Finian Cunningham: The cover-up of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden and Navy SEALs’ deaths

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9 August, 2011

9 August, 2011

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Press TV: Dead Men Don’t talk, that is the title of your article. Correct me if I’m wrong, you are trying to say that the US has destroyed its own men, the navy seals, who seemingly took part in Washington’s bin Laden execution hoax, and presumably would testify about that operation? How can this argument to be proven?

Cunningham: Well, admittedly I do not have the answers to that but I think what I am trying to do in the article is to raise relevant speculative questions about the whole Bin Laden affair.

This is just one more hole in Washington’s argument or allegation that they killed Bin Laden on the second of May. Their story is full of holes and contradictions – the nature of his death, how his body was disposed of, lack of evidence.

And now recently on Pakistani television, you have local people giving a version of events that happened in Abbottabad that completely contradicts what the Washington version of that incident was.

People were saying one of three US helicopters exploded, killing everybody on board. So how can Bin Laden’s body be recovered and dumped at sea if that helicopter did in fact blow up, according to the residents of Abbottabad?

The whole Washington story in my view is very dubious. There’s a lot of contradictions in it. The people who could shed light on this will actually be the people that were involved; this team of six navy seals. And a whole cohort of them was wiped off this past Saturday in a rocket attack on their helicopter.

It just raises the question, is Washington hiding from something, are they trying to cover something up by this alleged assassination of Bin Laden in May, because a lot of informed sources will tell you that Bin Laden died ten years ago from natural causes, kidney failure.

The whole sag is becoming increasingly incredulous in my view and for other people. It would appear that Washington is trying to cover up or delete possible evidence or witnesses to the actual event on the second of May in Abbottabad.


via PressTV – ‘Copter tragedy marks deadliest US day’.

‘Copter crash marks deadliest US day’


Dead Men Don’t Talk: US Navy Seals Destroyed to Cover Up Washington’s Bin Laden Execution Hoax? by Finian Cunningham

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  3. Interesting how so many US media outlets (including Fox and CNN) could have forgotten 1. that they reported on bin Laden’s death and funeral in December 2001, 2. that prior to that date bin Laden consistently denied involvement in 9/11 because it violated his religious beliefs to kill women, children and innocent civilians and 3. none of the bin Laden tapes released after Dec 2001 have been independently authenticated (and are most likely forgeries). I blog about this at Osama bin Laden: Dead or Alive?

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