Human Rights Watch: Obama broke law not prosecuting Bush and Cheney

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 on Aug 7, 2011

Michael Ratner: Prosecution of Bush Cheney and Rumsfeld will have to be pursued in other countries as Obama has refused to pursue it.


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Getting Away with Torture: The Bush Administration and Mistreatment of Detainees

5 thoughts on “Human Rights Watch: Obama broke law not prosecuting Bush and Cheney

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  2. This is a very sad story for not just US but the entire world. The world’s nastiest mass-murderers are running around loose in broad daylight but it might something under “30 years” to catch them?! OMG!

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  5. Wish there might have been more specific information about specific criminal charges that might be used. Violations of international treaties are not violations of our domestic laws,, and torture of a non U.S. citizen does not violate any constitutional rights. Perhaps the only chance these torture victims might have for justice is a group of plaintiffs bringing charges at the ICC . I understand that Eric Holder very much wanted to investigate the Bush administration for lying and manipulating the intelligence reports that led up to the invasion of Iraq, and that he was very disappointed when Obama told him not to go there. But, the way I understand it,, a federal case does not need to be initiated by the attorney general,,, any federal prosecutor could begin a case if he or she so desired. We still have the rule of law operating here in our country,, don’t we ?? Hmm ?

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