Ralph Nader: Obama is a Dictator! + Nader, Ron Paul, Kucinich Speak to Occupy Wall Street


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With Ralph Nader

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October 07, 2011 News Corp

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Ralph Nader “The Tea Party Now Is Basically The Corporatist Wing Of The Republican Party”


Ralph Nader Encourages #OccupyWallStreet

by Ralph Nader
The Nader Page
Oct. 8, 2011

Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader Encourages #OccupyWallStreet Protesters to Challenge Wall Street Abuses

Statement by consumer advocate, Ralph Nader October 8, 2011

The frustration seen in the protests on Wall Street over the past few weeks demonstrates a widespread and growing citizen discontent with the two political parties in Washington, D.C. and with a political system that is dominated by corporate interests.

It is time for citizens to push their elected officials to break the corporate stranglehold on our economy. Congress should start by enacting a financial speculation tax that would help curb the wheeling and dealing on Wall Street and that could raise hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue to help with the our country’s economic recovery.

Congress has done more to bail out Wall Street than Main Street. Wall Street crooks have avoided penalties and prosecution and continued to receive bonuses and excessive compensation while pensions and savings have been looted.

Wages have remained stagnant while the largest corporations and executives have seen record profits and bonuses year after year. Congress has done little in the face of a staggering – and growing – income inequality in this country, where the top 1 percent of the population has financial wealth equal to the combined financial wealth of the bottom 95 percent of the people.

And Congress has done nothing either to disclose or stem the flow of millions of corporate dollars into the electoral process. Corporate Political Action Committees are corrupting the electoral process and blocking the voices and concerns of millions of people.

These are not the signs of a healthy democracy. Those taking part in the “Occupy Wall Street” protests and in similar protests cropping up across the country are working hard to make their voices heard. It is way overdue for the President and Congress to listen.


on Oct 8, 2011

Ralph Nader, Public Citizen and author, toured Freedom Plaza, on Oct. 7, 2011. He shared his views on the evolving “Occupy Washington” process. Escorting Mr. Nader around the plaza was Kevin Zeese. He’s one of the organizers of the “October 2011” Movement.

Ralph Nader at Freedom Plaza, Occupy Washington


on Oct 2, 2011

Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, and Dennis Kucinich offer words of wisdom to the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Occupy Wall Street movement has tremendous potential, but only if we can resist the wedges that the corporate/government cabal continues to try to drive between us.

There are differences of philosophy between progressives and libertarians, but we CAN agree on at least four issues upon which we can make immediate and concrete demands. Success on these demands would go a very long way toward saving the United States and prevent us from falling deeper into serfdom and slavery.

We may never have a better chance than right now.

Nader, Ron Paul, Kucinich Speak to Occupy Wall Street



Oct. 9, 2011

Protester enthusiasm is boosted by Occupy superstars such as Green Party leader and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader. Judging from crowd response many here would like him to run again.

The weekend brought about a growing wave of protesters in Washington, DC. Two venues– hundreds of people. Marches are timed with the 10th anniversary of the US-led war in Afghanistan and anger with a broken US economy.


via PressTV

Occupy DC protesters mark 10th anniversary of war In Afghanistan‎



Ralph Nader pines for Michael Bloomberg, Jim Hightower, others

watch via POLITICO.com


Get Involved: Occupy Together


Donate: Support Occupy Wall Street | WePay


Ralph Nader Explains Why Ron Paul Is An Excellent Presidential Candidate

Chris Hedges at October2011 Occupy DC: The Corporate State is in Trouble

The crime of making Americans aware of their own history by William Blum

Glenn Greenwald, Ron Paul, Jeremy Scahill and Dennis Kucinich on Obama authorizing the assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki

Noam Chomsky defends Ron Paul – Same position as the Pentagon

The Punk Patriot: Yellow Journalism At Its Worst


34 thoughts on “Ralph Nader: Obama is a Dictator! + Nader, Ron Paul, Kucinich Speak to Occupy Wall Street

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  15. I can’t seem to follow on this site very easily so if I am answering your question Dandelion in the wrong thread then please make it a little easier to follow these threads !

    You asked me for proof that Ron Paul took campaign funds from the Koch brothers well this is what I found ! I hope this clears things up a little so you know just what your voting for !


    • I didn’t find Ron Paul’s name on that list. I did see Rand Paul, but we are not talking about him.

      I’m sorry you have trouble following the threads. When someone replies to someone else’s comment the new comment is underneath it. It only goes about 5 comments deep then the newest comment goes to the top.

      • It didn’t have Ron Pauls name on the list your right about that but it did have his son’s . Don’t you think they follow the same Libertarian idiology ? They sure speak the same language, if you listen to them the message is the same !

        It also said further down that many people are not on the list because it is harder to follow the money .
        Anyone aware of the Supreme Courts decision to make corporations people should realize that it will be very difficult now to follow the money these corporations are funneling into campaigns !

        • Back on topic, please. This is not about Rand Paul not really about Ron Paul except for a short blurb in one of the 4 videos. In fact, the videos are mostly about Ralph Nader and the Occupy Wall Street protests.

          You are right it is difficult to follow the money into campaigns. That is one of the reasons for the protesting.

        • It seems to me as long as this video is making a connection between Ron Paul and Ralph Nader or Kucinich or anyone else then I am not off topic talking about Ron Paul or even his son Rand . The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree !

          Do you want a discussion or do you want to just promote your own agenda ?
          Occupying Wall Street isn’t about Ron Paul its not about any candidate or even the president ,but you injected him into the discussion by chosing to post this video CLIP seemingly supporting your own agenda which is promoting Ron Paul !

          I agree with the occupiers of Wall Street in that our pressing issue is the economy and the distribution of wealth or lack of it in this country ! All these other issues though they are important will never be solved unless we first put corporations out of the business of running our government and making our laws. Only then can we really bring about the other changes we seek .
          I don’t think voting for someone who wants to deregulate corporations will help us it will distroy us .

        • I have limited time to run this blog, so I added the video to the post like I added other videos to this post to save time. Bringing up Rand Paul is totally off-topic.

          And yes, this is my blog and I can post a certain agenda and will continue to do so. That’s the entire idea of blogging: to promote an agenda that is not being covered in mainstream media. If corporate media did its job, I wouldn’t have to spend my time doing this blog and there are other things I’d rather be doing.

          This blog has never supported Obama, and never will. He is a war criminal and it is against my religion as a believer and follower of Y’shua (Jesus) to vote for a war criminal.

        • If you think as the headline makes that assumption that Nader is supporting Ron Paul then did you hear Naders statement about a single payer Health Care system in this country ? Do you honestly think Paul would support a Single Payer Health Care system ? He is adement that that government not provide any Health Care for the people that every man and woman pay for their own and if they can’t then OH WELL TOUGH LUCK Charlie !
          These two are so polar opposites in idiology its not funny yet you chose to post a video and try to make it sound like they have the same . Just as Kucinich though friendly with Paul makes it very clear that they do not hold the same idiology even if they do agree on some issues .One is a Liberal the other Libertarian ,,one is for being his brothers keeper and ending corporate rule the other is for every man for himself ,survival of the fitest and deregulating corporations which would give them ultimate power ! Total opposites ! terrible comparison IMO !

        • This is about broad based coalitions, not divide and conquer.

          You don’t like the title of the post? “Ralph Nader: Obama is a Dictator! + Nader, Ron Paul, Kucinich Speak to Occupy Wall Street”
          I don’t think it states anything to suggest what you stated. It’s mostly about supporting the Occupy Wall Street protests.

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    • Danelion I have followed Ralph Nader his entire career and I know for sure he is a Liberal ,”,a real Liberal,” not a progressive so called Liberal leaning to the right who would change his basic core values !
      He would never agree with Ron Paul on ending any of these social programs . Just because video’s are clipped in a way which seems to support a Ron Paul issue doesn’t mean they agree with his entire agenda . Nader and some others agree with him on a few issues not his entire agenda !
      Nader may agree with him as Sanders , Kucinich and even I would agree with him on ending the wars and closing bases in foreign countries but absolutely none of us would agree with him on ending social programs that would amount to genocide for the millions of people who could never survive without them.

      Why would any sensible person think that supporting Ron Paul to end wars and stop the killing in Iraq and Afganistan is worth the price we would pay for supporting this man to the tune of millions of lives lost in in our own country from starvation, illness and neglect ,because that is what his agenda will bring about ?

      • Please re-read my and others’ previous comments on this point.

        We are not voting for President in Jan/Feb/Mar, etc, we are selecting nominees to the Republican and Democratic Parties. So far no one is challenging Obama on the Dem ticket, which leaves those of us on the left the opportunity to help choose the Republican nominee.

        Again, it is a big IF that Ron Paul would even win the Republican nomination.

        Ending social programs would take Congress to do, not the president. What the president can do (which our current one refuses to do) is end the wars with the stroke of a pen.

        • Yes that is absolutely true that ending social programs would take an act of Congress . Who do you think we have in Congress if not a majority of Tea Party Republican’s who want to do just that end all social programs including Social Security ,medicare and Medicaid .Now all they need is a real whacko like Paul as President and there goes millions of lives with a wave of the pen signing the demise of these programs.
          Forgive me but are you really that naive to think the Congress we have would not vote in favor of ending these programs ? That is all they have talked about sense Rand Paul and his other Tea Party cohorts were elected ! That and giving corporations tax cuts ! Haven’t you been paying attention to what they have been saying and doing in Congress ?

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  18. While they all speak the truth in this video I think your missing one point if you think Ron Paul will delivery you the complete package your hoping for ! You have to look at his other agenda to realize that you are only digesting the part of his agenda you like and your glossing over the part you will absolutely hate .
    Chris Hedges had it right . No matter who the president is nothing is going to change until you get rid of the corporations running the government and Ron Paul and his son both like big business having absolutely no regulations on them .So tell me how is that going to change the status quo for us average American’s .
    BTW your also glossing over that Rand Paul is a Tea Party Republican and if his father is elected you can bet that Rand and many of his Tea Party buddy’s will be in Ron’s administration .
    If you like the Tea Party crazy ideas you will love Ron Paul because he does not disagree with their philosophy he agrees with it just like his son.

    Don’t be so desperate to find a solution that brings change that you would close your eyes to a candidates deeper flaws just because you like a few things he says that you agree with.
    The Tea Party had one thing right that liberals failed to do and that was to start working on the local level to bring about the change you want then go for the crystal ball at the top ! You can’t work from the top down you have to start at the bottom and work up . In the meantime figure out how to change our judicial system !

    One thing you didn’t see in that video is Kucinich saying he agree’s with Ron Paul on those issues but he does not agree with him on all the social issues and doing away with social programs that will effect all of us . He doesn’t share his idiology he has stated this puplicly and if I can find a video I saw with him stating this I will post it or the link to it !
    I think the moral issues are most important because it says who we are as a people and if you don’t think the elderly ,disabled and the most vulnerable in society should be protected then you are morally bankrupt IMO ! I am a liberal because I believe in fighting for the underdog and I always will because IMO its the morally right thing to do !
    If you forget this in the voting booth then you left you soul behind and everything that was right and good about your character !
    I think I have seen and heard enough of this every man for himself type of behavior . Its cruel and its heartless and that is what needs to change in this country because right now we look like a country that eats its own children !

    • what words ”war criminal” don’t you understand Linda? your president is soaked in the blood of the innocent and the wealth of the rich . FACT.

      • What words do you avoid hearing that allow you to support someone who is a wolf in sheeps clothing.Why do you close a blind eye to his other agenda and look only at the part you wish to see ?

        Don’t assume that I am not aware that Obama has not done many of the things he promiced to do in his campaign . As far as blood on his hands what president in a war doesn’t and how many innocent Iraqi people did Bush and Cheney kill ? I see the comparison to Bush’s deaths in Afganistan compared to Obama’s but what they fail to admit is that Bush didn’t want to start a war in Afganistan he really wanted a war in Iraq and the number of deaths in Afganistan under Obama’s administration pales to the number of Iraqi’s killed under Bush ! No comparison ! I do agree neither war should have ever been started and that too many lives have been lost for corporate greed !
        What I don’t agree on is your choices in candidates . I don’t think its wise just because you don’t like Obama to replace him with someone who would kill millions of our own people with the agenda he espouses to.
        Try reading this maybe you will see there is some proof in what I am saying . I am not just spouting off some BS because I don’t like a person as some people do ,I have reason to fear for this country and our people should Ron Paul ever get elected.
        I will post another link with a little more evidence that you who support this man have not looked deeper into his whole agenda !
        She does give links to Ron Pauls own statements !

        • Dandelion no I didn’t read the link you posted .
          Did you bother to read the one I posted and the links she posted to some of the things Ron Paul said in his own words to the press ?

          Listen, I once was interested in Paul a long time ago when he first exposed the NATA when Bush was going to merge with Canada and Mexico and they satrted building that trans-american highway that ran from Mexico through America to Canada . I went to his site,” HIS SITE NOT ANY PROPAGANDA SITE,” to find out more information about him ! I read all about his agenda and what first sounded good as I read on I found he was anti everything ! He didn’t believe that government should provide the people any protections ,not the EPA ,not a minimum wage not and social programs and not even Social Security or Medicare . Now if you really wish to roll the dice and take your chances by supporting a candidate with this kind of idiology then your gambling with your own future and that of your children.
          That link I sent you isn’t propaganda you can read that on Pauls own site, unless he cleaned it up sense I last looked ,but I kind of doubt it because he will never appologise for his heartlessness ! This man is so set in his ways that even if proven wrong he will never change his stand ! Is that what you think is a good character trait in a President someone unable to admit he is wrong and change course ?

          If you support him even in the primary you very well could be supporting him to go all the way and possibly win the presidency . I hope I am wrong because this has been a very stressful time for many of us with Republican’s in the majority in Congress doing nothing but passing wrong headed bills that favor the rich and refusing to pass those bills that would give people jobs !

          I am not an Obama head in the sand supporter but we have no other Democrat opposing him in the primary and unless we do I won’t vote a Republican whether a Libertarian Republican or not for President .
          You say Obama doesn’t stand for Jesus’s beliefs well I really don’t believe any of the Republicans or Libertarians or Tea Party Republican’s do either . Ron Paul I do believe is an athiest like Erin Rand who he emulates ! So where does that leave you with a candidate ? I would rather vote Dem and look hard for a third party candidate for 2016 than allow someone whose idiology is so far from my own and who would make my life hell be elected .
          Dandelion you don’t have to shed blood to kill people neglect will do it without shedding a single drop .That is Ron Pauls chosen method of genocide ! So tell me how is that a better choice than Obama who you perceive to have blood on his hands ?

          Okay I am done with this for the night I don’t need stress in my life which is why I left other sites that have been taken over by the right wing politicals like Facebook and Care2 .

        • Yes, I read the article when it first came out. Please read: http://punkpatriot.blogspot.com/2011/08/yellow-journalism-at-its-worst.html

          I have no intention of voting for Obama, or any Democrat who is pro-war. See: http://en.wordpress.com/tag/meet-the-new-boss-the-same-as-the-old-boss/

          Ron Paul is a Christian.

          I have no idea who I’ll be voting for president in November 2012, probably some 3rd party candidate like I have since 2000.

          I didn’t say “Obama doesn’t stand for Jesus’ beliefs.” I said because I am a follower of Jesus, I cannot in good conscience vote for Obama since he is a war criminal. See this graphic video of what NATO is doing to Libya’s children right now: http://vodpod.com/watch/15537212-see-what-happend-to-this-child-nato-rebels-crimes-in-sirt-graphic?u=dandelionsalad&c=dandelionsalad

          Facebook and Care2 have not been taken over by the “right wing”.

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