The Joke is on U.S. by Jason Marks

by Jason Marks
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
The Revolution is Coming
July 27, 2011


Image by sandy_sanders via Flickr

Being a cynical person to begin with, I must admit that the wool was completely pulled over my eyes and dare to say that I was incredibly naive when I placed my vote for what has turned out to be one of the worst Presidents to ever hold office. Each day, impossible as it may seem, things get worse and worse. All anyone had to do to realize (from the beginning of this joke of a Presidency), was to observe who this President has surrounded himself with in his cabinet and advisers from day one (Geithner, and Summers especially). I remember watching and listening to Obama on the campaign trail repeatedly promising to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, to bring the troops home. Just one of the many promises, he has failed to deliver upon. What’s worse is that he had the ability to accomplish this with the Democratic majorities in both the House and the Senate after winning the election. But as we all must face it, he never intended to fulfill that promise… NEVER. Rather than taking seriously his fictional book, ‘Audacity of Hope’ (which should have just been called ‘Audacity’), we should have known right from the beginning where this was headed. I never in my wildest dreams thought that this man could be just as bad as the last fool (criminal) to hold this office.

From the criminal bailouts of the banks and Wall Street to this phony debt ceiling crisis, among many other of his actions and inactions will end up destroying what’s left of the middle class, the elderly, not to mention the poor by cutting entitlement programs including Medicare, Social Security, education, and much more. Obama, not unlike most of Congress and the Senate, is controlled by special interest groups, and has been since the beginning. Just follow the money, and there lies the truth. When he will, silently with glee, and sign the inevitable Debt Ceiling bill that will be passed, it will be an utter catastrophe. Watching his recent speech to the American Public, where he absolved himself from responsibility for this stalemate and his intention of not wanting to cut our social programs is a blatant smokescreen. True, the majority of the Republicans are in the pockets of special interest groups through their lobbyists (who by the way, are mainly ex-politicians), but most of the Democrats are no better. This two party dictatorship must end. We MUST insist on campaign finance reform, and get other parties into our electoral process and have a REAL democracy.

It seems that besides a few places in this country, like Wisconsin, there is little protest. Where are the rallies and marches? civil disobedience? which have occurred in the Muslim World. My belief is that we, as a country, and as a people (besides the wealthiest one or two percent) are too busy (and understandably so) worrying about our own daily survival as unemployment and foreclosures skyrocket and so many people wonder where they’ll receive their next meal. Of course, our corporate media plays a major role in deadening our senses, with focusing in on the latest celebrity scandal or on the Casey Anthony murder trial. This so called press, is the ultimate conspiracy of them all. Whomever controls the press, and media, etc., controls our collective thoughts. George Orwell would be proud… joke.


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