“The Big Bang as God’s Plan?” by Gunther Ostermann

by Gunther Ostermann
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
Kelowna, BC. Canada
Sept. 30, 2011

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To the Editor:

What’s life all about? I have to wonder, when even physicists, like the late John Wheeler can say: “We do not know the first thing about the universe, about ourselves, and about our place in the universe.”

But some people seem to know it all, like Christopher Hitchens, author of God is not great, and Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion, who most likely spawned the new militant- atheist movement, with their simplistic statement, “There is probably no God, now relax and enjoy yourself.”

The Amazing James Randi, debunker of frauds, is a little more modest and claims to be ‘an atheist of the second kind,’ or, open-minded. As of this year, Pope Benedict now embraces the Big Bang as God’s plan. Stephen Hawking, however, claims that the universe can create itself out of nothing and needs no Creator, The following website is an opinion from 2010, written before Pope Benedict declared his new belief.


What can the average person believe when confronted with such diverse opinions? Have Hitchens and Dawkins ‘thrown the baby out with the bathwater,’ as they dealt only with man-made beliefs that served the “Self-Appointed Elite”, for people control, until this day?

OK, here are some real questions and scientific facts. The first and most amazing thing that took place at the Big Bang, was the creation of all the atoms of the universe, which are actually Perpetuum Mobiles or, Perpetual Motion Machines with their spinning electron (s). A fact that has never been acknowledged and never been duplicated by any human being. We know that a gold atom has 79 electrons in 6 different precise orbits. But where, or what, is the source of this fantastic phenomenon that makes the electron (s) spin around the nucleus with about a hundred million- billion circuits every second and makes matter real to us Time-Space-Creatures, without which nothing would exist? The tiniest computer chip is made of gazillions of different elemental atoms.

Imagine, if hypothetically, all the air and space were taken out of our body, and all atomic matter were condensed into a ball, there would be no ‘matter’ left of us to look at.

Not until today, with all the scientific tools at our disposal (see Salem-News), can we begin to understand what Albert Einstein and the late Max Plank (Physicist) said some time ago: ”There is no matter as such. All matter exists only by virtue of force. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind.”

Could we be, or are we, ‘potential’ Mind-Substance-Beings, since the I-Me-You-Mind is intangible and invisible as is the source and cause of everything?

We live in, and are surrounded by countless-fantastic-natural-phenomenon.  Would any person or scientist believe in the metamorphosis of the butterfly if it weren’t an established fact? Not in a million years.

Why, then, are we forced and encouraged to spend our short life as money-making and  hoarding-machines and other trivial pursuits that are designed by those, what I called previously the ”Self Appointed Elite.” I’m ashamed to witness the daily lies, deceptions and stupidities in politics and business, and the daily slaughter of innocent human beings in all the men-made wars by pilots and drones, who sit safely in cockpits or cowardly half a world away.

Humanity needs a new vision: it has to be created by open-minded thinkers, not believers. When our name appears in the obituaries, it’s too late.


Gunther Ostermann

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6 thoughts on ““The Big Bang as God’s Plan?” by Gunther Ostermann

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  2. I have never disputed the “big bang” theory but have always wondered what happened before the big bang? I have always thought that since there isn’t any end, there also wasn’t any beginning! As an analogy I say that if you went out into space and you finally reached a wall that said “this is the end,” you would most certainly wonder what was behind this wall!

    David Boese

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  5. where there is a song, there is a songwriter. where there is a building , there is an builder . where there is a creation , there is a ( fill in the blank). logic is on the side of when one finds an intricate watch and saying that there is watchmaker. ignorance is on the side of denying that precision by saying that it all came by an accident.

  6. I really enjoyed your wrap up. I completely agree with you regarding our current predicament and that we need a new visions and purposes. I have lost so much motivation as I have aged from 20 to 40. I look around me and at myself and see a waste of human potential and energy.

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