Paul Thompson: 9/11-A mind-boggling journey (updated)

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Updated: Sept. 17, 2011; added Part 3

Paul Thompson: 9/11-A mind-boggling journey + Sibel Edmonds: 9/11, Ron Paul, Israel and more This is Part 3 of our three-part one-of-a-kind interview series with author and researcher Paul Thompson. Paul Thompson joins us to discuss one of the most blacked-out and censored aspects of Al-Qaeda-CIA connections: The partnership and alliance between the CIA and Al Qaeda and their joint operations in Central Asia, Balkans and Caucasus throughout the 1990’s. Mr. Thompson talks about Al-Qaeda’s Balkans operations, running training camps, money-laundering, and drug running … Read More

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One thought on “Paul Thompson: 9/11-A mind-boggling journey (updated)

  1. I used to spend hours in excruciating detail explaining the yards of evidence on 9-11 and found people often just dug their heels in the more I went on. Or got bored.

    So I reduxed the exercise. I found what I wanted. A single image. Now I just show people this image and say, “That’s impossible.” They always bite, and if not convert, at least consider.

    It’s a picture of a steel I-Beam (2″thick, 1′ across, 20′ long?) launched from one of the WTC Towers through the windows of the BT Building ending lying across 7-8 desks. One end is still painted white, unmarked and un-deformed. At other end, a third of the way down the beam is incrementally scorched black, rolls up and down like jet coaster track and ends in a melted, frozen-dripped icicle of steel.

    I’ve worked in steel fabrication plants and spoken just rarely with some of the more tolerant expert welders in steel fabrication, I mean guys so good they get paid when they arrive on site by shit-eating-grin Site Managers with brown packets of x thousands of dollars to do one job with TIG/MIG/whatever welding exotic steels and materials. And then they leave. Welding artisans creating “rows of nickels” finishing joins on Halliburton Gas Plant chrome-molly joins of almost precious metal-made machinery costing 100,000’s of dollars. Many of them Hell’s Angels/etc/ Bikers and treated as VVFIP for fear of pissing them off and then just refusing to weld a critical job. Bastards in other words. Big Beards are de rigeur

    I asked a neophyte question to one about the risk of melting the surrounding metal accidentally with the super-hot torch while welding. “Almost impossible” I was told (for the 1″+ thicknesses we had). “The steel grabs the heat so fast and flushes it away, I could stand there all day and blast the steel and it would never melt or visibly deform. You’d need to heat the WHOLE piece at the same time in a blast furnace, or you’d need an oxy-cutter but then your slicing the steel.” I remember that little tidbit solely coz the guy was so held in awe. Like Elvis spoke to me or something. My manager chewed me out for talking to them.. “What did you say? If you pissed tho9se guy’s off, I’ll have you!”

    And that’s it, folks. This isn’t a letdown to the story. It’s the proof. I don’t know what was ignited energetically that day.. microwave? mini-nuke? Dunno! It’s not my job to fantabulate the possibilities. But you’d need a HUGE blast of energy to overcome steel’s exceptionally high heat transfer properties. So we DO know it wasn’t no fcking heat from a burning, jet-fuel-soaked, Executive Swing-Arm Chair. You can’t melt one end (and I mean like chewing gum) of a steel beam wit the other end sitting cool without weapons-grade energy output. And that means the govt. lied.

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