Overheard: Two American Wizards at a Wizard’s Conference by Philip A. Farruggio

by Philip A. Farruggio
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
September 18, 2011

war, what is it good for?

Image by James*C via Flickr

Before we begin, who just are these wizards?  Well, they are the very wealthy and secretive individuals and families that have controlled the economies, politics, religions and way of life for most of the countries in the world. This has been the status quo for perhaps centuries, not just decades or a few generations. The food we eat, jobs we have, media we read, watch and listen to, almost everything that we come into contact with, has part or all of it affected by these wizards. Revolutions, wars, religious and social movements… you name it and they are behind most or all of it. Yet, even they need time to meet with one another and compare notes, strategies etc. Here is a conversation by two of these folks at one of their many (and highly secretive) conferences:

Wizard # 1: It’s good to be among so many friends. Lots to talk about. Where should we begin?

Wizard # 2: Well, this whole Afghanistan thing is getting out of hand. I mean, it seems that the costs of this occupation, like with Iraq, is becoming too burdensome. I don’t like the repercussions here at home.

Wizard # 1: I know what you mean, but, maybe it’s not so bad a thing. Now, we can implement the ‘belt tightening ‘needed to turn the public further away from the unions. The more our media shows how much these unions have, and how much less the rest of the workforce has, jealousy and indignation will take over. They’ll be fighting for jobs, any job, with each other. Vacations and sick days and pensions and health coverage won’t soon matter… only having a paycheck will.

Wizard # 2: You know, my father taught me how the workers 100 years ago could have ‘turned the tide ‘and really caused an upheaval. I’m referring to those Wobblies and their movement for ‘One Big Union ‘. Imagine if that would have ever taken root. Whew!

Wizard # 1: If you study those times, you’ll see how our controlled media and politicians were able to label them as terrorists and Commies…

Wizard # 2: You mean, even before the Russian Revolution?

Wizard # 1: Oh yes, well before that. There was a communist movement here in the US during the late 1800s. The point is that thanks to people like Samuel Gompers and other craft unions, the ‘One Big Union ‘movement was trashed before it could take hold. Remember the Great Depression? When FDR took office, the banking system was even in worse condition than what occurred a few years ago. Hoover had to force all the US banks to close…

Wizard # 2: Yes, and if memory serves me, FDR could have nationalized the banks. Imagine what damage that would have done to our class?

Wizard # 1: It would have been the beginning of real Socialism here. My God, these fools would have had banks earning no profits! Mortgages would have been less than half interest! Small businesses would have gotten loans at reduced interest rates. Our people could have never kept control! Thank God Roosevelt still remembered what class he came from!

Wizard # 2: I guess Roosevelt had no choice but to implement the other New Deal programs. Our grandparents and their friends really did go a bit too far.

Wizard # 1:  Yes, it only took us 70 years to finally get our way completely. Thank goodness the rabble doesn’t realize how important the Democrats are to us. They pull the suckers back in line whenever our Republican operatives push to the far right. No need to worry about mass street protests like in Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain…

Wizard #2: I love it when so many unions march in lockstep with the Democrats, especially this President Obama. Who could have dreamed that we’d get a smarter, more articulate and (LOL) darker version of Junior Bush.

Wizard # 1: (LOL) Just like with LBJ, Clinton and Carter, this Democrat also does exactly what our Pentagon backed corporate friends want done. They all do… all the Democratic leaders in both houses of Congress. They went along with Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya. They’ll never dare to cut the military spending, in fear of looking weak compared to our Republican assets.

Wizard # 2: Yeah, things could not have been better for our war corporations…

Wizard # 1: Or our bankers. What better racket is there than to loan money to finance any war or invasion?  You recall how our parents and their friends bankrolled Hitler while bankrolling England, France and America, right?

Wizard # 2: Oh, the fortunes that were made with that war! How about after the war, and the …

Together: Cold War!! (LOL)

Wizard # 1: Well, our friends have succeeded in regard to America. How easy it is to make tons of money off of these dummies. Did you ever see America as dumbed down as it is now? Most of the populace cares more about Dancing with the Stars than it does with the economy. As long as we have no draft, these fools could not care less about what we do in the Middle East. We could bomb the hell out of a million women and children and they would get more outraged over a one hour power failure that took away their favorite television show!

Wizard # 2 : ( LOL ) Most of our young men  care more about if there will be a NBA season then if our soldiers get massacred in Afghanistan. Thank God they settled the NFL strike, or we may have had too many out there starting to think. That is when trouble happens, when these people start to think!

Wizard # 1: Never happen. Don’t worry at all. The only politics that we let them get involved with is the Red State vs. Blue State horserace. If they only knew that our class chooses who runs for President way before most of these fools even know what’s happening.

Wizard # 2: Let’s go back inside. I hear the filet mignon is really good this year.

Philip A. Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen. He is a small businessman, activist leader and free lance columnist. Philip is an advocate for the 25% Solution to cut military spending to save our state and city budget shortfalls. Since the 2000 elections, he has written over 250 columns, many posted on various sites worldwide. Recently, he is finding a home at the fine Dandelion Salad website. Philip can be reached at paf1222@bellsouth.net.


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