Ralph Nader Explains Why Ron Paul Is An Excellent Presidential Candidate

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on Oct 9, 2011

September 22, 2011 CNN

Ralph Nader Explains Why Ron Paul Is An Excellent Presidential Candidate


Update 1

Fox freaks after Ron Paul wins debate

Russia Today
Sept. 23, 2011

If you’ve noticed a lack of Ron Paul in the mainstream media’s coverage of the 2012 presidential race, it might not be an accident. After he placed first in a Fox News poll, the outlet has removed the results from their website without explanation.

Fox had launched an online poll to gauge readers’ opinions on last night’s Republican show-down and asked their audience, “Which GOP presidential candidate do you think won the Fox News/Google debate?” At one point Paul placed in first, with 30 percent of the votes, but a reader of Infowars.com has pointed out that the poll has disappeared from the website, or has been shuffled to another page far from the front of Fox’s political coverage.


Speaking to CNN yesterday, former presidential candidate and long-time activist Ralph Nader said he thought Paul was perhaps most appealing of the current GOP candidates.


via Fox freaks after Ron Paul wins debate — RT


Update 2

Why Nader, Cornel West, Jonathan Kozol, Gore Vidal Seek Primary Challenges to Obama

by John Nichols
The Nation
Sept. 24, 2011


“Without debates by challengers inside the Democratic Party’s presidential primaries, the liberal/majoritarian agenda will be muted and ignored,” says Nader. “The one-man Democratic primaries will be dull, repetitive, and draining of both voter enthusiasm and real bright lines between the two parties that excite voters.”

Nader is urging progressives to sign a call for antiwar, anticorporate Democrats to mount primary and caucus campaigns to challenge Obama and the politics of compromise.

Nader is not alone.

“We need to put strong democratic pressure on President Obama in the name of poor and working people” says Dr. Cornel West, the author of Race Matters, who now teaches at Princeton University. “His administration has tilted too much toward Wall Street, we need policies that empower Main Street.”


via Why Nader, Cornel West, Jonathan Kozol, Gore Vidal Seek Primary Challenges to Obama | The Nation


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27 thoughts on “Ralph Nader Explains Why Ron Paul Is An Excellent Presidential Candidate

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  8. Sorry but this silly thing posted everything on the other page not just my post !
    I would love to see Bernie Sanders or Kucinich run for President but they won’t and no there is no other Dem to oppose Obama .But I sure am not going to give up my liberal values and vote for a Republican and a Libertarian at that who wants to run this country like a Banana Republic and doesn’t care about the most vulnerable in this country . He made his stand clear ,,,its every man for himself and survival of the fittest !
    Have you ever really listened to him talk, not just about ending the Federal Reserve or ending the wars and military occupation in other countries but about ending these programs like Food Stamps , HEAP ,”which is fuel assistance for people living in cold country ,” HUD which provides low income housing so they can afford a roof over their heads , Medicare /Medicaid without these programs those people who depend on them couldn’t survive in this economy . The cost of living is way out of many peoples reach without these programs !
    What do you think Ron Paul is talking about when he talks smaller government ? He means government will not regulate the markets , corporations ,banks and their would be no minimum wage the employer could pay you what he felt like and we know that most employers will not give people a fair wage if they didn’t have to which is why they use immigrants if they can .Polution is bad now but it would be worse without any regulations. He wants government out of everything no road and bridge building ,no Food and Drug regulations . He wants all of that gone . Our countries infrastructure would fall apart !
    He thinks Obama’s budget plan is a bad one because he wants to spend money and says people aren’t spending money because they don’t have jobs . Damn it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you build the infrastructure you will create jobs and people will spend money and it takes spending money to create those jobs . How else can you create them ?
    This guy is wrong headed in his thinking !
    Take away the elderly’s Social Security ,”which is a pension they paid into all their working life as well as paying into Medicare , nobody should have the right to steal that from them ,” But Ron Paul wants to end the program . So as far as him being an ethical man I don’t see that ,not with his agenda which would push people out on the streets in the cold because they don’t have the means to support themselves .
    For gods sake this man had the gaul after his campaign manager from his last attempt at president died penniless without health insurance to say when asked about it that his friend made his own choice to not have health care isn’t that wonderful he had that freedom ! What a callous thing to say about someone who worked for him and died because he didn’t have health care . That man is missing a sensitivity chip or a heart take your pick !
    Has the world gone mad when someone like Ron Paul seems like a good candidate for President to them I have to wonder ?
    Sorry but Obama is a million times better than Ron Paul and I am not thrilled with Obama !

    People listen to you Dandelion and I have to say in all honesty as an elder I am very disapointed in you because your leading those who trust you down a dead end street ! This man will make your life ,my life and their life hell believe me ! He is a rich man he doen’t know how it is to be poor because he has always been privledged and neither does his Tea Party, Libertarian son ! His view of the world is different from the average person who has struggled in life and he will never understand the average American’s needs . How can you even think he would make a good President ? If I gave you a dime and told you to give me $10 and said that was a fair swap would you believe it ? That is what he offers all of you who support him ,,he gives you a few crumbs you like but then after he is elected he takes away your breakfast lunch and dinner and you starve to death. My god its plain to see what he is all about . I don’t get why you people can’t see it ?

    • Linda, Ron Paul would have to receive the Republican nomination and win against Obama before he could be president. IF (and a very big IF), Paul were to be president he would have to work with Congress to do those things you are concerned about. IF he were president, he would end the wars, close Gitmo, abolish the CIA, bring the troops home from ALL the overseas military bases, and bring back our lost civil liberties by ending the Patriot Act.

      Again, I repeat we are in the Primary Election season, not the General Election.

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  11. Sorry, I don’t agree with Ralph on this. One of the great mistakes we make is to keep people in office who don’t believe what we believe and then waste our time trying to “keep his feet to the fire.” It’s a waste of time and energy. It makes a lot better sense to put people in office who are funamentally aligned with the kind of government we want. Obama isn’t it. And as for Ron Paul, I agree he is an honorable person who would like to bring the troops home and eliminate some of the provisions of the patriot act. But he does not fully understand the role of government in making sure that all Americans have a chance to play on a level playing field. Without a strong central government actively making sure that all Americans have equal economic and political rights, too many Americans will get left behind like so many are in third world countries.

    • Nader is attempting to have a slate of candidates willing to oppose Obama in the Democratic Party Presidential Primary Election. One reason is to have the corporate media reporting on the varying viewpoints like they are with the Republican candidates. He knows politics enough that Obama will receive the nomination then go on to the General Election. What are your disagreements about this?

      If the dems don’t put up any opposition, who is there to vote for in your state’s Presidential Primary Election? I suggest that the left get behind Ron Paul because of his foreign policy, anti-war and civil liberties platform. It would send a message that people are indeed anti-war, etc. Paul is not likely to win the Repub nomination, so his economic policies don’t matter. If he were to win the nomination, then he would have to win the General Election, then he would have to deal with Congress to get his policies enacted. That’s a lot of “ifs”.

      • I assume I am in the right thread now ?
        Even Ralph Nader can be wrong and I would never vote for someone who would slit my throat so why would I vote for Ron Paul . So he is for ending the war ,closeing all military bases ,Gitmo and shutting down the CIA and the FBI ,’he says,” .I guess your forgetting he is also for ending every social program that help the elderly ,children ,disabled and poor including Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid. Or don’t you care about millions of people probably dying because this man is an extremist who doesn’t even understand how a country is run !
        I am reposting what I posted on the other thread here as you suggested . Maybe you might think about the other things Ron Paul represents that most people like the elderly ,woman, children, disabled and the poor don’t like about his agenda !

        repost: Dandelion I have noticed you seem to be promoting Ron Paul a Libertarian Republican . I find that a bit baffling coming from someone who professed to be a Progressive ,” new word for a liberal these days ,” .
        Oh BTW I don’t think old Ron believes in giving the native American’s any support from the government either so you might rethink your choices !
        I always wanted to ask you this question sense I saw you were promoting Ron Paul .
        Are you aware that Ron Paul like all the Tea Party people and your garden variety Republicans want to do away with every social program out there that help the elderly ,disabled ,children ,woman and the poor ?
        Are you also aware that Ron Paul would end Social Security ,Medicare and Medicaid and that was in his own words to a reporter not mine ?
        Have you ever thought of what this country would be like if he were President and was able to impliment ending all these programs ?
        Well let me paint you that picture just so you can be clear about what your supporting !
        First off the elderly without their Social Security checks to pay for their basic needs who don’t have a family with the means to take them in and support them would be forced to live on the streets and beg for food . Those living in colder climate would die the first winter and those who were sick and had no health care would also die . The disabled would either be put in a home if there were a home that would take them in as charity cases or they too would be left to die from illness and lack of nutrition and shelter .Poor children would also be vulnerable to disease from lack of health care and nutrition and some would not survive . We already know what is happening in some states where abortion or even just clinics that support womans health issues are being closed down and not funded ,”planned parenthood does more than aide woman who want abortions ,”.
        There are not enough charity organizations to help all the people who would be effected so Ron Paul is dreaming when he claims charitable organizations and churches will help them . I heard him say once well how did they do it before the New Deal ? Is that man nuts ? There were less people in this country back then and the cost of living was very low unlike the situation today ! he is trying to compare two totally different erra’s and claim things would be the same . Well a clue the people back then who were poor suffered dearly and the life expectancy was much lower because of lack of nutrition and health care and woman and infants died during childbirth without a doctor . Is this the America you want your kids to live and die in because this is the America he wants to see return ?
        Are you willing to support someone who would commit genocide of millions of people by neglecting the health and well being of all these people by ending the very programs they depend on to survive ?
        Supporting Ron Paul and any of the Tea Party or garden variety Republican’s would be doing just that there is no question in my mind .Ron Paul gets many of his ideas from Erin Rand and that woman was IMO another Hitler in her thinking . Sociopaths don’t think of the effect of their decisions or actions have on others . She was a sociopath and it appears Ron Paul and a good deal of his followers could also be called that because they refuse to look at the outcome their actions will bring about and the millions of innocent lives that would be lost !
        Genocide whether it is of the Indigenous people , Jewish people or the elderly, poor ,disabled and children is morally wrong and I would think most of us would agree with that and never consider supporting someone who would if President make these things a reality.
        So now that I laid it all out for you to its conclusion where do you stand now on supporting Ron Paul ?

        Linda R., on October 8, 2011 at 8:23 PM said:
        Getting arrested doesn’t make any changes either ! At least they are showing solidarity with those occupying Wall Street by holding signs on the corner in their cities!
        What will make real change is when people quit buying these products made by these large corporations and stop putting their money in their banks. Your feeding the machine your complaining is greedy !
        None of these people are going to listen until the money train comes to a stop ! You have to bring down big business if you want them to listen to your demands .
        As far as government voting for a candidate that voted for the things that got us into this mess won’t help either, neither will voting for someone who is for mass genocide and every man for himself and if you can’t save yourself ,oh well I guess you will die kinda guy !
        Why is it when we have problems with our government there are always people who look to the extreme candidate to help change things . What is wrong with a rational and sane candidate ? Sure these candidates on the right and far right will change things ,so much so the population will drop dramaticly from people dying because of their crazy insane decsions to end programs that keep people alive .
        Not voting because your pissed at Obama is also stupid because all your doing is insureing that the crazies will be running the assylum !
        I don’t give a damn if someone says, well your voting for the lesser of the two evils,, because I know not voting would be a vote for the worst of the two evils and I am not willing to do something as stupid as that just out of spite because Obama didnt live up to my expectations !
        I thought it couldn’t get worse than Bush until I heard the Tea Party and Ron Paul vote for any Republican or Tea Party candidate and I assure you it will get ugly very fast ! Bush opened the door to the corporations running our government and anyone of these people will complete Bush’s job and make us all serfs and take away all our civil rights and freedom .
        Remember Ron Paul is supported by the Koch brothers ,”who are also Libertarians ,” just like they support the Tea Party . Whose side do you think the billionaire Koch brothers are on, the corporations or the people ? If you said the people your dead wrong they are on the side of their interests big business ,the little people mean nothing to them or Ron Paul whose also wealthy in his own right !
        People are angry because they lost jobs and homes well how angry do you think they would be if a candidate was elected who believed in no minimum wage , no regulations on banks and no help from government for anything ? Think through your choices and make the one that won’t make things worse and could very likely kill people !

        • Thanks for putting your comment here, Linda. I’ll delete the other ones.

          Please provide proof that the Koch brothers are supporting Ron Paul.

          Remember we are in the PRIMARY ELECTION, not the General Election.

          Right now the candidates are Obama on the Dem. Party ticket and about 9 on the Rep. Party ticket, including Ron Paul. Who would you vote for out of this bunch in the Presidential Primary Election?

          Out of the choices we have at the moment, Ron Paul is the best candidate for the reasons I already wrote in another comment.

        • Obviously I can’t prove the Koch brothers are supporting him but they are also Libertarian and they did support his son as a Tea Party candidate so it would be logical to assume he also gets support from the Koch brothers . Actually he is so rich he doesn’t need anyones money !
          Listen if Ron Paul is so ethical why did his son who he brought up join up with the Tea Party and take Koch brothers money ? The Kochs are an industry ,they are billionaires and whoever they give to you can bet they will be expected to pay back that favor ,like Supreme Court Justice Thomas and Roberts have in their decision to make corporations people and give as much money as they want to a candidate .Now with that new ruling it will be harder to follow the money !

          To answer your question I would vote for Obama because I do not believe in the Republican and Libertarian idiolgy especially the ones we see today !
          IMO I would like to see a third party formed and see an end to the Dem Rep only choice , but it is too late to find a viable candidate before this coming election so I am not switching seats on the Titanic . Right now at least with Obama I feel I have a row boat and life preserver and a chance to survive I feel with a Ron Paul or any of the Tea Party , Republican candidate I would be going down with the ship .
          However we should start looking right after 2012 but we also have to do something to make it not so hard for a good person without wealth to run . This election is costing candidates in the millions and that is just crazy it leaves out some really good people who can’t afford that kind of money to run a campaign .It happened to Kucinich along with the media blocking him out of the debates .
          I think we need to start locally and make changes there first ,”which is what the Tea Party did ,”. Unfortunately it hurt all of us !

        • Actually the Koch brothers financially supported Rand Paul’s opposition. http://63.e5bed1.client.atlantech.net/pacs/expenddetail.php?cycle=2010&cmte=C00236489&name=Friends+Of+Trey+Grayson

          Again, provide evidence that they are financially supporting Ron Paul.

          This isn’t about Rand Paul at all. This is about choosing a nominee to run in the General Election. This isn’t about voting for president. We are in the Primary Election stage. If you don’t understand this, please do a search and learn about it.

          The Tea Party has been hijacked. Ron Paul was in the original Tea Party. Big differences between these two “parties”.

          Obama is a war criminal, so I could not vote for him under any circumstances. I didn’t vote for him in 2008 either because of his record and campaign statements that he would escalate the war in Afghanistan (which he did and also took the country to new wars: Pakistan and Libya, also Somalia and Yemen).

        • Some of us see politicians, who, being impotent at creating anything other than wars & misery, as a blight upon the human existence— that their “programs” demand that we involuntarily pay for them at the threat of incarceration or worse suggests not only are they wrong for us citizens, but that they are the primary benefactors.
          Of course some people like their misery and demand it be shared, no matter who gets hurt– being human to them means slavery of the sort even King David would disapprove. One cannot ever be emancipated from this statist drivel…
          I am not one of these supporters– I like my freedom, thank you, and fools who think otherwise are subject to being treated as the criminals they are.

        • Linda , read the article on ”the Punk Patriot ”, http://punkpatriot.blogspot.com/2011/08/yellow-journalism-at-its-worst.html. the facts about ron paul are there. shutting down the CIA is no light matter. they are at the root of ALL our wars , and expansion of the American Empire that have killed innocent women and children that you say you so care about . and you want to vote again for that war criminal OBAMA AS IF HE IS THE LESSER OF 2 EVILS ? evil is as evil does. his record across the board is wicked .

          i have been a life long progressive and worked hard for 3 campaigns for ralph nader for president . Ron Paul is not who you accuse him of at all ! get hip my friend , and see which way the wind is blowing . do your homework on his record and stop putting him in the category of a Nazi . the person who is in that category is this president and the last one . look at what they did to other countrys in their blood thirsty wars. you want more war , and fake lying liberalism ..then vote for Obama . you want more torture at gitmo , then for again for obama . you want a phony health care program that howard dean said in the new york times would hurt the poorest of the poor , then vote obama .

          you want more corporate bailouts for the rich on wall st. , more money to the pentagon , and many other injustices , then vote obama . but dont lay at the feet of ron paul these atrocities . its your president that has been committing them ..and as ralph nader warned us 2 days before the election in 2008 ”if Barack Obama get elected it will be the biggest con job in American history ”. and that it has been .

    • Mark , Ron Paul says that he will bring ALL troops home , close down ALL our military bases , and Gitmo , and shut down the CIA , and FBI . I ask you , does it get any better than that ?

    • Thanks, josephine. It really depends on whether or not any real progressives decide to oppose Obama in the Democratic primary election. Right now there is no one but Ron Paul to vote for (in the Republican primary election).

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