Noam Chomsky: Two Major Crises Looming: Nuclear War and Global Warming

Chomsky at the World Social Forum (Porto Alegr...

Chomsky at the World Social Forum (Porto Alegre) in 2003 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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 on Aug 8, 2011

Discussion at Professor Chomsky’s office on July 28, 2011.

You, Me and Chomsky

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24 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky: Two Major Crises Looming: Nuclear War and Global Warming

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  3. Greetings: If the interviewer would have let Mr. Chomsky talk rather than constantly interrupt, it would have been a lot easier a listen. However, the content is sobering and worthy of attention.

    • Yes, that is unfortunately often the case in many interviews. Thanks for dropping by and commenting and of course, watching the video. It’s one of the more important ones, in my opinion.

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