Dead Men Don’t Talk: US Navy Seals Destroyed to Cover Up Washington’s Bin Laden Execution Hoax? by Finian Cunningham

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by Finian Cunningham
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7 August, 2011

The wiping out of 30 US special forces in the Chinook helicopter crash in Afghanistan comes at a time when Washington’s official version of how it carried out the assassination of Osama bin Laden was falling apart from incredulity.

Among the 38 dead in the helicopter disaster – the biggest single loss of American lives in the 10-year Afghanistan war of occupation – are believed to have been several of the 17 US Navy Seals involved in the execution of Osama bin Laden in early May. The dead also include other members of US special forces and Afghan commandos.

Early Western news media reports indicated that the Chinook may have been involved in a significant military operation against Afghan militants when it went down in Wardak Province, not far west from the capital, Kabul, early Saturday.

Taliban sources are reported to have claimed that its militants shot down the Chinook with rocket fire.

US military officials say they are investigating the cause of the crash.

However, of significance, unnamed US sources have told media outlets that they believe the helicopter was shot down. This unofficial US briefing seems a bit odd. Why would US military sources want to hand enemy combatants a stunning propaganda coup?

Perhaps, it serves US interests to divert from the real motive and cause of the helicopter crash, whether it was hit by a rocket or not.

US officials have admitted that the dead Navy Seals were part of the Team Six unit that allegedly carried out the assassination in May of the supposed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

From the outset, Washington’s account of how its special forces murdered Bin Laden in his residential compound in Abbottabad, northern Pakistan, has been riven with contradictions. Why was the liquidated Bin Laden buried hurriedly at sea? How could the world’s “No 1 Terrorist” have resided inconspicuously only miles from the Pakistani military headquarters in Rawalpindi?

[text changed from previous version] Most glaringly, several informed sources are convinced that Bin Laden died from natural causes years ago. Author Ralph Schoenman dismissed the alleged Navy Seal execution as “a big lie”. Schoenman cited evidence on this subject from former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, among others, for their confirmation that Bin Laden had died from kidney failure years earlier.

More recently, as Paul Craig Roberts reports [1], Pakistani locals have claimed that the Navy Seal operation in Abbottabad ended in disaster, with one of three US helicopters exploding as it took off from the ground near the compound. The other two choppers had not landed and, according to witnesses, they flew from the scene immediately after the explosion. As Roberts points out, that means there was no Bin Laden corpse to dispose off at sea, as Washington maintains.

The key people who would know the truth about Washington’s incredible Bin Laden assassination are now unavailable for comment. Case sealed.




In a prior version of this article, Ralph Schoenman was quoted in error as stating: “I have interviewed several members of the Pakistani intelligence service and militants, and they have all confirmed that Bin Laden died from kidney failure over 10 years [ago].”

Schoenman’s meetings with Pakistani intelligence preceded the putative assassination of Osama Bin Laden. These meetings concerned the role of US intelligence in the events of 9/11 and the false claim that the US captured and now holds in custody Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Finian Cunningham is a Global Research Correspondent based in Belfast.


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Finian Cunningham on the cover up of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden and Navy Seals’ deaths

9 August, 2011


Press TV: Dead Men Don’t talk, that is the title of your article. Correct me if I’m wrong, you are trying to say that the US has destroyed its own men, the navy seals, who seemingly took part in Washington’s bin Laden execution hoax, and presumably would testify about that operation? How can this argument to be proven?

Cunningham: Well, admittedly I do not have the answers to that but I think what I am trying to do in the article is to raise relevant speculative questions about the whole Bin Laden affair.

This is just one more hole in Washington’s argument or allegation that they killed Bin Laden on the second of May. Their story is full of holes and contradictions – the nature of his death, how his body was disposed of, lack of evidence.

And now recently on Pakistani television, you have local people giving a version of events that happened in Abbottabad that completely contradicts what the Washington version of that incident was.

People were saying one of three US helicopters exploded, killing everybody on board. So how can Bin Laden’s body be recovered and dumped at sea if that helicopter did in fact blow up, according to the residents of Abbottabad?

The whole Washington story in my view is very dubious. There’s a lot of contradictions in it. The people who could shed light on this will actually be the people that were involved; this team of six navy seals. And a whole cohort of them was wiped off this past Saturday in a rocket attack on their helicopter.

It just raises the question, is Washington hiding from something, are they trying to cover something up by this alleged assassination of Bin Laden in May, because a lot of informed sources will tell you that Bin Laden died ten years ago from natural causes, kidney failure.

The whole saga is becoming increasingly incredulous in my view and for other people. It would appear that Washington is trying to cover up or delete possible evidence or witnesses to the actual event on the second of May in Abbottabad.


via PressTV – ‘Copter tragedy marks deadliest US day’.

‘Copter crash marks deadliest US day’


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10 thoughts on “Dead Men Don’t Talk: US Navy Seals Destroyed to Cover Up Washington’s Bin Laden Execution Hoax? by Finian Cunningham

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  2. Finian overextends in his article regarding the second copter going down, but there is little doubt the first copter in Abbotabad had a bogus mission. Exploded copters don’t carry people to the sea and dump them. Is Cheney orchestrating this fiasco now? As for the second copter, it smells very badly from where I stand. Proof is not yet forthcoming but this is another stinkeroo.
    I agree that making these Seals legendary figures is pure poppycock. These are trained hit men, Obama’s boys who carry out murders and other intrigues overseas and at home. As such, these are murderers who are being eulogized here by a lying president who would never tell the truth to the parents of the deceased. Calling a murderer a hero is beyond the pale. It is gratifying to see true Americans starting to be repulsed by their government’s deceptions and constant lying. Seals are the perfect dupes for the monied tarantulas of the world. The military reminds me of the Strangelove characters who had an idolatry of war and made it sound like some noble endeavor. My hitch starting in ’68 showed me what this myth of American “peacefulness and democracy” was just pure bunk. To serve in this stinking military as a Seal is the ultimate disgrace and insult to our founding fathers. Trained killers doing the bidding of dollar seekers is a disgusting notion. America has sunk to the level of mere stooges of the bankers and Military Industrial vultures. To serve in this military forever disgraces Seals and peddles the absurd notion that terrorism is some magical notion that allows a nation to do whatever it wishes to people and to military members for some mendacious pack of lies that only intensifies and multiplies. America the Stupid!

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  4. Recent reports have stated that NONE of the Seal Team Six members who went after Bin Laden were on that helicopter when it crashed. Who’s sending out the fear messages now? Them or us ? Gee whiz,, get some facts before typing Finian.

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  6. Is it probable that the US government is trying to protect the commandos who took out Osama Bin Laden from the terrorists since it was reported earlier that they were being sought by Alkayedah?

  7. I heard many rumors that sounded ridiculous right after the report of Osama Bin Laden’s death, but with this event of the helicopter crash with the navy seals that allegedly killed Bin Laden, now it makes sense that this incident could be used to cover up the hoax. I guess our government thinks this is a nation of morons that will believe a lie because otherwise we would be unfaithful to our country.

  8. in the absence of verifiable data, where is Wikileaks on the meat of this so-called storyline? Get something, or look like a freaking conspiracy theorist. they never do go very far w/THEIR rantings, so…

    • Indeed, while the motive seems sound, is there any actual lede?
      Absent in the footnotes is anything to substantiate this staement:

      “…believed to have been several of the 17 US Navy Seals involved in the execution of Osama bin Laden in early May…).

      I’m not immune to conspiracy theories, but evidence, please.

      But on to the greater conspiracy, or myth of these professional career warmongers… I’ve HAD it with the ‘support our troops’ & ‘americon heroes’ storyline. Support the troops my ass!

      These particular individuals are cold-blooded serial killers. These are not your typical enlistees or backdoor draft, these are trained killers, doing what they love to do.

      It’s time to blow a few rounds into the myth that these people are defending us, or that they bought some sort of robocop/universal-soldier/Born-Identity indoctrination. These people are cultist serial murderers, selected as such, and nothing they are doing has ANYTHING to do with national security. They simply like to kill, assasinate, and the adreneline of being under fire. They knew what they were getting into.

      If Pakistanis were flying over Texas in giant helicopters with trained killers (which they’re NOT), then Texans surely be trying to shoot them down as well.

      You’re not fighting for my freedom, Soldier!
      The conspiracy is US militarism.

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