Noam Chomsky: U.S. has ‘extreme contempt for democracy’ + Chomsky’s core message to humanity

Save democracy fight corporate fascism

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Noam Chomsky: ‘As long they get the backing of dictators, it doesn’t matter to western governments what Arab populations think’ – video

The 19th century … 2001 … today. Noam Chomsky sees hegemonic powers showing extreme contempt for democracy – and acting in ways they know will increase terrorism

Noam Chomsky – “USA has extreme contempt for democracy.”

dcmfox on Sep-4-2011


Chomsky’s core message to humanity

on Jun 2, 2010

featuring images from Jonathan Shockley’s Evilness of Power and Golden Rule


Thomas Ferguson: Corporatism (2010) + Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Politics

Manufacturing Consent (1992)