going where we are going, we turn to the words he wrote in his first great work, the Declaration of Independence, modified suitably for our time and place.

It was the Declaration of Independence that originally set forth the national purpose of the new nation whose birth it an­nounced: to demon­strate unequivocably that “all men are creat­ed equal, that they are en­dowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

And it was the Declaration of Independence that originally set forth the purpose of the national government that its signers hoped to estab­lish upon these shores: “to secure these rights, Governments are institut­ed among men.” No more and no less.

And so, we say:

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for a people to rise up against its tyrannical government but a govern­ment that is nevertheless recognized by most of the world’s great powers as legitimate, pledge to violently over­throw it, and to assume for them­selves the sovereignty of the nation, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind and its le­git­imate governments requires that they should de­clare the caus­es that impel them to the rebellion.

We hold these truths to be self‑evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with cer­tain unalien­able Rights that among these are: life, liberty, free­dom of belief and expres­sion, health, and economic security.  That to secure these rights, Gov­ernments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the gov­erned, That whenever any Form of Government be­comes de­structive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happi­ness.

When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing in­variably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despo­tism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their fu­ture security.

Such has been the patient suffering of these former United States; and such is now the necessity which constrains us to overthrow the present illegitimate Governmental regime.  The history of the present President of the “New American Repub­lics,” his “American Christian Nation Party,” the economic interests to which they are beholden, and their despotic allies elsewhere on the American continent, is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, of widespread oppression and repres­sion of the vilest and most violent kind, of the promotion of bigotry, prejudice, and hate so as to set people with otherwise common interests at each other’s throats, of the violation of Mother Earth at the most egregious level, all having in direct object the establishment of an abso­lute Tyranny over the many peoples of the United States, of Canada, and of the nations of Latin America, for the promotion of private, mon­strous person­al gain for the very few.

We, therefore, the National Leadership Council of the Movement to Restore Constitutional Democracy to the United States of America, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by the authority of the good People of the former United States of America, solemnly publish and declare, That we are Absolved from all Allegiance to the illegitimate regime of the “New American Republics,” that this political, economic, and social monstrosity should and will be totally dissolved and wiped off the face of the Earth; that traditional, American, Constitutional representative democracy will be restored to our nation as we know it, and that the ethic for guiding human behavior, one person to another, as set forth by the Prophet Ezekiel so many centuries ago in Chapter 18 of his Book in the Bible, having been banished by the religious zealots of Right‑Wing Reaction under the selective, destructive doctrine known as “Biblical inerrancy,” shall be given a place of honor in our national con­scious­ness.

And so it was said:

“5. But if a man be just, and do that which is lawful and right, . . .

“7. And hath not oppressed any, but hath restored to the debtor his pledge, hath spoiled none by violence, hath given his bread to the hun­gry, and hath covered the na­ked with a garment;

“8. He that hath not given forth upon usury, neither hath taken any increase, that hath withdrawn his hand from iniquity, hath executed true judgment between man and man,

“9. Hath walked in my statutes, and hath kept my judgments, to deal truly; he is just, he shall surely live, saith the Lord God.”

For the support of this Declaration, with the firm reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence, Nature, and the Human Spirit, we mutually pledge to each other and all the people for whom we speak, our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Hon­or.

The National Leadership Council of the Movement for the Res­toration of Consti­tu­tional Democ­racy in the United States of Ameri­ca

July 4, 2019

A Curley Oakwood Radio Broadcast Transcript

(Friday, July 5, 2019)

My friends, did you hear, I mean, did you hear that pathetic, I mean that pathetic broadcast which emanated from who-knows‑where (and when we find out where, that’s going to be the end of that I can tell you), by those pathetic liberal-niggerlovers, calling themselves who knows what, dese­crating the sacred day of July 4, the day celebrating our Inde­pendence.

By the way, hope you all enjoyed your hot dogs and ham­burgers and chips and beer on your good old American barbe­cue like I and the wife did down at the White House with Presi­dent Jeff yesterday.  Nothing like a good hot July 4, and the speeches, and the bands, and the pa­rades to make me think back to what this country really stands for and make me proud to be a good, White, American.

And yes, speaking of President Jeff, if I told you what he told me he will do to those liberalniggerlovers when he gets his hands on them, well you wouldn’t need any charcoal to fire up your next barbecue, I can tell you, if you know what I mean.

Yes, we do have a little trouble right now.  Those bastards are mak­ing trouble.  They just don’t know their place.  They will when we put them back in it, but they don’t know it now.  But they will, they will.  I can’t give you the details, but Presi­dent Jeff told me that he is mobi­lizing our forces as we speak to take care of those little hot spots, right away.  And he’s go­ing to make it good and hot for them, hotter than it was even yes­terday, I can tell you that.

So, my friends, not to worry, do not worry.  If you hear a little gun­fire now and again, it’s just our boys cleaning up some mess.  But do keep your own stuff locked and loaded, so that you can have a little fun yourself—should the opportunity arise to use your rations—if you know what I mean.

Not that I think any of you or any loyal American would be the least bit attracted to the garbage we’re hearing, but just re­member what it was like before we ended race‑mixing back in 2011.  The crime, and the drugs, and the welfare, and the tax­es, and the abortions, and the faggots running around trying to take your good little boys off with them, and God cast out of everywhere, and Big Government, and the niggers with their hands out, and the liberals wanting to take from your hands and put it in theirs.  They caused it all, and if they ever, and they will never, but if they ever get back to power, they will start it all over again.

And so my friends, if you hear anybody speaking even a bit kindly about the garbage the liberalniggerlovers are spewing, do let your local Helmsman know, won’t you?  Just a touch of Moral Rehabilitation should fix that person up just fine.

And do have a nice day, for Christ and country.

A Connie Conroy Note, Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Jesus H. Christ, I wish Oakwood would learn to keep his mouth shut.  We do have some trouble here, and I think it’s real trouble this time.  The Prez sez we have nothing to worry about.  But a couple of the guys I know over at the NIA don’t give me that pic­ture.  The goddamn liber­als, and the goddamn niggers, and the goddam ‘skins, and even a few goddamn spics and slopes, really seem to have gotten together on this thing.

Isolated outbreaks, OK.  We’ve been dealing them for years.  No problem.  And it usually just ended up with a bit or more of that good old soul‑purifying torture or the Death Squad rou­tine.

But these guys seem to have communications, they seem to have a command structure, their attacks of the last few days seem to be coordi­nated, they seem to have enough supplies and ammunition at least for now, they seem to have picked their targets with care.  They’ve even got a bunch of old Afghan War Stinger missiles, so our close‑in air support has been limit­ed.  If they ever get hooked up with the goddamned Latin re­bels.  I don’t want to think about it.

And how could they do this, anyway?  We’ve been told for years that the niggers and the ‘skins, and the spics are just too dumb, dumb enough anyway not to be able to do something like this, so we would never have to worry about it.  Well, maybe they’re all white/Niggers, but they’re supposed to be mental misfits too.  I don’t know what’s going on, but there is trouble in River City, right here in River City, and it ain’t about a shortage of band instruments.

Of course, the guys in the know are keeping quiet about what they know, and I’m going to keep quiet about it too.  I don’t want to go off to some MRC for a little “re‑education‑on‑ account‑of‑doubt‑and‑disloyalty” now, do I?  Thank God I’ve got this computer no one else knows about or could even get into if they did.  So I can vent, as they used to say in the old days, and no one’s the wiser.

But then Oakwood vents—in public.  That goddamn name‑dropper.  All he was really interested in was letting his dear listeners know just how close to the Prez he is.  But then he goes and gives these goddamn liberalniggerlover rebels rec­ognition.  He tells everyone that they exist and that they’ve done something big enough to catch his attention and mentions it on the most listened‑to radio program in America.  So he puts them down, so he feels good.  But by mentioning them at all, he puts them up.  Damn!

I know he’s censor‑exempt, but we’re going to have to do something about this kind of stuff if he doesn’t learn to keep his mouth shut.  Oh what a pleasant job I have as “White House Press Officer” to try to do that.  It’s like trying to shoe a cater­pillar in a shoe store that has only size 13 triple‑E’s left, and only three pair of them at that.

So I’ll talk to Oakwood, and he’ll rant and rave about how close to the Prez he is, and how the Prez wouldn’t be where he is if Oakwood weren’t where he is, and how he knows what he’s doing, and I’ll say “Great, Curley, but we’re talking aboutsecurity here.  We don’t want our people to think there’s any­thing wrong, and we certainly don’t want the liberalniggerlovers to think they’re doing anything right.”  And as usual, I’ll get nowhere with that fat, overblown windbag, but at least I’ll be able to report back to the Prez that I tried.

An Alex Poughton Letter

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Dear Karl,

Well, well, well.  It has been a busy week.  The fat is really in the fire this time, I think.  There have been outbreaks of resistance before, right from the start of things.  But they’ve been sporadic, sometimes bordering on terrorism, often seem­ing to border on des­peration.  Noth­ing in more than one place at a time as far as I could tell, nothing co­or­dinated, and no grand statement of purpose (I’ll get that back to that magnum opus in a bit).

The NAR has always been able to put any rebellions down hard, and fast.  And they have claimed publicly that’s that what they did this time.  But privately I hear otherwise.  My sources over at the NIA tell me it might not be so easy this time.  They are sure they will win, but they are not quite sure when.

There is a bit of worry in the Pentagon, too, I’m told.  The Latin Wars are not going so great.  In fact, the farther south the action gets on the continent, the less well it is going, I hear.  You know, the clas­si­cal “over‑extended supply‑lines” problem. Also the Penta­gon is be­gin­ning to worry about finding the mon­ey to pay for the whole thing, and about manpower too.

In a population of about 200,000,000 that’s bulging with aging “baby‑boomers,” they have got about 80,000,000 men and women be­tween the ages of 18 and 45.  With the NAR policy on the place of women, they are back to the World War II Women’s Army Corps roles in the armed services, in other words very limited, and nothing near combat.  So they have a pool of about 39,000,000 million men to pull from for the seri­ous military and paramilitary tasks.

Let’s say half of those are necessary for civilian production.  That leaves 18.5 million.  The conventional prison system, plus the drug prisons and the “Life Preservation” prisons, and so forth, houses about 4,000,000 people, three‑quarters of them white, three quarters of them men.  They need about 1,500,000 people to guard them, guard the bor­ders, staff all the various conventional police forces, and so forth.  They have got about five million in the vari­ous branches of the Helms­men, taking running the camps and all that into account, and another one million or so in the “Indepen­dent Militias” that do the real dirty‑work.  Now we are down to nine million.

They already have three million men in the armed services, and my Pentagon sources tell me they’re going to have to in­crease that soon to deal with what they euphemistically call the “Fourth Republic prob­lem.”  The draft is back, as you know, and that’s not good for civilian morale.  And then they have to worry about those Whites who may be secretly siding with the rebels, and could be saboteurs or worse, within the armed forc­es.  They are beginning to scrape the bottom of the man­power barrel, and this place is a garrison state already.

And then the two policy types in the White House who will talk to me off‑the‑record are also getting worried.  Seems there are some prob­lems with getting access to timber, and oil, and coal in the Western Provinces, and the East Asian Confedera­tion is beginning to make some noises about the old‑time trade imbalance which has never changed in kind but is now so mon­strous in amount that no one even publishes the figures any more.

Seems some of the boys over on the other side of the peace­ful sea are beginning to wonder if the Big Typhoon everyone has been quietly worrying about all these years is finally begin­ning to form in the form of, dare I say it, default on loan inter­est payments.  Ouch!

And then into all of this comes this terribly earnest‑sounding “Move­ment for the Restoration of Constitutional Democracy” (MRCD).  Ter­ribly earnest, and terribly well‑organized too it seems.  They have al­ready gotten some stuff to me, in-directly. Given the tenor of my pub­lished stuff, I wonder how they knew I would be sympathetic, under cover(s).  You didn’t tip them off, did you?  I may get to meet with an MRCD liaison officer soon.  Got to be very careful about that.  But the NAR is still letting me go pretty much wherever I please, and doesn’t seem to have put a tail on me yet.  I just have to make sure that I don’t give them any reason to do so.

So back to this MRCD.  Multi‑racial.  All over the place.  Well‑equipped.  And long‑winded.  Have you seen their “Res­toration Declaration” yet?  I know they broadcast it round the world on short‑wave.  My God, those people can go on and on. And re‑writing Jefferson too.  Now that takes gall.

Well, at least they gave him credit, unlike Hague when he plagia­rized some early stuff of that completely mis‑named the “Wise Use” movement for that major speech announcing the creation of the “Resource‑Based Economy” (read Rape of the Environment Economy) back in 2013, or his First Inaugural when he stole without attribution from those old‑time Right‑Wingers of the 1990s.  (At least when he filled his Sec­ond Inaugural with quotes from way back then too he gave the writers credit.)

But anyway, back to now, here are these guys “updating” Jefferson.  It makes me think of the first Yiddish translation of Shakespeare that appeared back in the 19th century where it said on the title page, “Translated and Improved By” so‑and‑so.  But if you are talking about freedom and liberty, who better to borrow from than Jefferson I sup­pose.

The politics of the “Restoration Declaration,” as they call it, are very interesting, if you take a close look at it.  Lots of com­pro­mises there, be­tween the socialists and the social capi­talists (no “free marketeers” in that group, I don’t think), be­tween the pure secularists, the enlightened religious types, and the spiritu­alists, between the revanchists and the peacemakers.

But they do seem solid on the matter of race and hate, the matter that in the end tore this country apart.  Multi‑racial, multi‑cultural, pluralistic, tolerant it will be, should they suc­ceed, and that will be enforced.  And they seem solid on their pledge to restore representative democracy, with those stated limits.  I guess they agree with old Winnie[1] when he said some­thing like, “Representative democracy is the worst system for governing—except for all the others.”

Anyway, I complain about how long‑winded these new rebels are and I’m at the same thing again myself.  More on their politics next time.

All the best, Alex

Author’s Commentary

The Organized Resistance Begins

From the time of the formation of the NAR in the year 2011[2] and the forced relocation of millions of people into living conditions that were for the most part very difficult, there had been armed opposition and resistance to the Hagueites, the ACNP, and the NAR. However, it had been scatter‑shot, ill‑planned, ill‑equipped, and uncoordinated be­tween the centers of resistance.  In the pres­ence of the Helmsmen, the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), and the other repressive forces of the NAR, organized resistance to the rule of the Hague regime was extremely danger­ous and difficult.

But the human quest for self‑determination never dies, especial­ly in the historical context of the true Amer­ican traditions of freedom and liber­ty.  Furthermore, the NAR was a very large country.  Additional­ly, as noted previously, the Latin Wars, just starting in earnest this same year of 2019, quickly caused great strains on the repressive, op­pressive abilities of the NAR.  Although their forces were vast, they could not be ubiquitous.

The Movement for the Restoration of Constitu­tional Democracy (MRCD) was formed in this envi­ronment.  It was based primarily in the Negro and Indian Republics, but resistance units were found scat­tered throughout the White Republic as well.  The formation of the MRCD was the result of the devotion of several years of very danger­ous work.  It cost many lives just to establish communica­tions links between the many Sectors of the Black and Red Repub­lics alone, as well as with the disparate White resistance groups.  A unified command structure, the National Leadership Council, was eventually created.  It was able to produce a common policy for armed and coordinated resis­tance.  And it was able to collectively produce the Restoration Declara­tion.

There was one important characteristic of the Hague regime itself that aided the growth of the Resistance.  Because of the thor­oughly ingrained racism of the Hagueites, and their unshakeable conviction that blacks and Native Americans really were an intellec­tually inferior spe­cies, they were convinced that “nothing very serious” in the way of resistance could ever be mounted by them (see the next section, below).

Thus the majority of direct repressive force, aside from maintaining the Killer Fence system, and attempting to control the supplies of food and water provided to the non‑White Republics Sectors, was directed at the White resistance. There was very little physical White NAR pres­ence inside the Sectors of the Negro and Indian Republics.  There were the Helmsmen Garrisons placed at strategic locations throughout the Sec­tors.  And punitive expeditions would occasionally sally forth from them.  But in their very modern fortresses, the Helmsmen eventually became hostages, not controllers.

Arms in sufficient quantities were difficult for the MCRD to get, but if the Warsaw (Poland) Jewish Ghetto fighters of 1943 could get them to battle the German Nazis, so could the MRCD.  There was no shortage of personal weapons. Despite the efforts of the Hagueites during the formative days of the NAR, there were hand guns and long guns everywhere.  To the frustration of the Hagueites, this situation was the direct result of the complete lack of regulation of gun owner­ship that Right‑Wing Reaction had implemented during the late Transi­tion Era and early Fascist Period at the behest of its paymasters in the National Rifle Association and the gun industry.

Ammunition, medium and heavy weapons were a more difficult matter for the MRCD.  Some were captured from the NAR, both with­in the Sectors from the Helmsmen Garrisons and, when The Sieges got underway, from NAR army units outside.  They were smuggled in by Resistance allies both at home and abroad.  And they were bought on the black market from NAR armed units of all categories except the ultra‑racist Independent Militias.

As for manpower, although they made for a somewhat aging army, there were many ex‑military service people ready, willing, and able to fight on the side of the MRCD.  Aging, but ready, willing, and some­what able too in the Black Sectors were members of Black gangs from the pre‑NAR times.  (The gangs had disappeared of their own volition or had been put out of business fairly early on by the internal govern­ments within most of the Black Sectors.)  Too, on the remote parts of their Sectors, many young Native Americans rediscovered their 19th century ancestors’ martial abilities.

The first coordinated military actions of the MRCD occurred within days of the issuing of the Restoration Declaration.  They achieved some level of success throughout the rest of 2019 and on into the winter of 2020.  That success pushed the Hagueites to the 2nd Final Solution (see the next Chapter), which marked the beginning of the end for them.

Causes of White Unrest in the NAR

It is not known, and not knowable, whether the collapse of the NAR would have come about so quickly if the Resistance had been only from the Black and Red Republics (plus the Latin Wars, of course).  But there was a significant element of resistance in the White Republic as well.  (In the Black and Red Re­publics, able‑bodied “black/Whites” who had not remained captive to Right‑Wing Reaction­ary racist ideolo­gy joined the Resistance in droves.)

The causes of White unrest in the NAR were many.  Primary among them, there were simply not enough jobs to go around for all the Whites, even with no minimum wage law, government propagan­da to the contrary notwithstanding.  First, the RBE was by nature heavily dependent on the export of energy resources and other raw materials, not the invest­ment of capital in productive employment‑generating en­terprises.  Second, in the service and remaining manufacturing sectors of the economy, computeriza­tion/robotization and the re­sultant disasso­ciation of labor from capital, the old Tofflerian “Third Wave,” had continued on apace.  But in a “free market” economy there was not the least concern on the part of the economic decision‑makers about conse­quences for employ­ment opportunity of such an industrial policy, and of course no planning to deal with the problem.

The trend in declining individual purchasing pow­er that had started back in the 1970s, discussed on many occasions in this book, had con­tinued.  Mod­erating the effect of that trend during the Transition Era was the changing role of women that had begun back in the enlightened time of the 1960s.  Married women were liberated to go out to work if they so chose. This change lead to the institution of the two‑income family, by choice.

As individual purchasing power fell over time, however, that insti­tution became more pervasive, as many families found it financially necessary to have both adults working outside the home whether both wanted to or not.  Thus both by reason of choice and of necessity the family standard of living had been maintained in many cases, although for many it was a struggle.  Furthermore, with the onset of Reaganite economic policy early in the Transition Era, the export of manufactur­ing capital to low‑wage countries and the willingness to import low‑cost consumer goods even at the expense of an ever‑increasing trade deficit that had begun in earnest.  That had ensured a continued flow of low‑cost consumer goods to the American marketplace.  That mitigated the decline in personal incomes to some extent.

However, with the accession to power of Hague and the ACNP the promotion by the regime of the Religious Right’s view of the “tradition­al role for women” (that is bound to the home), discouraged many women from working.  Also, in practical terms for the Hagueites, if fewer women were to work, there would be more jobs available in a dwindling job‑market for the Party’s primary constituency, White males.  But still, the Hagueite version of the German Nazi “Kinder, Kuchen, und Kirchen” policy for women caused much grumbling, even among some men.  Further, the “black/Whites” policy of deporting to the non‑White Republics unemployed Whites who could not make it finan­cially, as their “punishment for being poor,” was not well‑accepted by White males.  Taken together, these policies eventually proved destabilizing for the Hague regime.

Strict Racial Separation:

A Unique Feature of the NAR

What some called “American Apartheid” [lit., “apartness”] after its South African historical fore­bear (1948‑1994) was actually much strict­er than its namesake.  In the NAR, racial separation was virtu­ally abso­lute.  With the establishment of the Negro and Indian Republics, there was virtually complete physical separation of those people deemed “White” from those deemed “black” or “red.”[3]  That was something the South African racists never accom­plished. Under strict South African apartheid, blacks lived in completely separate areas, all public facilities were strictly segregated (a la the American South before the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964), and “race‑mixing” at any level was strictly prohibited.  However, as un­skilled and semi‑skilled laborers, blacks were very much physically present in South African economic life, and as maids, nursemaids, gardeners, and so forth, in South African social life.  None of that happened in the NAR.  As we shall shortly see, that policy was a major element responsi­ble for the subsequent downfall of the NAR and the ultimate end of American Apartheid.

It was not that the economic decision‑makers in the White Republic did not exploit non‑White work­ers (and White ones as well, of course).  But unlike the case in South Africa, the non‑Whites  didn’t have to be physically brought or allowed out of the non‑White Sectors areas in order to work for White owners.  The old Right‑Wing Reactionary concept of “Enterprise Zones” dating from the Transition Era (Drier) was reha­bilitated.

Under this concept, during the Transition Era special industri­al/manufacturing areas were supposed to be established in non‑white neighborhoods.  Through special tax reductions, zoning variations, exemptions from certain environmental and work rules, and so forth, industries would be encouraged to locate in them.  For many reasons, the “Enterprise Zone” concept never worked in the old U.S.  But under the highly restrictive conditions of the NAR, they did.

For reasons which are not clear, the zones were colloquially re­ferred to as “Kempsites.”  It may have been an anti‑Semitic jibe at the stereo‑typical “New York Yid” accent.  Or the name may have been picked to differentiate these zones from the Moral Rehabilitation Cen­ters, colloquially known as “The Camps.”

Physically the Kempsites were always on the border of a non‑White Republic Sector.  They were surrounded on all sides by a Killer Fence, one side of which formed the outer boundary of the Sector in which it was located.  This arrangement would later provide an excellent smug­gling route for men and materiel to supply the MRCD.

Racism: the Driver of Policy

Racism had been a major feature of Right‑Wing Reactionary Poli­tics from the beginning of the Tran­sition Era.  But with the advent of the Fascist Period in 2001 and the advent of full‑blown fascism in 2011, the racism of Right‑Wing Reaction became harder and harder, stricter and stricter, harsher and harsh­er.  There were no compromises, no allowances, no toleration of difference of any kind.  To that extent, the racism of the Old South in the old U.S., that had at least allowed blacks their own institutions, if fund­ed at an inferior level and if in the context of legal segregation of public facilities, seemed somewhat mild by comparison.

The Hagueites had become the complete ideologi­cal captives of the “scientific racism” of Jensen and Shockley, Murray and Herrnstein (see Appendix VI).  They had also become the complete captives of the gutter racism of the American neo‑fascist and neo‑Nazi movements that had flourished since the 1960s (Ridgeway), the same gutter racists whom Hague had welcomed into the American Christian Nation Party when he formed it in 2008.

Certain earlier leaders of Right‑Wing Reaction in the Republican Party and the Republican‑Christian Alliance knew that “scientific rac­ism” was nonsense and that gutter racism belonged in the gutter.  They used both for political purposes anyway.  But the NAR leadership real­ly believed that the Blacks and the Native Americans were inferior, that they were both members of sub‑human species, in the case of the Blacks (as “black” was defined by the Hagueites, given that the actual skin colors of persons assigned to this group ranged from very dark to very light), considered to be not much above the level of chim­panzees.

Therefore, by Hagueite ideology and dogma non‑Whites were con­sidered to be no threat to the established order in any way, as long as they were isolated.  It was simply inconceivable to the White leadership that any Black or Native American, “infe­rior as they were,” was pos­sibly capable of doing any of the things that many of them eventu­ally did.  This is how the total racism of the NAR actually sowed the initial seeds of its own downfall.

In the old United States, it was the politics of the Republican Party in particular and Right‑Wing Reaction in general that was built on rac­ism.  By the time the NAR was created, it was the policy, not just the politics, that was built on racism. That development had its parallel in Nazi Germany, where the politically‑driven propaganda of the 100 years preceding the founding the anti-Semitic Third Reich was actually believed by the latter’s leadership and thus became the basis for mur­derous policy (Davidowicz).

Therefore, the Hagueites developed no policies to protect against the eventuality of a revolt based in major part in the non‑White Repub­lics (other than the “Fourth,” considered in a completely different light).  The few voices within the NAR policy establishment that raised the issue of possible threats were simply dismissed as those of the “soft‑headed,” if not those of potential security risks.

The Self‑Destructiveness of Racist

Policy, In Practice

Although the comparison is not absolute, there are certain similari­ties between the self‑destructiveness for the NAR of American Apart­heid and the self‑destructiveness for Nazi Germany of the “Final Solu­tion,” the plan adopted at a meeting in Wannsee, Prussia on January 20, 1942 to murder in its entirety European Jewry (Shirer, pp. 963 ‑ 979).

If the extermination policy had not been adopted by Nazi Germany, it is highly likely that it would have lost World War II anyway.  But there is a dif­ference between unconditional surrender and a nego­tiated settlement.  The diversion of resources that could have supported the German war effort, to pur­sue the Nazi policy of extermination of the Jews, was a major hindrance to that effort.  This was especially so on the Eastern Front, where the major mass mur­der camps were located, and where the fighting was particularly ferocious, carried out over huge distanc­es.  And it was especially so towards the end of the war, when the Germans were running short of men, fuel, and equipment, on all fronts.

The Hitler/Himmler/Eichmann murderous obses­sion with extermi­nating European Jewry used pre­cious manpower, fuel, rail transport, and some heavy equipment that could have otherwise been devoted to prosecution of the war.  Thus, if not for the “Final Solution” and the material demands it made, the German Nazis might have been able to hold off the Allied forces long enough to be able to sue for a ne­gotiated peace.

In the case of the NAR, it is highly likely that it too would have collapsed eventually.  This would have been due in part to the inherent inability to gov­ern over long periods of time that is a known historical characteristic of dictatorships in the industrialized world.  It would also have been due to the fundamental instability of its economic system.  (In these two regards, the NAR was much like the old Soviet Union, the 20th century rival of the old U.S., which collapsed of its own polit­ical and economic deadweight in the early 1990s.)  But if the Hagueites had not sold so short the ability of non‑white peoples to mount an ef­fective resistance to horrible repression, the NAR might have (unfortu­nately) lasted much longer than it did, perhaps even to this very day.

Racism and the White Republic’s Lack of Intelligence

Because of the policy of complete racial separa­tion, the Hagueites were never able to put together a working intelligence system within the non‑White Republics.  Thus no intelligence worthy of the name was ever col­lected, and the regime truly did not know what was go­ing on inside them.  Neither were the Secret Police, either of the HM or the NIA vari­ety, effective in the Black or Red Republics, for the same reason.

The Hagueites simply had no way to recruit spies in the non‑White Republics.  All Blacks and Native Ameri­cans had to live within the boundaries of the non‑White Republics’ Sectors.  There were no sepa­rate areas where non‑Whites sympathetic to the rac­ists for one reason or another could go.  This stood in contrast with, for example, the Zulu district in the old South Africa.  It was home to the collaborationist Inkhata Freedom Party, and provided a sanctuary for its pro‑apartheid regime spies and agents provo­cateurs, paid by the racist regime.

There were no well‑off people in the Black and Red Republics.  Anyone who had any extra money to spend immediately became sus­pect.  Anyone who disappeared for any time at all, unless known to be a Re­sistance op­erative, was immediately suspect.  Spies, when caught, were quickly executed.  Thus the NAR was limited to high‑tech surveil­lance, and it proved not to be good enough.

The Black and Red Republics become High‑Tech

In this regard, one major factor the Hagueites failed to recognize was that in most Sectors of the Negro Re­public there were large num­bers of highly trained pro­fessionals, academics, scientists, engi­neers, public and private sector executives and ad­ministrators, entrepreneurs, and military men and women.  Although fewer in number, these occu­pa­tions were represented in the Indian Republic as well.

The numbers in both Republics were augmented by Latinos in those occupations who had been deported to the contiguous non‑White Re­pub­lics, not south of the old Mexican border to the Hispanic Repub­lic.  (Of course, these occupations were also well‑represented in the Hispan­ic Republic, but the Latin Wars and the people of the Fourth Republic played only a tangen­tial role in the Second American Civil War.)  Work­ing together, these well‑trained, well‑educated folks were able, among many other things, to produce the following technological ad­vances that greatly bene­fited the MRCD cause.

1.         The electronic communications system among the Sectors.  It was bi‑partite.  First, they developed a means of using the satellite uplinks for the Personal Information System (PIS) senders that were in the body of every member of the NAR security force.  Using the old telegraphers’ Morse Code, they were able to piggy‑back onto the signal with one that was off by 0.0001 megahertz.

Morse having been dropped by official agencies as an antiquat­ed means of communication late in the Transition Era, no one in the NAR’s NIA knew or could recognize the Code.  When the elec­tronic noise was picked up, it was just considered to be interfer­ence.  (Since Morse Code and the telegraph had been one means of their repression in the 19th century, Native Americans took particu­lar ironic pleasure from using Morse to help undermine the NAR.)  Also developed was a highly sophisticated short‑wave and Ham radio network, replete with codes, and so forth.

2.         A technique for breaking through the Killer Fences was developed using automated signal‑senders to overload the receptors in the Fences.  Small sections were disabled for short periods of time to permit pas­sage of men and materiel without setting off a gener­al alarm.  Once that was done, a regular messenger service between the Sectors was set up, as well as an “Underground Railway”[4] through the White Republic to the rump Canada (the Maritime Provinces).

3.         There were significant advances made in the development of solar, tidal, and geothermal power sources.

4.         In agriculture, as previously noted, hydroponics was brought to a very high level in the Black Republic, as was low‑moisture agri­cul­ture in the Red Republic.

5.         In both the Black and Red Republics (much more so in the latter than the former because of the availability of space) there was widespread development of hemp agriculture. Hemp cultivation had a long tradi­tion among Native Americans.  For example, the name of the Tuscaro­ra tribe is derived from the Iroquoian word skaru’ren, meaning in Eng­lish “hemp gatherers” (Campbell, p. 241).  The Tuscarora were active in hemp agriculture at least as far back as the early 18th century.  They used the material both for its fibre and its medicinal properties.

Hemp is the source of marijuana, a mildly intoxicant recre­ational drug that was banned in the old U.S. in favor of the much more dan­gerous recreational drugs tobacco and alcohol.  (There were many rea­sons accounting for this seemingly ludicrous policy of the old U.S.  Chief among them was that the production of alco­holic beverages and tobacco products was highly profitable for their manufacturers.  Mari­juana, obtained from one of the hardiest weeds known to man, never could have been made to be nearly so profit­able, since many users could simply grow their own.)

In the Indian Republic in particular, the use of alcohol, “The White Man’s Poison” that had been employed so effectively to inca­pacitate Native Americans during the 19th century conquests, was widely frowned upon.  The use of the less‑harmful marijuana met with more acceptance.  It produced a relaxed, mellow state of in­toxication, rather than the aggressive one associated with alcohol.

Much more important for the economic health of the non‑white Republics, various parts of the hemp plant can also be used to make a wide variety of commercial products and uses up little of the Earth’s own resources in its own growth (Rosenthal).  In the Red Republic especially, hemp thus became a major source for paper and other for­merly wood‑based products, paint, varnish, soap, clothing, food, pharmaceuticals, building supplies, rope, and energy.  As a late Transi­tion Era treatment of the material noted (Chun):

“Hemp is an environmentally friendly crop.  It requires little water and no chemical fer­tilizers or pesticides.  Be­yond this, it does not drain the soil of nutrients and its deep root system prevents erosion.  Hemp also yields four times more fibre per acre than trees do. . . . Environ­mental con­sider­ations aside, hemp [makes] a superior fabric. . . . Hemp looks and feels like its pedi­greed cous­in, linen. . . . [I]n stress tests, hemp had eight times the tensile strength and four times the dura­bility of cotton.”

6.         The most important technological advance in the non‑White Repub­lics was the re‑creation of public primary, secondary, and higher education.  As the stream of well‑educated persons who could think for themselves, and not simply regurgitate by rote doctrines taught to them, was drying up in the White Republic, what started as a trickle of bright, question‑asking problem‑solvers was on its way to becoming a flood of them in the non‑White Republics.

The Second Civil War Begins

The Second Civil War did not begin with a single bang the way the First had.  The latter commenced on April 12, 1861 with the firing of the first cannon shot against the Union’s Fort Sumter in Charleston (SC) Harbor by the army of the Confederate States of America.  In contrast, the Second Civil War “crept in on little cat feet” the way fascism itself had come to the old U.S.  The Hague regime did not even realize that it was in a full‑scale war until it was well underway in the spring of 2020.

No one on either side referred to the conflict as the “Second Civil War” until it was concluded with the ceremonial, unconditional surren­der of the NAR forces on April 9, 2022.  The MRCD arranged for that surrender to take place in the courthouse at Ap­pomattox, VA, where at the end of the First Civil War, after fighting to defend the same basic, de­structive doctrine of white supremacy, the Confeder­ate General Rob­ert E. Lee had surrendered to the Union Commander Ulysses S. Grant exactly 157 years before.

But the conflict was a Second Civil War and it was even more fero­cious than the First.  Hundreds of thousands of people were killed on both sides.  (Be­cause of the destruction wrought by The Sieges laid to Black Republic urban Sectors by the NAR forces, no accurate count of the deaths has ever been possi­ble.)  Broad swathes of territory all over the country were laid waste.  Fortunately, neither nuclear or bio­logi­cal/chemical weapons were used by either side, for reasons still in dis­pute (see Chapter 19).

Like the First, the Second was fought for freedom and liberty and the restoration of Constitutional gov­ernment throughout the land.  But in the aftermath of the Second, unlike that of the First, the fruits of victory were not quickly discarded.  Just the opposite occurred.  In our Re‑United States of America, the seeds of liberty and freedom that were planted after the victory of the MRCD have been cultivated and re‑planted such that the trees that have grown from them are truly unshakeable.



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     [1] Author’s Note: Referring here to the great 20th century English political figure Winston Churchill, Prime Minister during World War II.

     [2] Author’s Note: The recently published six volume opus by Joplin (2046) covers in great and very well‑done detail all of the events that we are able to only touch upon lightly, and many others of course.  Starting the narrative with the formation of the NAR, it is now consid­ered to be the definitive work on the Sec­ond Civil War.

     [3] Deciding just who was what did present serious problems for the Hague regime, as we have noted before.  The pigment scale for per­sons described by Murrayite racists (see Appendix VI) as “black” actu­ally covered a very broad range.  Very few people labelled by Murrayites as “black” actually had a “black” skin color in the sense that a native African is “black.”

That fact itself had given the lie to the Murrayites early on: how can there be a “race” supposedly defined by skin color when what is labelled as such is in reality so heterogeneous by skin color? And how can that “race” be “inferior black” when the natural creation of that skin color spectrum meant much mixing of supposedly “superi­or” “white” genes with supposedly “inferior” black ones?  In any case, as Kaufman and Coo­per once said (1995):  “Race is a social con­ven­tion, not a biologi­cal concept.”  Howev­er, as was so often the case with Right‑Wing Reac­tionary thinking of all sorts, such science never got in the way of Hagueite racist policy‑making.  See Armstrong (2032) for a detailed discussion of the matter of racial assignment.

     [4] Author’s Note: The “Underground Railway” for guiding escaped slaves to Canada was a feature of the northern part of the old U.S. before the First Civil War.


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