The Greatest Plot Against the Ron Paul Camp To Date by Sibel Edmonds (updated)

Updated: Aug. 31, 2011 and Sept. 2, 2011

by Sibel Edmonds
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Originally published by Boiling Frogs Post
August 30, 2011

Ron Paul Revolution

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Who ‘Really’ Is this Bruce Fein?

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Last week, right after publishing my article on Congresswoman Schmidt and Bruce Fein’s brilliant foreign lobby money rechanneling-laundering scheme, and to my shock, I found out about this:

The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign announced today that constitutional and international law expert Bruce Fein will join the campaign as senior advisor on legal matters.

“Bruce Fein’s participation adds to our campaign’s already intellectual heft, enabling us to more broadly engage the conversation about constitutionality, civil liberties and the dangers to national security of an increasingly interventionist foreign policy,” said Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

While some at Rep. Paul’s Camp were busy celebrating and cheering the announcement as a brilliant strategic move, I was frantically gathering cases and research notes, corresponding with current and former colleagues from the intelligence community who had come to support Rep. Paul, and communicating with a few friends with Rep. Paul’s Campaign who were equally troubled by this development.

I understand the ‘cheering’ side of Paul’s camp as they have been excited and impressed by the in- writing-and-words-only side of Bruce Fein. Not so different than those who were fired up and sold on the in-words-only rhetoric and promises staged by President Obama. The Constitutional Scholar Fein and the Constitutional Expert Obama. A Great Penman Fein and the Great Orator Obama…and of course the contradicting realities and the contradicting facts.

However, in this case, there are already too many established facts and too much history on Mr. Fein, and way too many rational and realistic people among Paul supporters to ring the alarm bells and counter this great threat before it’s too late. I will go as far as calling the penetration of the Ron Paul camp by Bruce Fein ‘the greatest threat to Paul’s camp to date,’ and will make a solid case for this characterization based on glaring and alarming facts; facts and concerns shared by several loyal Paul advisors today.

Who is the real Bruce Fein? Why there are so many different versions of Fein – one contradicting the other? How do his real actions and intimate associations stand in stark contrast to Ron Paul? What is the most likely plot in planting Mr. Fein within Paul’s campaign?

Foreign Lobby & Influence Peddling

Ron Paul has been consistent and exemplary in his strongly held principles on the Foreign lobby and influence peddling; a rarity in the US Congress. He has displayed intense disdain for foreign lobbying and foreign influence. He even considers congressional ‘junkets’ as another means to be compromised: stressing that he would not travel abroad on agenda-driven foreigners’ dime: “I just think it’s unnecessary for congressmen to travel overseas, and the people in our district were on my side,” he said in an interview. “You don’t need to go to Bosnia to understand we have no business there.”

With Bruce Fein you have exactly the opposite stand. He has been a crusty foreign lobbyist making millions of dollars peddling his foreign bosses’ interests and influence in Congress and government agencies. For Fein it has never mattered who the foreign client or what their agenda. He does not care whether his foreign clients are criminals or terrorists or dictators. As long as they pay him handsomely he’ll sell their agenda and interest no matter what they may be. The words ‘principle’ or ‘taking a stand’ have never entered this foreign lobbyist’s dictionary or comprehension:

One minute, on behalf of one set of his foreign designated ‘terrorist’ bosses, Bruce Fein is busy selling the need for a genocide declaration by the US Congress against one nation:

“For the past year I have written about Bruce Fein in many articles that have been widely published and circulated. He is reportedly paid $100,000 per month to tell lies in Washington about the Government of Sri Lanka… Who are the American individuals backing this group? Where are they getting their money to pay Bruce Fein? Does former US Ambassador Blake have something to do with them…”

The next minute, on behalf of another well-known foreign mob boss, Bruce Fein is busy peddling influence and selling Congress his foreign bosses’ anti-genocide agenda:

“In 2007, Ayasli transferred $30 million in stock to fund a new endeavor, the nonprofit Turkish Coalition of America. The organization is headquartered in a Washington suite that has also been listed as the address for the Turkish Coalition USA PAC, the lobbying firm of Lydia Borland (who has represented the Turkish government), and the law firm of Bruce Fein and Associates (Fein comprises half of the Turkish American Legal Defense Fund)…”

“materials put out by the Turkish Coalition of America and authored by a lawyer, Bruce Fein, who now represents Schmidt in the complaint, say that Congresswoman Schmidt has on numerous occasions voiced her opposition to such resolutions and maintains that the historical question is not appropriate for Congress to legislate. The congresswoman, based on her independent research, does not believe the tragic events constitute genocide…”

Bruce Fein sees no problem with representing foreign groups like this:

Fein hit the jackpot in 1991 when he signed on to represent Mozambique’s notorious guerrilla army, RENAMO, which was seeking to overthrow its country’s leftist government. When Fein came on board, RENAMO’s reputation has hit bottom…

Even the Reagan and Bush administrations kept their distance from RENAMO, despite their anti-Communist rhetoric…

Fein, however, eagerly signed up to flack for Dhlakama’s terror army. Like most foreign lobbyists, he bilked his client for huge sums of money while performing virtually no work.

Mr. Fine, who now fakes and preaches non-interventionism and anti-influence peddling only to echo Ron Paul, in real life has been practicing the exact opposite:

“Now, Fein has returned to lobbying and is working for a client that has the dubious distinction of making RENAMO look good: The Sudan. That country’s government is barred from receiving U.S. foreign aid because of its support for terrorism and because of its revolting human rights record. Amnesty International reports that the Sudanese government not only assassinates and tortures its “enemies,” but that paramilitary forces have kidnapped scores of children, who are believed to be held in domestic slavery by their abductors or taken to camps in remote rural areas, where they are trained for military service”

Here is another on-the-spot description of Real Bruce Fein as a crusty “Beltway Prostitute”:

“Well, well, well. Wasn’t Bruce Fein just recently condemning the Government of Sri Lanka for trying to put an end to the LTTE? But this time he’s defending a sovereign government for protecting itself – rather than slandering it using falsehoods. Now you see what I mean when I earlier referred to Mr. Fein as a “Beltway prostitute.” He will accept money from anyone who can pay the price – regardless of where that money came from, or who his legal and public relations services might unjustly hurt. What an embarrassment to the US legal profession.”

You see, for Mr. Fein pimping the Congress on behalf of foreign clients is about dollars. Nothing more; nothing less. Whether it is advocating additional foreign aid for one country while our nation is being bankrupted, or dragging our Congress to get involved with domestic meddling and the affairs of another foreign country, Bruce Fein has never been about the United States’ interests; just the opposite. Give Fein the dollars and he’ll sign up to lobby for any one: terrorists, corrupt foreign governments, mobsters, assassins …

Long pocketed as a ‘lobbyist’ by Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey, Tamil, and others, Bruce Fein is the exact antithesis to Ron Paul’s principled position on issues related to foreign lobby, corruption and influence peddling in government.

Overt Neocon Ties & Covert Israel Pedigree

Ron Paul has been in staunch opposition and a counter to Neocon agendas and field players. Whether on the Israel lobby and agenda driving the hawkish currents in our nation today, or the corporate war machine interests guiding our foreign policy practices, Paul has consistently stood firm and unrelenting.

Mr. Fein’s public pedigree makes it fairly easy to spot his overt ties and links. For example: he has been an adjunct scholar with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). By now I think the majority of Americans know about AEI’s claim to fame:

“AEI is the most prominent think tank associated with American neoconservatism, in both the domestic and international policy arenas.[10] Irving Kristol, widely considered a father of neoconservatism, is a senior fellow at AEI, and many prominent neoconservatives—including Jeane Kirkpatrick, Ben Wattenberg, and Joshua Muravchik—spent the bulk of their careers at AEI.”

A well-known couple of facts about AEI:

1- In order to be accepted by AEI, to become one of their scholars, proven neoconservative inklings and ties are the never-waivered prerequisites.

2- AEI seeks candidates who put Loyalty and Allegiance to Israel above all.

John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt state in their controversial bestseller, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, that the tone of the right-leaning component of the Israel lobby results from the influence of the leaders of the two top lobby groups: AIPAC, and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. They go on to list, as right-leaning think tanks associated with the lobby, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and the American Enterprise Institute.

Acceptance to the tightly knitted and guarded AEI Neocon community also extends to family members and religious affiliations. Bruce Fein has passed both litmus tests in becoming a highly-regarded member of AEI. His wife, Mattie Fein, has been a vocal hawk, neocon propaganda distributor, and a very familiar face within the Beltway neocon community:

In 2007, Fein penned an opinion piece in the Washington Times calling on the United States to pledge military support to Iranian dissidents in the event of an uprising. Fein, whose father is of Iranian descent, was identified in the piece as the founder and president of the Institute for Persian Studies.

While Fein’s AEI and neocon connections and strong ties are overtly stated, his loyalties and allegiance to Israel and the Israel lobby are not; that is, until you start digging. A former AEI member who now works as a congressional aid stated, ‘Bruce Fein was liked and trusted there as ‘one of them,’ a real Jewish man loyal to Israel and its interests.

Fein has been successful in playing both sides of this field, and keeping his Israel related activities and ties mainly covert. However, in 2010, Fein’s wife, Mattie Fein, began expressing the couple’s views on Israel and Israel’s interests less covertly. Some attribute that to Mattie Fein’s desperate need and her fierce competition with Harman over Israel lobby dollars. Here is Mattie’s response to the test question by the Zionist community:

7. Would you support Israel taking military action to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons? Under what circumstances?

The United States should support whatever Israel believes is justified by national security worries over Iran.

And here is Bruce Fein’s buddy from AEI, the scandalous John Bolton, who’s been backing the Fein couple including Mattie Fein’s fundraising and campaign:

I was privy to some of the logistics involved in setting up the fundraiser that Bolton held for Mattie’s campaign. It amazed me how quickly some establishment Republicans tried to steal the thunder of Bolton’s appearance through various subterfuges and poaching, and it is a credit to the man’s character and timber that he refused to be a part of it. He was there to endorse Mattie Fein against Jane Harman, and he wouldn’t let third parties screw that up.

Mattie Fein’s established Neocon pedigree, her hawkish propaganda and activities nicely echoes Bolton’s own.  Some liken the relationship to mentor-protégé dynamics that began with the marriage to Fein and entry into the AEI circle.

The Question of Ethics …or Lack of

Even Ron Paul’s foes would admit that he has been a man of principle throughout his life; both inside and outside his congressional career. Those who may disagree with his political platform and stand would acknowledge his adherence to ethical practices, whether in his personal-family life or career.

Bruce Fein’s career on the other hand, in contrast to his writings and well-played public role, has been driven by lucrative foreign lobbying deals, influence peddling in the halls of Congress, the State Department and the CIA, and all that mostly for foreign agendas directly in conflict with those of Americans. Not only that, his regard for ethics as an attorney appears to be nonexistent. In his most recent scandal involving indirect funneling of foreign lobby dollars to Rep. Jean Schmidt, he was determined to have been intentionally misguiding his client on the sources of $500,000 dollars in legal fees:

In a statement released on August 5, the House Ethics Committee ruled that Rep Jean Schmidt has received multiple improper gifts totaling $500,000 from the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) between 2008 and 2010. The Committee ruled that Schmidt must pay the money back, However, she will not face sanctions by the House as she was able to pin the blame for her behavior on her attorneys Bruce Fein and David Saltzman

You can read the full report by the House Ethics Committee here. It remains to be seen whether anyone will go after Bruce Fein and his license for this highly scandalous case and ethics violations. His two possible explanations for this case would be: 1- I did not tell my client that my legal representation of her case was part of foreign lobby money funneling to her; 2- My client was fully aware of the foreign lobby bribery nature of my legal representation and services, but to protect her and my foreign bosses I took the blame. Under either explanation one glaring point remains clear, and that is the lack of ethics on behalf of the involved attorney-Bruce Fein. On the other hand, Mr. Fein appears to have had practice in riding ethics related scandals and waves. At least in the scandalous ethic violations case  involving Bruce Fein and his partner Ephraim Chukwuemeka Ugwuonye, Esq.

I started with that famous quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero because it applies to this report and the plots delivered from within. When it comes to Ron Paul’s Campaign no one would ever have to worry about known snakes and neocons like Paul Wolfowitz or Richard Perle. The enemy sent to you will be one who talks just like you; speaks your words and shouts your slogans. And does so very convincingly.

I have tried to be brief with carefully and well-sourced facts and cases to provide a factual profile for the real Bruce Fein. Considering the facts and who Mr. Fein is, and has been, why would he methodically go about attaching himself to Ron Paul and his campaign? After consulting with several well-respected and trust-worthy sources, the troubling answer was summed up in two possibilities:

1- This is a commonly used ploy by the establishment to penetrate Ron Paul and his camp which has been gaining momentum. This is where the plant carries inside information and strategic plans to the establishment, and simultaneously tries to exert negative influence over decision making and strategy-setting processes.

2- The plant willingly and knowingly becomes the fall-guy bringing down the target candidate. Highly damaging and scandalous information about the plant would be strategically released to the media-public, and the candidate suffers the ultimate consequences.

Personally I am leaning more towards the second possibility and here is why:

I was privy to the extensive rap sheet maintained on Mr. Fein, his foreign mob bosses and their operations at J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI. Mr. Fein is well aware of this rap sheet and the FBI’s long-maintained operations. I know with certainty that if released by the FBI, whether partially or completely, it would be used as ongoing front-page headlines by the media, to bring down the entire Paul campaign before the primaries.

Ron Paul already has a highly-respected constitutional scholar who is articulate, eloquent, passionate, and most importantly, trust-worthy, clean, and from outside the poisonous capital beltway. That person is Tom Woods. Paul does not need this man Fein. He does not need this glitzy-oily foreign lobbyist who stands in total contrast to Paul’s platform.

I like Ron Paul. I support his stand on foreign policy related matters and his objectives on what need to be changed. I applaud Paul’s stand on our liberties, and I back his quest for a much smaller government. I have done so for years. Please don’t let the establishment succeed in their plot. Bruce Fein is the greatest threat to Paul’s movement to date. He would be a stain – a taint; not one easily removed after the fact. Please begin the countdown, and have Ron Paul remove this man from the campaign as a trusted advisor and insider. Let the countdown begin today; at this hour -at this very minute. Before it is too late.



by Sibel Edmonds
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Originally published by Boiling Frogs Post
August 31, 2011

Countdown Day 2: Ron Paul Camp Must Remove this New ‘Fein’ Occupant

This is where Ron Paul stands admirably on Israel and its war propaganda against Iran: Cut Foreign Aid, Unshackle Israel and Leave Iran Alone!

Ron Paul: Cut Foreign Aid, Unshackle Israel, Leave Iran Alone

on Aug 12, 2011

This where John Bolton supported Fein(s) stand on Israel and war propaganda against Iran:

In 2010, Fein’s wife, Mattie Fein, began expressing the couple’s views on Israel and Israel’s interests openly. Some attribute that to Mattie Fein’s desperate need and her fierce competition with Harman over Israel lobby dollars. Here is Mattie’s response to the test question by the Zionist community:

7. Would you support Israel taking military action to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons? Under what circumstances?

The United States should support whatever Israel believes is justified by national security worries over Iran.

Bruce Fein has many homes, including the Neocon Nest AEI. The Ron Paul Camp does not need Mr. Fein as an occupant. It certainly doesn’t.

This is ‘Day Two’ in our countdown to remove this occupant, Mr. Fein, a Ron Paul Camp new occupant and the greatest ‘insiderthreat to his campaign to date, and we are counting down.



Countdown Day 4: Nervous Fein Publicists Hard at Work…

by Sibel Edmonds
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Originally published by Boiling Frogs Post
Sept. 2, 2011

“Whether a client is a giant corporation handcuffed by ill-conceived United States government policies or a foreign government anxious to influence the decisions of Congress, the President, agencies, the judiciary, or State governments, The Lichfield Group is armed with the skills and contacts indispensable for success.”-Bruce Fein on his ‘recently erased’ Lobbying Firm the Lichfield Group

The internal discussions over the recent ‘Fein’ selection continue inside the Paul camp. Loyal and vigilant Paul supporters have been doing their part. And a few Fein publicists and friends have been hard at work planting misinformation, propaganda and false accusations on the net right and left. I guess this is a positive indicator – we have Fein and his publicists nervous. When false fronts get nervous they tend to expose themselves even further. And that’s good.

Fein publicists and propaganda planters have been  mainly targeting Ron Paul related sites and forums, and attacking everyone who even dares to question Bruce Fein’s highly questionable businesses and associations. For example: they claim Fein worked for AEI in 1981, and then left. Fein’s bio contradicts this. AEI contradicts this. Even Fein’s business advertisement geared towards his foreign governments contradicts this!

Here is what AEI says about their dear Fein, ‘Mr. Fein has been an adjunct scholar at AEI,’ and says this as of today, September 2, 2011.

When you look at Bruce Fein’s biographical information listed and promoted by him at his ‘very recently erased’ company website, you see this: “Mr. Fein has been an adjunct scholar with the American Enterprise Institute.”

Another interesting development: the Feins have been trying very hard to delete-erase their various companies’ websites and past information. Nervous Bruce and Mattie Fein quickly ran and got rid of their business website for ‘the Lichfield Group’, trying very hard to erase information on their actual businesses. However, as many of you know, nowadays it is very hard to get rid of past online information, and here is what we retrieved on Fein’s relationships and ongoing work as advertised at his company website and brochures seeking additional lobbying positions:

The Lichfield Group features unrivalled government, media, and business experience. Exemplary is the Group’s high level connections with the Department of Justice, the Department of State, and the Central Intelligence Agency, on the one hand, to The New York Times, The Washington Times, The Wall Street Journal, and nationwide broadcast or cable networks on the other.

Whether a client is a giant corporation handcuffed by ill-conceived United States government policies or a foreign government anxious to influence the decisions of Congress, the President, agencies, the judiciary, or State governments, The Lichfield Group is armed with the skills and contacts indispensable for success.

As you can see the Fein couple is not selling good ole boring attorney appeal here. They say they are close to the CIA and State Department and Congress, and willing to influence them for foreign entities if the right dollar amount is paid.

Also, it is very interesting to see how twisting and misrepresenting facts in a not very ethical manner, apparently a ‘Fein’  trademark, shows itself in his representation of his marital status! The Fein publicists, since my article exposing the couple’s ‘Israel Lobby’ agenda,  have begun advertising the Feins as divorced, and concluding that ‘so Mattie Fein’s activities and associations do not in any way apply to Bruce; they are divorced!’ I did check my facts, and I did talk with credible sources: They did file for divorce a few years back, but with all sorts of business partnerships and strategic benefits in politics at stake they changed their mind, and nullified their filings. They are legally married. They are business partners. They have businesses together, and Fein has been his wife’s supporter in every single meaning of the word ‘support.’

I am not going to waste my time, and your time, countering every single bit of false information, accusation and propaganda that is going to be planted by Fein’s publicists. I believe those with a positive agenda who want to see this great threat to the Paul Camp gone are informed and vigilant enough to counter these recent false information planting operations on their own. As you can see, Fein is very nervously busy trying to erase his past; so are his publicists. Instead, I want to remind you that today is Day 4 of our countdown to remove Mr. Fein, the greatest ‘insiderthreat to the Paul campaign to date, and we are counting down.


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25 thoughts on “The Greatest Plot Against the Ron Paul Camp To Date by Sibel Edmonds (updated)

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  2. yes i do know what socialism is…it can be the step before full blown communism. Socialism doesn’t work so they will either revert back to Capitalism or to Communism or even Fascism. Communism is state control over production. Fascism is when private companies and government centrally plan the economy. And Socialism is similar to fascism because they socialize the losses and privatize the profits. The “Elite” are taken care of by the bureaucracy in all these forms of government. A Free Market Economy is the best economy we could hope for today we have a Corporate Global Fascist economy. Big Governments pick the winners and losers. And the banking cartel and government control the ups and downs of the market. Socialism doesn’t work look at Great Britain after World War II…perfect example. Wage and price controls and government control of the means of productions are flawed because they have no free market price scale

    • I have no beef with you, but if this comment of yours was written as you meant it, you don’t really understand what socialism is:

      “And Socialism is similar to fascism because they socialize the losses and privatize the profits.”

      What on earth does that mean? It doesn’t even make sense (unless you meant capitalism, not socialism). It’s not my job to educate you, and I’m all about not wasting time arguing anymore, but could you explain what you meant?

  3. Thank you for the information on Bruce Fein Mrs. Edmonds. I do a lot of research on who I support and I had heard Fein was in the pocket of the Turkish lobby in the past. The documents don’t lie and I see it as a complete conflict of interests for him to be a part of the Ron Paul campaign. I will contact their office for an explanation on this matter. As a Paul supporter I am sick of people calling us “cultists” or “paultards”. People of the left have no idea of how the banking system or economy works. They have no understanding of Austrian Economics so leftists dismiss Austrian Economics as Corporate or Anarchic. Keynesian or Marxist economics don’t work study just a little economic history.

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  5. Personally, I wouldn’t put anyone with a son like Rand Paul anywhere near the red button.

    I had no idea that Sibel was a Paul supporter; I’d have expected either better research or more thoughtful positions out of someone of her stature and experience.

    • Rand paul is not the one who is running . it is Ron Paul . There is a huge difference. besides the list i made below for the reasons why progressives have for supporting him , let us also remember that he was the first one in this governemtn of ours to have the guts to speak up for Wikileaks .

      dont be suprised when you see more of us progressives get behind him . this is a snowball effect. he is waking up America just like Nader did back in 2000.

  6. here’s one of Paul’s positions:
    Paul considers it a “boondoggle” for the U.S. to spend much money policing other countries’ borders (such as the Iraq–Syria border) while leaving its own borders porous and unpatrolled;[35] he argues the U.S.–Mexico border can be crossed by anyone, including potential terrorists.[53] During the Cold War, he supported Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative,[54] intended to replace the “strategic offense” doctrine of mutual assured destruction with strategic defense.

    Paul believes illegal aliens take a toll on welfare and Social Security and would end such benefits, concerned that uncontrolled immigration makes the U.S. a magnet for illegal aliens, increases welfare payments, and exacerbates the strain on an already highly unbalanced federal budget.[55]

    Paul believes that illegal immigrants should not be given an “unfair advantage” under law.[56] He has advocated a “coherent immigration policy,” and has spoken strongly against amnesty for illegal aliens because he believes it undermines the rule of law, grants pardons to lawbreakers,[57] and subsidizes more illegal immigration.[58] Paul voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, authorizing an additional 700 miles (1100 kilometers) of double-layered fencing between the U.S. and Mexico mainly because he wanted enforcement of the law and opposed amnesty not because he supported the construction of a border fence.[59]

    Paul believes that mandated hospital emergency treatment for illegal aliens should be ceased and that assistance from charities should instead be sought because there should be no federal mandates on providing health care for illegal aliens.[59]

    Paul also believes children born in the U.S. to illegal aliens should not be granted automatic birthright citizenship.[60] He has called for a new Constitutional amendment to revise fourteenth amendment principles and “end automatic birthright citizenship,”[61] and believes that welfare issues are directly tied to the illegal immigration problem.[62]

    Conservatives and Teapottiers will love the above; to a genuine progressive it stinks. But maybe there’s some way a temporary alliance even with a racist like Paul could advance the progressive cause. I myself dont think so, but I’m willing to listen to those who do. ??

  7. the real question that should be asked is: ‘ why is Dr. Paul still a member of the Republican party? ‘ The same goes for Dennis Kucinich as to his remaining with the Dems.
    these 2 men of such high principles consistently DILUTE them by staying with the pack of hypocrites, liars and phony balonies in that 2 party system.
    Secondly, why does Dr. Paul continually refuse to condemn the majority of the ( so called ) Tea Party movement when they support our obese and obscene military spending and our occupations etc?
    when all the smoke clears, after the 2 party octopus moves past Paul and Kucinich in campaign 2012, i bet these 2 men will still come out to encourage their supporters to ‘ Vote the lesser of two evils ‘ .
    Jesse Ventura said it best when asked if he would ever run with Paul for VP: ‘ If he ( Paul ) runs as an independent i would. If not, I would NOT.

    • Ron Paul did not encourage in any way his supporters to vote for McCain in 2008, so I truly doubt he would do so in 2012.

      Paul consistently speaks out against the wars, military spending, and wants to bring ALL the troops home from ALL the foreign military bases! He also wants to shut down the C I A!

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  9. Very impressive article, congratulations to the author. But I did notice one flaw: the reference to Sudan echoes pro-Israel propaganda about “liberating the South” and “Save Darfur”.

    Would suggest the author consult reports/analyses by Keith Harmon Snow, available on his website, also on DissidentVoice, Black Agenda Report and other online sources.

    Several news reports today about the Israeli delegation paying an official visit to the new colonialist creation “South Sudan” (sic).

  10. Ron Paul’s few good ideas and positions are sorely outnumbered by his numerous stupid and potentially disastrous ones. That being the case, frankly, it’s difficult for me to feel sympathy for a dangerously misguided individual who has made an appointment that is supposedly even more misguided than usual. If anything, I’m glad. It will make him less saleable to his cult, the better to keep him out of office.

    • I do not support his Libertarian stances, because imo, their ideal is simply unworkable in the modern world… if they had been fully embraced in the past, we would be living in little villages connected only by rutted dirt roads… that we would have to pay a fee to land owners to travel. No electricity grid, no water or sewer pipes and treatment plants. No bridges, or improved ports and maritime channels….. and no pollution controls.

      But the worst of it is, that what they seek in weakening government creates a power vacuum that will certainly be filled with even more corporate robber barons than we have now… because when nothing stops this from happening, it is certain to happen, as history has shown us a thousand times. Whether the thieves wave a feudal banner or a corporate logo, it is the same result to the “surfs”.

      Having said all that, Dr. Paul is one of the only non-corrupted voices in Washington, and one of small handful who still dare to speak truth on important issues. His supporters are NOT a “cult members”… they are good people who want to end this absurd paradigm and bring back the Rule of Law to this country.

      We should embrace and work with our brothers and sisters who also want significant change… because a coalition of all of us working together is the road out of this horror.

      THANK YOU Ms. Edmonds for bringing this to light. Those who are new to her, need to get up to speed on the truths she dared speak.

    • andy , just a few ideas ? thats all ? i think more than a few that we progressive can get behind –such as
      1. gettting rid of the CIA
      2. getting rid of the FBI
      3. being against the draft
      4. being against corporate welfare and bailouts
      5.being against the death penalty
      6.bringing ALL the troops home and shutting down ALL military bases .
      7. abolition of the patriot act.
      8. abolition of FISA.
      9.auditing the federal reserve
      10.stopping the war on drugs , which is just a war on people that is ruining lives .

      the list goes on and on. like it or not he is THE only game in town now .

    • Andy, I agree with you. I used to consider voting for Ron Paul.

      For progressives or people on the left, there are Socialist (such as Stewart Alexander) and Green party candidates who do not espouse RP’s capitalist anarchist (libertarian) social and economic policies.

      RP is anti-war – which is commendable – and some of his foreign policy ideas are attractive. However, he is an arch supporter of the neoliberal or free market/late stage capitalist philosophy that got us into the mess in the first place. Voting for him may end wars, but it will also exacerbate the economic thinking that drives the whole picture.

      Barring direct democracy, I plan on exercising my right to vote for a candidate who represents my views most closely. I don’t have to vote for a libertarian to do that. I’m going to vote for a third party, left candidate (Green, Socialist, or ?). Voting for RP seems like an exercise in the “lesser of two evils”. I want off that train.

      • Michael, this is the Primary Election, not the General Election. There are no third party candidates to vote for in most states’ presidential primaries (varies from state to state). So, your comment has nothing to do with this post. After the nominations next year (Spring or Summer 2012), then what you wrote is fine.

        You are supposing that Ron Paul will get the Republican nomination and that is very unlikely.

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