Don DeBar: The Qatari invasion of Tripoli for NATO

U.S. Out of Libya

Image by Jacob Anikulapo via Flickr

on Aug 27, 2011

Fight Back Radio host Bob Fitrakis of the Free Press interviews news director Don DeBar about the situation in Libya. Recorded 24 Aug 2011.

Bob Fitrakis interviews Don DeBar on Libya


on Aug 27, 2011

KPFK’s producer Dedon Kamathi and news director Don DeBar discuss the situation in Libya and the failure of “progressive” media in the US to cover it honestly. Recorded August 27, 2011.

Freedom Now! interviews Don DeBar


on Aug 26, 2011

Don DeBar spoke to Russia Today Thursday evening (25 Aug 2011) about the Qatari military’s failed attempt to occupy Tripoli for NATO and the theft underway of Libya’s money, which is to be handed over to Mustafa Jalil, NATO’s puppet leader of the NTC. – Don DeBar on the Qatari invasion of Tripoli for NATO


on Aug 23, 2011

Interview with New York journalist Don DeBar, on, 23 Aug 2011.

“Gaddafi opened up the armories to the people of Libya, more than a million rifles and other arms have been handed out to the people of Tripoli. The claim that has been made, wall-to-wall, from the so-called ‘progressive’ media of the United States to such a Fox is that Gaddafi is a hated dictator and that this is an indigenous rebellion. The dictator does not hand people guns and say: ‘Please, defend me!’

“This has more the appearance of a large-scale Bay of Pigs, where the invaders are being enticed to come in and engage the people on the ground, than it does some sort of a ‘people’s rebellion’ backed by the United States which, by itself, would be a remarkable event if it were true.”

Is Tripoli Obama’s Bay of Pigs?


‘US liable for civilian deaths in Libya’

Aug 23, 2011


But this entire war, people have to think about this fact: the United States has been funding this and conducting the bulk of the military operations here and anyone on the ground, anywhere where the United States has their guns pointed, including Tehran that takes comfort on the fact that the United States is about to achieve a military victory in Libya should really reconsider that position and think about what is the next step going to be for this type of policy which, believe me, has a map. They expressed Tehran as a destination now for the last 20 to 25 years.

So I would be mostly concerned about what does this mean for the people that these guns are being pointed at next and I would question every report you are hearing out of Tripoli right now that says that they are in charge because they have been saying it for days before there was anyone there.

The last point is that the reports that we got were that the people that had come into Tripoli from the outside with arms were actually Qataris and they have been in there with their own commanders running this operation and I am told that there are many dead Qataris on the ground in Tripoli.




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