OCDLove: The Madness of Ophelia (Lovely/Groovy 9/11 Tribute Song)

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Ophelia by Alexandre Cabanel

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on Sep 11, 2011

A beautiful song and video in memory of the tragedy that day on September 11, 2001. This shows the full band in top form.

“The Madness of Ophelia” is a reference to Shakespear’s “Hamlet” in which the fair Ophelia goes mad after her brother is killed.

At least a dozen different ways to interpret this cleverly-plotted out message song.

Is it about Ophelia?

Read into the words…..look into the words. What do YOU see?
Video co-editing and consulting done by Michael Strub

Song recorded and engineered by Matt Jefferson of

Song written by Allen Russell of OCDlove
Video concept and direction by same guy.
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one five oh three two eight nine zero six two four

The Madness of Ophelia (Lovely/Groovy 9/11 Tribute Song)


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