Killer Cola: Coca Cola Exposed!

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boycott killer coke campaign

Killer Coca Cola’s Random Facts:
*Worked with Nazis
*Coca Cola agents killed protesters
*The drug from the coca plant cocaine was used in the drink.
*Depleted water from small villages across the world
*Continued to allow illegal child labour
*A main factor in the rise of obesity
*A company that invests billions in psychological and Neuro-marketing similar to mind control.



The Cost of a Coke 2nd Edition Coca Cola Exposed! Killer Cola

BigMamaSmallsFarm on Jan 4, 2014


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  5. May I also point to the gargantuan amount of petroleum used by this company Coca Cola, and not to forget Pepsi Cola to transport a noxious substance devoid of any nutrition and full of neurotoxins globally, BOYCOTT all products in this category as it is ONLY by not supporting that which is an abomination to life on Earth, that we can begin to shut down the demand for what is in the broadest sense contributing to the demise of human beings and all other life forms. Make no mistake – Coca Cola is poison. Why would we continue to purchase this? Please STOP IT. Occupy Earth – It IS Time. Be The Change. Thank – You.

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