Abandoning Those Who Have Clearly Abandoned Us by The Other Katherine Harris


by The Other Katherine Harris
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Dandelion Salad
August 6, 2011

Concerning that vow in my last post that I would never vote again for anyone who supported the evil austerity bill, I mean to keep it. If more of us abandon those who’ve clearly abandoned us, maybe a real people’s party will arise in response to the need and/or Democrats will wake up and start acting like Democrats again.

Something that struck me this week like a hammer between the eyes is that I’m now screaming daily at Obutthead and this crop of Dems, just as I did when Shrub and His Thugs held forth on the airwaves – and that I’m screaming about exactly the same things, with exactly as little hope of being heeded.

If the outcome of any national election doesn’t vary, regardless of whether Washington gets stuffed with corporate Republicans or corporate Dems, it’s stupid to bother voting for either.

No, it’s worse than stupid.  On the positive side of a Republican win is that those guys’ lies are more transparent, so people will wake up faster to the need for REAL change.

Further, a new and more painful level of anguish arises, when you wind up hating people whom you actually voted for – when you find yourself going apoplectic at their deceit and corruption, switching off the TV at the first glimpse of their smarmy faces and picturing the ballot you cast to help elect them.

I refuse to torment myself this way again.  So no votes for anyone whose principles and behavior I can’t honestly applaud.  Finito.

To Miss Elizabeth Bledsoe, who swore to haunt her high school civics students if they ever failed to vote: I’ll be seeing you.


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  5. I bought one of those expensive “YES WE DID” T-shirts with Obama’s mug on it shortly after the election. That shirt haunts my closet and never sees the light of day any more. What is the proper end to the image of a sell-out on cotton?

  6. This is what is so truly cynical and venal about Obama’s calculus concerning this election. He has broken every campaign promise, and he and his aides and VP have openly insulted and marginalized the progressives who thought they had put him in office. What no one realized is that it was not the people who put him there, but the moneyed class. Now Obama knows that the progressives have nowhere else to go. He doesn’t even have to pretend not to be a conservative. All he has to do is be less scary than the Republican candidate. He knows we will have to just gulp down an anti-emetic and vote for him simply on the grounds that he would probably hurt us less. Now that is a truly ugly strategy.

  7. i would agree with you but i dont want to jump into the fire to show other people it’s hot…and i still believe that if we abandon the field to the conservatives it would be worse than waiting for obama to keep his promises…..

    • Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

      When will the Democratic Party take us (those on the real left) seriously? When we withhold our votes. I left the Dem. Party in 2000 and have no regrets.

      • dandelionsalad, I gave up on the Dems in 2000, as well. At the time, I rather naively thought they just had no cojones. As we know now, they were beholden to the same interests, and were just playing “good cop” to the Republicans “bad cop”.

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