“The 15% Solution,” Serialization, 19th Installment: Chapter Eighteen: 2020: The Second Final Solution

Note: The Preface and Chapters One through Seventeen can be found here: The 15% Solution

by Jonathan Westminster, Ph.D. aka Steven Jonas, MD, MPH
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August 28, 2011

This is the nineteenth installment of the serialization of a book entitled The 15% Solution: A Political History of American Fascism, 2001-2022.  Herein you will find Chapter 18.  This chapter briefly describes the Second “Final Solution” and the beginnings of the Civil War.  The fascist regime had divided the original United States into the quadro-partite “New American Republics:” White, Black, Red (American Indian), and Hispanic. This division enable the actual armed resistance to begin in the Black and Red “Republics” where the Whites, by choice, had very little physical presence.  It eventually spread into the White Republic.  In the meantime, the regime began the Second Final solution, ostensibly aimed at homosexuals, homosexuality having been declared a crime, but broadened to include any regime opponents of any stripe. Under the pseudonym Jonathan Westminster, the book is purportedly published in the year 2048 on the 25th Anniversary of the Restoration of Constitutional Democracy in the Re-United States. It was actually published in 1996 by the Thomas Jefferson Press, located in Port Jefferson, NY.  The copyright is held by the Press.

A commentator had this to say about the book: “I am in the middle of reading  The 15% Solution.  For some reason I assumed it was a recent publication.  About 100 pages in I looked to see when it was published.  It was published in 1996.  That absolutely shocked me. What it was saying then is exactly what is happening now.  The race-baiting, anti-homosexual crap that takes one’s attention away from what is actually happening, and it was written about 15 years ago.  Even the 14th amendment controversy is discussed in this book, as well as so much more – ownership of the media, talk radio, etc.  This is truly frightening, and if the Dems do not wake up and fight, I fear there is much worse to come.”  Indeed!

Chapter Eighteen: 2020: The Second Final Solution

Author’s Commentary: The Progress of the War

Following the issuance of the Restora­tion Declara­tion on July 4, 2019, the Movement for the Restora­tion of Consti­tutional Democra­cy undertook a sum­mer multi‑front offensive.  It was somewhat effective.  The MRCD forces demonstrat­ed that they had a working communica­tions and command and control system and could carry out complex, coordinated operations in up to a dozen locations at the same time.  They showed that they were well‑supplied and well‑equipped, and from captured NAR materiel and other sources had the ability to make up supply and equipment losses fairly quickly.

They demonstrated that they were in regular communication with the commanders of the anti‑fascist forces in the Latin Wars and could coor­dinate actions with them when necessary.  They were able to estab­lish defensible lines around many of the urban Sectors of the Black Repub­lic.  An important military asset were the hos­tages they were able to make of the troops in the Helmsmen Garri­sons inside the Black and Red Republic Sectors, either by physically capturing them or bottling them up and cutting their sources of supply.

They of course did not have air support in the urban Black Sec­tors, but they did have an ample supply of old 20th century Stinger hand‑held ground‑to‑air missile launchers and missiles.  Those weapons had been widely used and very amply supplied by the US/CIA to the Rightists in the late 20th century Afghani­stan civil war.  Following the end of that war, there were a large num­ber of them left over.  Still in 2019 on they were readily available on the world‑wide armaments black market.  A large number of these missiles had been painstakingly collected by the MRCD forces over a several‑year period before the Declaration of Rededication.  Their use significantly diminished the effectiveness of Hagueite close‑in air sup­port in many urban Black Sectors.

In terms of an air‑arm of its own, in several of the wide‑open Red Sectors, the Native American forces of the MRCD were able to assem­ble small fleets of captured attack helicopters.  They were effectively employed in “air guerrilla” operations.  When not in use they were kept hidden in caves to protect them from Hagueite attacks.

However, despite these military achievements, in 2019 the MRCD forces were unable to make any significant territorial gains, nor were they able to make any one Black or Red Republic Sector secure enough to establish a base for a permanent provisional government.  Yet they were able to tie up Hagueite forces, disrupt supply‑lines and communi­cations, cost the Hagueites considerable sums of money, and inflict significant casualties on an already over‑burdened military/oppressor force.  They were also able for the first time to mount and maintain a significant international diplomatic effort on behalf of the oppressed peoples of the NAR, of all Republics, colors, and ethnic groups.

International Developments

In that summer of 2019, the first international response from the Two Major Powers, the United States of Europe (USE)  and the East Asian Confed­eration[2] (EAC), to the MRCD diplomatic effort was one typical of its sort over the course of history.  The violence was “officially con­demned,” as were the “atrocities on both sides.”  (There were few documented atrocities on the MRCD side, many on the Hagueite side, but the usual “balance” was achieved in this announce­ment.)  “Ameri­can Apartheid” had already been con­demned some years before by what was left of the United Nations, but no formal actions against it had ever been taken.  The Two Major Powers had never addressed the issue, and neither did they do so at this time.

The “good offices” of the Two Major Powers were offered to nego­tiate an end to the conflict.  The offer was rejected by both sides.  The Hagueites claimed, variously, that it was a “matter of no consequence,” that the “disturbances would be brought under con­trol soon,” that such an offer constituted “meddling in the NAR’s internal affairs,” or, dig­ging up some hoary language not much used in recent years, that such an offer was “part of an anti‑Christian, socialist plot of the New World Order and the United Na­tions.”  The MRCD position was simple: the restora­tion of Constitutional democracy, freedom, and liber­ty, and the end to racist repression and division of the nation were not negotiable.

Trade between the NAR and the rest of the world had since the former’s founding continued unabated.  After all, with the decline in the supply of Middle East petroleum the NAR had become one of the world’s two major suppliers of energy and other raw materials.  (The other was the Siberian Region of Russia, now jointly administered by the Two Major Powers.)  With the outbreak of the rebellion, a volun­tary trade and cultural boycott movement that had been underway in a des­ultory manner for several years began to grow.  Along with it there were in­creasing demands addressed to the United Nations and the Two Major Powers by liberal and left‑wing governments and non‑govern­mental organizations around the world to do something on behalf of democracy, Constitutionalism, and human rights, ranging from econom­ic sanctions, to supplying arms to the Constitutionalist side, to armed intervention.

The first official international response to these developments was a classic: an embargo by the Two Major Powers on arms shipments to all units of the NAR.  In practice, this “evenhanded” move would have impact upon only the MRCD side.  The Hagueites of course already had a highly developed military supply industry and had no need for imported arms.  Thus on paper the arms embargo was like the one imposed by the Western democracies during the Spanish Civil War (1936‑39).

In practice that embargo had deprived only the elected Republican government of Spain the weapons it needed to defend itself against the fascist rebels under Generalissimo Francisco Franco.  The latter re­ceived all the weapons they needed from fascist Italy and Nazi Germa­ny, both of which ignored the embargo.  The Italian and German fascist government also sent on the order of 60,000 troops to fight alongside of the Spanish fascist forces.  That effort, plus the effectiveness of the embargo on the Republican forces, doomed them to defeat from the start.

However, the embargo in the Second American Civil War turned out to be about as effective as a high‑quality sieve, to the benefit pri­marily of the MRCD.  No foreign nations were about to send ships across a minimum of 3000 miles of open ocean in an attempt to enforce it.  The NAR had close to 5000 miles of ocean coastline, dotted with many harbors both great and small, especially on its Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Northwest Pacific coasts.

Over the preceding ten years, with the diversion of military funding to support domestic repressive forces and the land‑based units neces­sary to prosecute the Latin Wars, the Navy of the White Republic had been allowed to decline.  In support of the Latin Wars that Navy was already stretched thin.  Thus while the Hagueites themselves announced a blockade in an attempt to prevent arms from reaching the MRCD, it had little practical effect.

The Hague Regime Begins to Feel the Pressure

As a result of all this military, international, and diplomatic activi­ty, even though none of it was per­ceived by the outside world as imme­diately destabilizing for the Hague regime, it felt threatened for the first time.  As a result, on the military side, The Sieges of the principal Black Urban Sectors were begun in the fall of 2019.  Although they had little military effect, the toll in human suffering was quite high.

On the politico‑repressive side, early in the winter of 2020, plan­ning was begun for the Second Final Solution, which would be yet an­other play on homo­phobia.  It was implemented with the coming of spring in 2020.  The Hagueites, like fascist bullies everywhere over the course of history, would be much more successful in carrying out ac­tions against unarmed civilians than against opposing military forces of even somewhat equal military capability.

Homophobia in the Law During the Fascist Period

During the Transition Era, such Right‑Wing Reac­tionary leaders as Pat Robertson and Newton Gingrich had seemed to look upon homo­phobia as a political tool with much apparent pleasure (see Chap­ters 7 and 11).  Jefferson Davis Hague was about to gladly use it for political and repressive purposes for the third time during his reign.  The out­come of this effort would be the deadliest of the three.  (There is no evidence that any of the Transition Era Right‑Wing Reactionary utilizers of homophobia would have approved of or condoned in any way the outcomes of its use under Hague.)

To briefly review Hague’s use of homophobia, in 2005, during his first term, the Republican‑Christian Alliance had enacted the 31st Amendment to the Constitution of the old U.S. (see Chapter seven).  Section 3 of that Amendment stated:

“Engaging in sexual relations with persons of the same sex is a matter of choice; no provision of this Constitution may be deemed to provide preferential status in the civil or criminal law at the Federal, state, or local level to any person or group of persons based on their chosen sexual preference.”

Functionally, this act and the legislation written pursuant to it at the Federal, state, and local levels around the country had three principal outcomes: it lead to an explosion of public and private discrimina­tion against persons based upon their sexual orienta­tion; it legitimized ho­mophobic violence and in many jurisdictions essentially decriminalized it; it drove to ground most homosexuals who were not already there.

Four years later, Hague had delivered his “Procla­mation of Right,” decreeing that homosexuality was a crime (see Chapter 11).  In the Decree Hague said in part:

“Homosexuality and its associated behaviors, pedophilia, sa­dism, and masochism are all abnormal, wrong, unnatural, and perverse, as well as sins against God. . . . Despite the mea­sures taken pursuant to Section 3 of the 31st Amendment, in the eyes of God and every right‑thinking American, homosexu­ality and its associated perversions still constitute a plague upon our land and people. . . . As of this holy day, in homage to our almighty God, in recognition of His declaration that homosexu­al­ity is the worst kind of perversion, I hereby declare that ho­mosexuality, in thought or action, is a crime.”

Functionally, this decree and the legislation written pursuant to it at the Federal, state, and local levels around the country had three prin­ci­pal outcomes: it gave law‑enforcement officials a free hand to impris­on or send to a Moral Rehabilitation Center (MRC) anyone, based upon their sexual orientation or their suspected sexual orientation; it thus com­pletely terrorized the remaining sexually active homosexuals, of whom there were now very few; and it thus gave the forces of repres­sion a very convenient “legal” method for imprisoning without trial anyone they could not imprison on other grounds: simply accuse the person of thinking homosexual thoughts.

This approach harked back to the anti‑communist hysteria of the McCarthy Period (1946‑60).  As previously noted, during that time many people suffered both criminal and civil sanctions simply because they thought unpopular thoughts and took unpopular positions, not be­cause they did anything unlawful.  The only difference was that now, in aid of repression of opponents of the regime, it was sex, not politics that was the apparent indicator for action, even though in both cases politics was the ultimate motivator for the repressors.

The Presidential decree of 2009 resulted in the legalization of ho­mophobic violence in the following sense.  It was still technically a crime to assault (or worse) a homosexual, or someone the assailant claimed was a homosexual.  However, from the time of the onset of organized violence against elective pregnancy termination clin­ics dur­ing the Transition Era, the pattern had been established of per­mit­ting pri­vate citizens to take the law into their own hands even to the extent of committing a crime by so doing, if the victim were per­ceived by Right‑Wing Reaction as a “moral enemy” (Hill).  Homopho­bic vio­lence was just an extension of this pattern.

Since homosexuality was now a crime, persons convicted of engag­ing in it or even thinking about doing so, were subject to incarceration. However, the prisons were already very overcrowded, even after the massive Federal and state prison construction programs that had been commenced during the early Transition Era and continued unabated.  Thus most homosexuals picked up under the Hague decree of 2009 were sent to an MRC.

(Since so many were incarcerated in them, the MRCs subsequently became just about the only loci in the NAR in which homosexuals could live without fear for their lives and engage in what for them were fairly normal sexual practices.  A parallel in the days of the old Transi­tion Era “Drug Wars” was the easy availability of drugs in prisons [Purdy].)

The establishment in 2009 of the new “legal” category “suspected homosexual” opened up a huge can of highly poisonous worms.  This new construct contrasted sharply with the old racial one.  In most cas­es, one could not be labeled a “suspected” Black, or Latino, or Native American, just as in Nazi Germany there had been no category for “suspected” Jew.  In the eyes of the respective regimes, the person either was or wasn’t a member of the named category, and in either case, for the racial assignment that was made some kind of positive proof, no matter how arbitrary or capricious, could be offered.

In the matter of “suspected homosexual,” however, any person so labeled who claimed the assignment was not based on fact had to prove a negative: “I am not a homosexual,” or even further, “I do not think homosexual thoughts.”  The regime did not have to prove a positive.  It only had to produce a statement from someone, anyone, saying “I sus­pect so‑and‑so” of either being or thinking as a homosexual.

The imprisoning of homosexuals simply on the basis of their previ­ously open homosexuality, a la Nazi Germany, represented one kind of horror.  Imprisoning non‑homosexuals on the grounds that they were indeed homosexuals, represented an even deeper horror (that is, if one can rank horrors).  And then, in 2020, both the “homosexual” and the “sus­pected homosexual” labels came to be used to put people to their deaths, not just imprison them.  For in that year the Hagueites imple­mented what came internally to be called the “Second Final Solu­tion.”

The Basis of the Second Final Solution[3]

The Second Final Solution (SFS) was a secret plan with a public face.  The latter presented itself as a program aimed at rounding up the homosexual popu­lation remaining in the White Republic of the NAR.  The SFS actually aimed to exterminate those persons, as well as anyone identified as an “enemy of Christ” or an “agent of the devil,” that is, otherwise, any opponent of the Hague regime, what it stood for, and what it was doing, without the benefit of any kind of criminal justice procedure.  The plan also avoided the local messiness created by the Death Squads.

The strategy was based in part on a Transition Era text by a “Chris­tian Identity” minister known as Pastor Peter J. Peters entitled The Death Penalty for Homosexuals (1992).  Peters cited several well‑known excerpts from the Bible that taken literally call for the death penalty for persons committing homosexual acts.  For example:

“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of  them have commit­ted an abomination: they shall surely be put to death;

. . . (Leviticus 20:13).”

(See the Poughton letter in Chapter 11 for a differ­ent interpre­tation of that same excerpt by a Baptist minister.)

The Reverend Pat Robertson took a position simi­lar in certain ways to Peters’.  During a television program broadcast on May 5, 1985 he said, in part (Porteus):

“The [Biblical] wars of extermination have given a lot of people trouble unless they know what was going on.  The people in the land of Pales­tine were very wicked.  They were given over to idolatry; . . . they were having sex men with men and wom­en with women; . . . and they were forsaking God.  God told the Israelites to kill them all . . . [em­phasis added].

“And that seems to be a terrible thing to do.  Is it?  Or isn’t it?  . . . God saw that there was no cure for [what the people of Palestine were doing]. . . . [A]ll they would do is . . . pull the Israelites away from God, and prevent the truth of God from reaching the Earth.  So God, in love, took away a small number that he might not have to take a large number.”

(Pastor Peters, of course, accepted the Bible as the “Word of God,” as did the Rev. Robertson.  Interest­ingly enough, to support this posi­tion Peters cited a secular authority, a resolution actually passed by the Congress of the old U.S. in 1982 that began with the words [P.L. 97‑280]: “Whereas the Bible, the Word of God, has made a unique contribution in shaping the United States as a distinctive and blessed nation and people, . . . [emphasis added].”)

In contrast with Pastor Peters, others might say that the writers of the Leviticus text quoted above, and those of similar import, were, a) men, not God, and b) were men afflicted with a radical form of homo­phobia themselves.  The question might be raised, why should people living three thousand or so years later in a completely different culture, environment, and socio‑economic system pay any mind to the sayings of a sheep‑herding homophobe living in a very constricted society?

Further, it might be said that such men were inveterate rule‑makers for behaviors of which they did not approve for one reason or another, like homosexuality, incest, adultery, and eating pork or shellfish.  In our time, few people follow their dietary rules, for good reason—they are no longer necessary to protect health.  If that is so, maybe their other rules should be examined too, on a case‑by‑case basis, to see if they have any modern utility, rather than just accepting them on an arbitrary basis (see also Appendix V). Actually, the Christian “Innerantists” had already done this. For while they fiercely advocated following Biblical rules on sexual behavior, they carefully did not rec­ommend following the accompanying dietary laws, otherwise known as “keeping Kosher.”

And finally, others might say, dietary rules or laws might have some public utility or effectiveness, and recommendations on what con­stitutes “moral” behavior might have some utility too.  But attempt­ing to legislate morality, especially with criminal penalties for non‑compliance with such laws, has never been shown to be particular­ly effective over time in “improving morality.”  Rather, it has been shown to be very demoralizing to the population upon which it is im­posed.

Nevertheless, it was the Peters view on what should be done to homosexuals, that is kill them, that eventually came to form the basis of the SFS.  (It should be noted that there is no indication anywhere in the historical record that either Pastor Peters or the Rev. Robertson would have approved of or condoned the SFS.)  It was set forth in a document named for the small Colorado town in which it was drawn up, The LaPorte Protocol.

The model for The LaPorte Protocol was the infamous Nazi Ger­man “Wannsee Protocol” which outlined the first “Final Solution” (Davidowicz, pp. 136‑139).  The latter lead to the virtual extermination of European Jewry.  The former lead to the extermination of virtually all white homosexuals remaining in the NAR, as well as many non‑homosexuals branded as such for one reason or another and shipped off to the designated extermination camp.

Why the Policy?  Why at That Time?

For the Hague regime the Second Final Solution (publicly it was called “The Campaign for Sexual Cleansing”) was a three‑pronged strategy.  First, with the war now underway in earnest not only in the Fourth Republic but almost in the backyards of many people in the White Republic, the Hagueites once again needed a Distraction.  Sec­ond, although the level of repressive terror in the White Republic itself was already very high, the Hagueites figured they needed to crank it up a notch further since sig­nificant armed White resistance to American fascism seemed to be developing for the first time.  Third, they needed a swift, efficient, low‑cost way to get rid of their enemies.  The prisons and the MRCs would no longer do and the Death Squads were coming to be of limited utility.

This situation stood on contrast with that of Nazi Germany in re­gard of the First Final Solution.  It had a singular focus: exterminate the Jews of Eu­rope.  There was one reason for the policy: Hitler actu­ally believed it to be necessary for the creation and on‑going security of the “Thousand‑Year Reich.”  It did not have an external political pur­pose.  Thus it was not publicly advertised to the German people.[4]  In contrast, in the NAR, much was made of the new program, although there was a very serious attempt to keep its operational details secret.

The new Hagueite effort did have an external po­litical purpose.  “The Campaign for Sexual Cleans­ing” was on its face simply a reimplementation of the previously decreed criminalization of homosex­uality.  It was announced to the people of the White Republic as a re­newed battle against the “ultimate evil.”  This action was to be taken, so the people were told, variously to: (a) “expunge sin from the soci­ety,” (b) “punish sin,” (c) round up the homosex­uals “for their own protection,” (d) isolate the “disease‑causers from the normal people,” (e) and “deliver the sinners from evil through redemption.”

Whatever the reason, according to the public announcement all homosexuals were to be sent to camps for “re‑education” and “purifica­tion of the soul.”  But, just as the creation of the hated “other” had been used by Right‑Wing Reaction so many times in the past, once again the public campaign was intended to “supply an enemy.”

Why Not Racism?

The Hagueites had come to realize that the old stand‑by, racism, just wasn’t working so well for them anymore.  There were many rea­sons to account for this state of affairs, but one of them was a direct result of the Hagueites’ own actions.  One of the nu­merous outcomes of the policy of complete racial sep­aration discussed in the last chapter was the decline of the political and social utility of racism as a means of control.  Since racial separation was now virtually complete, in the White Republic racism could be re­inforced only in general terms.  There were no lon­ger daily (if unrepresentative or distorted) examples of the “bad race”—people on welfare, drug users, the homeless (blacks were in fact a minority of each group, but portrayed as dominant in each)—examples who whites could see.

For 10 years most whites had not seen a Black except in an occa­sional chain gang (Cohen), had seen only an occasional un-deported Latino in the previous three years, had almost invariably looked past Native Americans in any case, and were taught by the re­gime that Asians were in a different racial category (NAR Asian policy being in a constant state of flux).  Racism as a political weapon thus had come to have its limits.

Implementation of the “Campaign for Sexual Cleansing”

As noted, the regime did not publicly announce that accord­ing to the LaPorte Protocol it had decided in advance that there would be no “re‑education” or “purifica­tion” carried out.  And it did not announce that there would be no return for the affected persons.  Death, pure and simple, was the object.  And unlike in the Nazi death camps such as Auschwitz, death was ac­complished simply.  No attached slave labor facto­ries.  No gas‑chambers.  No ovens.  And there was only one camp.  It was located in an area of South­eastern California about 100 miles southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.  By a cruel irony indeed, the place was called the Devil’s Playground.

Bounded on the west by the Bristol Mountains and the east by the Providence Mountains (mis‑named in this context), taking up part of the by‑then defunct East Mojave National Park, the regime simply ringed with a Killer Fence an area of desert 20 miles east to west and 40 miles north to south.  The homosexuals and the “suspected” homosexuals were rounded up, taken to the area by truck along the old Interstate 15 to the north or 40 to the south, and deposited, left to die without food or water.

The NAR learned this technique of dealing with its enemies, real or imagined, from the old Saudi Arabi­an monarchy.  When it caught significant opponents, including even high‑ranking military officers and members of the very large Royal Family who had gone over to the opposition, they were simply taken out to the center of the vast Arabian desert, the Rub’ al Khali (the Empty Quarter), and left there.  Of course, the Saudi Muslims did this only on a very limited scale, to people it considered especially important enemies of the ruling clan.  It was left to the Hagueites to apply it on a large scale, with little discrim­ination.  Since it was a large‑scale operation, in the end the Hagueites found it impossible to maintain complete secrecy.

While there were few survivors of the Devil’s Playground, as one might imagine, enough lived to convincingly tell the horrific tale.  Al­most all records were destroyed in the last days of the NAR, but a few were not.  Most of the truck drivers were killed by Helmsmen, but a few survived to tell what they knew too.  For some time there was a market in the bones of the dead from the camp, just as there had been a market for the dried bones of dead buffalo on the Great Plains in the 1870s.  A few of the drivers of the “bone buggies” survived as well.

There is no way of estimating just how many people died in this camp.  But given the level of homosexual repression that had been in place since the passage of the Morality Amendment in 2005, it is fair to say that many more of them were simply opponents of the regime at one level or another than were actual homosexuals.

Next Developments in the War

The next developments in the war were in part determined by the world‑wide response to the devel­oping horror of the Second Final Solu­tion as the de­tails leaked out.  It was rather different from the response which had been accorded to discovery of the First.  The German Nazis began perpetrating their horror in the summer of 1941 with the con­struction of the first Vernichtungslager (“annihilation camp”) (Davidowicz, p. 135).  Credible evidence of the Nazi mass murder cam­paign started coming out of East­ern Europe within months of its com­mencement (Wouk, Chaps. 13, 14, 16, 18).

Nevertheless, it took several years for a world that did not want to know about it, and did not want to worry about what it might have to do to resettle sev­eral million European Jews, to recognize just what was going on.  And still next to nothing was done about it other than a certain amount of hand‑wringing.

In the case of the SFS, verifiable documentation, from satellite pho­tos to personal reports, were al­ready circulating widely around the world on the PlaNet by the summer of 2020.  And this time, the world didn’t have to figure out how to handle an un­wanted load of refugees.  To stop the slaughter, if that were the intent, the world simply had to figure out how to help the MRCD bring the war to a successful conclu­sion.

Pressure from people of good will around the world to do some­thing about the Hagueite horror built very rapidly.  It led to the impo­sition of the first economic sanctions on the NAR by the USE and the EAC in the fall of 2020.  Just as economic sanc­tions had eventually played a positive role in bringing down South Afri­can Apartheid in the late 20th century, so too did they play such a role in bringing down American Apartheid, happily in a much shorter peri­od of time, in the early 21st.

As the tide of history finally began to turn on Right‑Wing Reaction in America, observers began to take note of that fact.  Curley Oakwood, for one, did not much like what was going on.

A Curley Oakwood Radio Broadcast Transcript (Wednesday, April 1, 2020)

My friends, my friends, my friends.  And you are all my friends, because I am one of the friendliest guys you will ever want to meet, and if you’ve already met me you already know that, and if you have­n’t, then anyone who has will tell you that you are in for a treat of the friendliest friendliness you can find anywhere.  No foolin’.

Yes I have to tell you in all honesty, in all seriousness, that it is a treat to be me, and that’s no foolin’ either.  And it’s a treat to be White, and Christian, and live in God’s White Republic of the New American Republics.  For whatever anyone may tell you, and there are some naysayers out there, there are some doomsday prophets out there, and that’s not God’s Final Judgment I’m talking about, I’m not talking about that Glori­ous Day of Redemption which is yet to come, but about those doomsayers of the here and right now, of those treacherous, dis­loyal bums who would sell our wonderful country so short they could­n’t see over the top of a blade of grass, about those nattering nabobs of negativism, as the blessed Bill Safire called them so many moons ago, whatever anyone may tell you, the White Republic and the whole of the NAR are at the top of their game right now.

There may be a few shortages here and there, and you may hear a bit of gunfire now and then, and your sons may be a bit more caught up in the military game than you’d like them to be, but this is it, life is good.  The liberals are gone, the niggers are gone, the Skins are gone, the spics are going, and the slopes, well you just pay them no never mind.  The liberalniggerlovers in Congress are in their place.  They can’t touch you.  And, and, and—we are final­ly doing to the queers what we should have done to them long ago: get rid of them, get them out of our hair, out of schools, out of our way.

With our military, our HM, and our Independent Militias, let’s not forget them, rolling the way they are, President Jeff is soon going to have everything under control.  And we will be right back to where we oughta be.  So be happy folks.  You should be.

And if you aren’t, I can tell you on very good authori­ty—mine—that you have only yourself to blame.  No foolin’. And by the way, if you do come across a nattering nabob of negativism, even if it’s a friend or family member, do, as a loyal White American Christian, mention it to your local HM patrol, won’t you?  No foolin’.

A Connie Conroy Note (Wednesday, April 15, 2020)

Usta was they collected taxes on this day.  That was before the glori­ous 31st [Amendment].  Now they collect them year‑round[5].  God what I am saying?  I better make sure the HM never sees this, or it’s off to a camp even for me.

And speaking about off to a camp, this latest move by the Prez is kicking up quite a ruckus among his “Gay Team‑mates,” in and out of government.  Some of those HM units are taking their job quite seri­ously.  The Prez has told me to see to it that we work out some kind of system to protect our favorite gay guys and gals before they get picked up and some­one has to intervene at the last moment.  Getting a “friend” off one of those trucks once they’re on has proved pretty difficult, I can tell you.  And once they’re through that gate, forget it!

So we have to work something out.  Queer is queer, but when they work for us, when they follow good Christian prin­ciples, when they are Whiter than White, ah well, that’s some­thing else again.  We can do it.  I know we can.[6]

A Parthenon Pomeroy Diary Entry, Saturday, July 11, 2020

I wonder what’s going on.  Things are supposed to be getting better, but now they seem to be getting worse.  I don’t want to be disloyal and the President assures us there’s nothing to wor­ry about it, and with the RBE, as he calls it, the economy’s going to turn the corner any day now.

And we did do it.  We got rid of the niggers, and we’re get­ting rid of the spics, and they tell me that out west the ‘skins are gone too, but who cares about them anyway.  I know we worked hard.  We’ve saved our country, our freedom, our American way of life.  We cut taxes to the bone.  We got God back in the schools.  We’ve saved the unborn.  We ended handouts to those with their hand out all the time.  We got that liberalniggerloving Congress out of the way.  We put that goddamned Supreme Court in its place.  Those back‑stabbing liberal media are gone.  We put Christ in His right­ful place, above us all.

And it’s still not quite right.  I know I’d better keep these thoughts to myself, or the HM will send me off to the camps too, just like they did Tony down the street for complaining at the local after he got drunk.  Even with both my boys in uni­form, I’ve got to worry about that.  Well maybe President Jeff is right.  Maybe once we get rid of all the queers, everything will be alright.  I sure hope the President is right on that one.

But anyway, thanks, God, for blessing us with the New American Republics!  And thanks Pat, too.

An Alex Poughton Letter

September 17, 2020

Dear Karl,

Just a quick note on something that strikes me as real funny.  I know you’ve been hearing about this huge scandal here, the exter­mination camp out in California (that’s not the funny thing—read on).  I think the bastards are actually going to be forced to close it down soon.  International pressure is actually accomplishing some­thing!

So they’re already desperately casting around for new stereo­types to use to label the “enemy” (increasingly their own peo­ple!)  One of the funniest ones I’ve come across is “Connie,” the word they’re using to describe the other side, you know, the “Constitutionalists.”  It’s too bad for the Hagueites, but those “dirty words” to describe their enemies that the Right has loved to use for so long, like “liber­al” or even “liberalniggerlover” have little meaning to most whites in the NAR now.

So they’ve come up with this new one, that, get this, rhymes with “Commie!”  Ouch!  Well you know, most people are kind of hazy on the time when there were Communist governments in the world and good old anti‑communism was the staple of American foreign and do­mestic policy.  But there is this sort of instinctive collective memory that some­how Commies are bad people.  Well, Connie rhymes with Commie, Commies were always bad, and so are the Constitutionalists, and so on and so forth.  You know, even the propaganda machine of this God‑forsaken “Christian Nation” is running down.

Will write more soon,  All the best, Alex


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[1] As noted in the previous chapter, the recently published six vol­ume history of the Second Civil War by Joplin (2046) covers in great and very well‑done detail all of the events that we are able to only touch lightly upon here, and many others as well, of course.

[2] The East Asian Confederation consisted of Japan, Korea, China (including the formerly independent territory of Taiwan), the Philip­pines, the Federal Re­public of Indo‑China, Thailand, and Malaysia.

[3] Note:  There is no indication or evidence that the Rev. Pat Rob­ertson, New­ton Gingrich, P.J. Hill, Pastor Peter J. Peters, or any oth­er historical per­sonage or organi­zation mentioned or alluded to in this chapter or elsewhere in this book in a similar manner, would have supported or approved in any way of “The Second Final Solu­tion,” or any of the institutions, events, laws, policies, or proce­dures created or carried out in planning it or pursuant to it by the NAR, as men­tioned, discussed, described, or allud­ed to anywhere in this chap­ter or subse­quent ones.

[4] The Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Josef Goebbels, one of the three most power­ful men in Nazi Germany after Hitler (the other two were Hermann Goering and Heinrich Himmler), the man who would have run the publicity campaign, if there had been one, promoting the Final Solution as the only solution, once said (Davidowicz, p. 139):  “Beginning with Lublin, the Jews in the Generalgouvernement [Nazi occupied Poland] are now being evacuated eastward.  The procedure is a pretty barbaric one and not to be described here more defini­tively.  Not much will remain of the Jews.”  In all re­spects, the Nazi policy was kept secret, as quiet as possible.

[5] Author’s Note: The national sales tax (NST) (CAST) that had been substi­tuted for the income tax was, of course, collected every time one made a pur­chase.  But not only, like all sales taxes, was the NST regressive.  Repression is expensive and the demise of na­tional domestic programs such as welfare, such as it had been in the Tran­sition Era, saved very little money.  Thus to raise its needed funds, and unable to tax in­comes either personal or corporate, the regime had steadily raised the NST until it now stood at 30%.

[6] Author’s Note: The German Nazis under Hitler had an official anti‑homosexual policy.  Known homosexuals were forced to wear a pink trian­gle patch on their outer clothing, as Jews were forced to wear a patch with a black Star of David on a yellow field.  Known homosexuals were among the first per­sons to be rounded up and sent to early concentration camps inside Germany.  Yet there were numbers of known homosexuals who held high rank in the Nazi Party.  It was rumored that Hermann Goering, Com­mander of the Luftwaffe (Air Force) and designated successor to Hit­ler, was among them.  This too was the case in the NAR, and before it in the American Christian Nation Party, the Republican‑Christian Alliance, and the old Republican Party. Thus some few homosexuals allied themselves with the most reac­tionary ele­ments of their time, elements that would discriminate against them and worse (as it later came to be), because of—what?  Self‑hate?  The desire to be accepted by those perceived to hold the power?  Schizophrenic splitting?  A true belief in the oppressive Right‑Wing Reactionary economic theories.  Or—what?  (Contin.) Whatever the reason, throughout history, in more than one country, both open and completely closeted homo­sexuals have served the interests of virulently homophobic Right‑Wing Reactionary interests very well. The reason, throughout history, in more than one country, both open and completely closeted homo­sexuals have served the interests of virulently homophobic Right‑Wing Reactionary interests very well.


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Jonathan Westminster and biography are based on a pseudonym.

Steven Jonas, MD, MPH is a Professor of Preventive Medicine at Stony Brook University (NY) and author/co-author/editor of 30 books. In addition to being a columnist for Truthout/BuzzFlash (http://www.truth-out.org/http://www.buzzflash.com), Dr. Jonas is also Managing Editor and a Contributing Author for TPJmagazine; a Featured Writer for Dandelion Salad; a Senior Columnist for The Greanville POST; a Contributor to Op-Ed News.com; a Contributor to TheHarderStuff newsletter; and a Contributor to The Planetary Movement.


The 15% Solution: A Political History of American Fascism, 2001-2022 Preface

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