Chapter One of Vultures’ Picnic by Greg Palast + Palast: Put your money in community banks

by Greg Palast
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Nov. 3, 2011

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After some tense discussion (Penguin was partly owned by Gaddafi, so you can imagine…), my publisher has given me the unusual right to give all my readers, for no charge, the entire first chapter of my new book Vultures’ Picnic.

Even if you don’t get the book, I really want you to read the first chapter.

Read it or download it.

Never before, in my decades as an investigator, have I taken you with me undercover, on the hunt into the lives, secret files, shopping bags and back rooms of the cruel and whacky One Percent. And, for the first time, I’ve decided to let you in on Greg Palast, to open up my life and the inside of my operation, without censorship or BS.

In Chapter One, you will first encounter

  • the MI6 agent who carried the bribes for British Petroleum and the Kalashnikovs;
  • the billionaire’s ex-trophy wife ready to burn the bed and open the files;
  • the Radioactive Brick from address unknown, with documentation of a massive fraud by Tokyo Electric Power, arriving ten months before Fukushima melted;
  • the secret memo of Treasury Secretary Geithner waiting for the go-ahead from Goldman Sachs and Citibank;
  • the CIA spook turned billionaire with a score to settle and a devastating document from Kazakhstan;
  • and a punch in the face just before an appearance on Amy Goodman’s show.

(I deserved it, I suppose. You read it and tell me.)

Chapter One takes you from a stake-out at dawn in New York, to the King of Mardi Gras to a shopping spree with a short dictator in Geneva, to suicide and murder in a Native Village in Alaska that is a key to the Deepwater Horizon investigation.

Vultures’ Picnic is the sum of my life and work getting even with the One-Percent, the cruelty merchants posing as captains of industry. I go after these guys because for me, it’s personal. I admit, it’s revenge. You should know why.

I’ve been called America’s top investigative reporter and the funniest. I admit, the book has as many laughs as it has tears—because the ultra-rich whom I track across the globe are clowns—except with really terrific shoes and bodyguards.

So, just step into the Vultures’ Picnic circus tent for a few pages. Read it or download it. I think you’ll want the rest of the tale (I don’t eat the whale until Chapter Three, or get caught with my pants off in Ms. Jamaica’s room until Chapter 9 or encounter The Hamsah in Africa until….)

Read the chapter, and if you want a copy of the book, you can pre-order it or donate $60 and I will send you a personally signed copy. The book hits the stores on November 14.

This is full frontal Palast, for good or bad.

If you can handle Goldfinger, you can survive the rest.


Greg Palast is the author of Vultures’ Picnic: In Pursuit of Petroleum Pigs, Power Pirates and High-Finance Carnivores, which will be released on November 14 by Penguin USA.

Pre-order it now!
For more information about Palast’s brand new book and his book-signing events in your city, go to


on Nov 5, 2011

Today is the day that bank customers nationwide are moving. “Bank Transfer day” began as a grassroots movement began last month advising bank customers to close their accounts at all major banks and transfer to smaller credit unions. The movement has already gathered more than 79,000 supporters on its Facebook page as of Friday. The movement also helped defeat Bank of America’s 5 dollar debit card fee. Greg Palast, investigative journalist, gives us his thoughts on whether this will really hurt big banks.

Greg Palast: Put your money in community banks


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  13. Well, I read the first chapter of Vultures, a more zany wild read than any I’ve read before, which I might have dismissed save for the shafting of truth digging deeply in me. I will definitely buy the book… a must-read.

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