How You Can STOP Republican Militarism: Vote for Ron Paul

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Ron Paul Revolution

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on Oct 20, 2011

If we want to ensure that we have someone who will support peace, we have to make sure that the Republicans have a pro peace candidate. In all states we can vote for Ron Paul in the primary or caucus and then vote for whoever we want in the Presidential election. We can reign in the Republicans and we don’t even have to compromise any principals to do it. If peace matters to you, make it happen! 🙂

Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich have acknowledged that it is time for a left right alliance and are working with Ron Paul to make it happen.


How You Can STOP Republican Militarism


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    • Hi Mobber, thanks so much for sharing your photos and having a Creative Commons license on them. Great shot!

      I also have a CC license on all of my photos. Cheers!

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  7. Thats a well made video, very concise. I remember last election cycle the way the Republican machine delt with Ron Paul is they simply excluded him from the debates – while they allowed Guiliani who was polling at lower numbers.

    The video makes a great point, without a primary challenger there is no voice for the peace movement, as in the actual moral arguments about the use of wars of aggression. But having the fiscal concerns of the cost of war that Ron Paul positions himself with has the same outcome.

    ***Warning snark alert***

    I hope Rocket takes this as tongue in cheek, but when people ask me my opinion about Ron Paul I like to tell them: “I see Ron Paul and Jesus as very simular, I admire a lot of what they are saying but I’m really scared of their followers” 😉

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