The Praying Man #OccupyWallStreet

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on Oct 30, 2011 – On the morning of Friday, Oct 14th, 2011 among the thousands who showed up to defend the park from Bloomberg’s threats to evict the occupation during a “park cleaning”, one man stood out. Police used motorbikes in an attempt to push people off the street but this man got on his knees and began to pray, blocking the path of all the bikes in the process. Police arrested him, and though many protesters asked for his name, he never spoke. Did anyone get his name?

Filmed & edited by: Final Outlaw

Praying Man of Occupy Wall Street (No Audio)


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  2. I have to say that was brilliant.. it reminds me of the single individual standing up to the tanks in Tiananmen Square.. What he was saying doesn’t have me so curious but rather what would have happened had every protester done the same thing!! Now that would have been a statement. Thanks Lo…

  3. This is a very good example of what is needed in any mass movement of protest. That man in all his “insignificant” but humble presence in front of a mechanized unit of the NYPD showed something that we need to think about when facing the power of government; we need to call upon God’s presence, help and intervention because government, with all its agencies, are accountable to God, but what will make the difference is precisely that we need to call, ask, pray for help; it is that simple… The authorities will be controlled by higher power because they are more accountable to God even that priest and churches due to the nature of their work, which consist in enforcing the law, through men and women, simple humans like any body else, that should be, like nobody else, abiding by the law as the they are making others to abide by the law… Romans 13; in the New Testament, gives the whole explanation on why this should be this way.

  4. His lips are moving pretty much all the time, but no sound from him is picked up in the video. It looks like he as praying out loud. Can anyone report on the content of his prayer?

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