Why Progressives Should Support Ron Paul + With 13,111 New Peace Voters, Ron Paul Can Win the Iowa Caucus by Robert Naiman

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Updated: Nov. 15, 2011 added excerpt and link to Naiman’s article.

on Aug 7, 2011


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7 Reasons Liberals Should Support RON PAUL in the 2012 GOP Race

Ron Paul will END THE WARS
Obama campaigned on an expedient end to the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, Ron Paul will actually do it! He has been against the wars from the beginning and has called for an immediate withdrawal!

Meanwhile, Obama has extended his promised Iraq withdrawal timeline, increased troop levels in Afghanistan, and engaged in bombing campaigns in Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan, as well as an arguably unconstitutional war in Libya. We spend over $20 billion a year on air conditioning in Iraq & Afghanistan alone! Ron Paul will end the wars immediately, bring troops home from around the globe, and reduce wasteful military spending. We cannot afford it and this money should be used to help people at home!

Obama declared the Patriot Act unconstitutional and vowed to get rid of it. He recently signed a 4 year extension! It allows the government to ignore our Constitutional rights by engaging in warrantless searches, restricting free speech, and holding “suspects” indefinitely with no charges or trial. Ron Paul will vehemently protect all American’s Constitutional rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from illegal searches & seizures, and arrest without trial.

Whether or not you agree with Ron Paul on every issue, he is undoubtedly one of the most honest, ethical, and intelligent legislators we have. He’s an average American who grew up on a dairy farm in a working class family, served honorably in the military, and ran his own medical practice for many years. Although you may have respectful disagreements on some of the issues, you can at least be confident he will always give his honest, genuine, well thought out opinion. His ethics, consistency & moral character are a refreshing change from what we get from typical politicians in Washington these days!

Ron Paul wants the government OUT OF MARRIAGE
Ron Paul personally believes the government should NOT regulate marriage at all! However, he does believe the Constitution gives each state the right to decide for itself (whether or not he agrees with their decision). The rest of the Republican contenders firmly support a Federal amendment to ban gay marriage in all states.

Ron Paul certainly does not condone drug use, but he does acknowledge the failure of prohibition and the drug war to solve the drug problem (at great expense). Also the right of free individuals to decide what to do with their own bodies. He wants to end the federal war on drugs, pardon all non-violent Federal drug offenders, and let each state regulate drugs as they see fit. Meanwhile, the Obama administration has continued Federal prosecution of businesses producing medical marijuana in states where it has been legalized.

Ron Paul does NOT want to eliminate Social Security & Medicare
Ron Paul is often falsely portrayed as wanting to immediately abolish Social Security & Medicare. Actually, he has vowed to keep them intact for those who are or will be relying on them. He knows how important these programs are! This is why he’d much rather cut spending overseas, on wars, and in other wasteful areas. He does want to reform or phase them out for future generations before they become insolvent. If these programs are not reformed, future generations will pay into them their entire life and quite possibly get nothing or very little. Ron Paul has also NEVER voted to spend one penny from the Social Security trust fund (which Congress has raided and replaced with IOUs)

If Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination, one of the other GOP candidates will have a strong chance of beating Obama. We know where they stand on these issues…You may not agree with Ron Paul on every issue, but at least you know he is an ethical, honest politician fighting for average Americans’ well being! Even if you still might vote for Barack Obama, please help us have a better debate in 2012!

Why Progressives Should Support Ron Paul


Full Ron Paul Highlights in 11/12/2011 Presidential Debate

on Nov 12, 2011

If you’d like a copy of the chart (from the end of the video) you can get a copy at: http://libertyradio.com/chart2.jpg

OR, if you’d like the longer / original version of the chart, it’s available at: http://libertyradio.com/chart.jpg

Full Ron Paul Highlights in 11/12/2011 Presidential Debate


Blue Republican — How to Register Republican for Ron Paul

on Oct 20, 2011

Blue Republicans are people who have never before thought of joining the Republican party, but are going to do so for one year to ensure that Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination for President in 2012. Many of us previously identified as Democrats or Independents and/or supported Obama in 2008. We believe that on issues that matter most — war vs. peace (Iraq, Yemen etc.), civil liberties (Patriot Act etc.), and crony corporatism (bailouts etc.) — Obama has pursued a course similar to that of George Bush.

States are changing their systems all the time so ALWAYS CHECK YOUR OWN STATE INFORMATION to make sure you do what you need to do to make Ron Paul the Republican nominee for President.



Blue Republican – How to Register Republican for Ron Paul (update Oct 21)


With 13,111 New Peace Voters, Ron Paul Can Win the Iowa Caucus

by Robert Naiman
Nov. 15, 2011


Perhaps some people might see it as a big personal sacrifice to register as a Republican. Really? For a chance to change history? When you think of the sacrifices others have made for peace – being assassinated, imprisoned for years, beaten, fired, it seems like a speck of dust to me.

Some may say: I can’t vote for Paul, even though I agree with him on peace issues, because I don’t agree with him on X.

Let’s distinguish between two cases: either you see it as an issue of ideological cooties, or you see it as an issue of actions and probable consequences.

If you see it as an issue of ideological cooties, then, of course, you can’t do it. But most people who vote don’t think and act this way. They think in terms of actions and probable consequences.

via http://www.truth-out.org/13111-new-peace-voters-ron-paul-can-win-iowa-caucus/1321373390


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37 thoughts on “Why Progressives Should Support Ron Paul + With 13,111 New Peace Voters, Ron Paul Can Win the Iowa Caucus by Robert Naiman

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  16. mrs windy
    Obama did what the status of forces agreement demanded . He “officially ” ended the war, but the troops are not coming home, they are going to Kuwait, Africa, Australia, and anywhere else we need to protect our interests, which is a euphemism for stealing and controlling resources..
    As far as respecting Obama , I will , when he starts telling the truth and discontinues the use of drones, a cowardly weapon being used by a nation that is To quote MLK, “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today” Ask the innocent civilians dying in drone attacks if they think a war of terror is being waged on them.

  17. To Dandelionsalad. You have every right to appeal to anyone you wish to garner support for your candidate, however I disagree that telling others who they “should” vote for is the way to go about it. Better in my humble opinion to merely state your case for what you see as positives for Mr. Paul based on what he has done in the past, without the embellishments that you added that are more of a personal opinion nature than a factual-based one and why you feel he would be a worthy opponent to the Democratic nominee. I personally feel that Ron Paul supporters know their candidate has very little chance of getting the GOP nod for nomination from the Republican voters and they are grasping at straws to see if they can’t pad the ballot boxes in the primaries to give him an advantage. I wonder why you chose to use the term “progressives” in your title and “liberals” in your “7 reasons” list? The are actually not the same group of people, so which is your post truly addressing? It certainly appears to me however that they way you went about it reads like an attempt to manipulate a group ( or groups ) of voters who would otherwise never even consider voting for him. That’s just my opinion of course! I have no objections whatsoever to Mr. Paul being the Republican candidate for the 2012 elections IF he wins the primaries fairly and squarely, the same as every other candidate running should do.

  18. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0wyRgcAg9Y and view this Ron Paul ad. I can’t recall another major party Presidential candidate in my lifetime doing something like this – really trying to get the American people to look at the things from the perspective of our “enemies.” It shows that his anti-war views are not just libertarian isolationism, but a real gut understanding of the evil America does in the world.

  19. I would like to unsubscribe. I do not agree with supporting Ron Paul because he “says” he will end wars. He is n extremely corporate bought politician who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. For the life of me, I can’t understand how people, after being scammed by Obama, can now be taken in by a politician who hates unions, regulation that keeps us safe, and numerous other protections and safety nets for we the people.

    Supporting this guy because of one issue is dangerous and narrow minded.

    • He’s NOT a corporate bought politician. This is not about Obama either, nor Paul’s domestic policies. Please view the videos and read the other comments.

      The unsubscribe button is on all the email newsletter: click it.

    • DEB — its not just about one issue . he will dissolve the CIA , FBI , bring back habias corpus , and pardon non violent people in prison that are there becuase of drugs. he has spoken out bravely at the debates that we were responsible for 9/11 becuase of intervention . he would stop torture by clsing down Gitmo . and this he ccould do with one stroke of a pen on the first day ! Nader was right when he said that he would make a good prez.
      the things that we progressive disagree with him on he would not get thru congress anyway . its a win win . besides , he is the only game in town .
      you can unsubscribe all you want , but i would look a little deeper into the man first. i worked hard on 3 campghns to elect ralph nader for prez. obama was a con job . ron paul is not . and besides do you think that the 2 party system will do any better with the saftey net we have.

      LISTEN –ALERT — we have a chance to turn this ugly evil american empire back to a republic . there is no way i am gonna miss this oppurtunity !

      • I happen to disagree with your opinions on Ron Paul, Ralph Nadar, AND President Obama. I also have another “beef” that I would like to address before I go any further. It’s the total lack of respect many people have for our current PRESIDENT or even any other President. Whether or not one agrees with his policies, he IS our elected president and as such should be addressed with RESPECT. He should be refered to as “the President” or “President Obama”; NOT simply “Obama”! As for your comment concerning “Gitmo”, there are still over 100 people being detained there. Where does Ron Paul suggest the United States put these individuals? President Obama is still dedicated to that “end”, however he realizes that it cannot be obtained in a short period of time. Anyone who believes otherwise is not thinking rationally, imo. I have “looked deeper” into the man who is Ron Paul and he is not what I believe he suggests he is. That is my opinion based on much research into the man and his beliefs.

        • Mrs Windy , if you study the sedition act that president Adams implemented , you will find around that study that Adams complained that American citizens were burning him in effigy , and had no right to do that . Thomas Jefferson’s’ reply was that not only did they have that right but in a country governed by the people they have an obligation .

          Seeing the 5 more wars that president Obama has added to his record , along with keeping Gitmo open as the torture continues , not allowing health care for ALL , making jokes at state dinners of drones that kill people , extending the Bush tax cuts in 2010 , passing a bill that allows more money to go to the pentagon than in all of united states history in 2010 , his speeches after he illegally bombed Libya without congressional approval , and his God bless America Bullshit salutations , his keeping the patriot act and Fisa in tact against our civil libertys hence shredding the 1st , 4th , and 8th amendments , i would have to say that he is an evil oppressive son of a bitch ..just as evil as Bush and his cronies .

          2 days before the election of Obama , Ralph Nader was on C-span , and they asked him why he was running for president . he stated that the republican candidate was not an option , and that if Obama got elected ( exact quote ) ”it would be the biggest con job in all of American history ”.

          given the Obama administrations record of shame , Nader was right . why ? because he will still be able to use his forked tongue to say one thing and do another. evil is as evil does. Nader is right and you are wrong .

        • PRESIDENT Obama has NOT added 5 more “wars” to his record. Please study the FACTS and don’t substitute your opinions for them before making false accusations. When one makes such accusations as you have I would suggest next time supplying proof; not just stating it as though that makes it so. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, however they are NOT entitled to their own facts. You can have whatever opinion of our current President you wish to have, however given the fact that he was elected to the office of President would suggest those who considers themselves true Americans respect that office and address him by the title he holds, which IS “President of the United States”. If you choose not to then I suggest it speaks more for your lack of character than it does for his. Again, I have a different opinion of Ralph Nader and HIS opinions and he is not “right” simply because you say so. Your opinions are no more valid than mine; just different.

        • 1. Somalia

          5 more wars that Obama started. evil is as evil does. look them up your self . i have no respect for war criminals . be it Bush or Obama . they belong on prison . including Cheney , and Rumsfeld .

  20. I would probably support Ron Paul if he is nominated, even though I vehemently disagree with him on a lot of domestic policies. The ideal would be to get Paul as President and more progressives in Congress.

    Most things require both the President and the Congress. However, the President can by himself end the wars and not engage in any new ones (short of Congress declaring war, which they just don’t do any more). Paul is best of any major party candidates on the issue where the President has the real power.

    On his extreme domestic agenda, the Congress can easily stop him.

    So I would probably vote for Paul because it would bring an end to American wars and bring an honest, ethical person to the White House. It would also be a plus for civil liberties. And I would hope his laissez faire economics would not get through Congress.

  21. Apparently you don’t keep up with the news. President Obama has already ended the war in Iraq and is bringing our troops home! Ron Paul can WANT all he wants in one hand and whatever in the other since a President has limited powers and can only do as much as Congress allows him to in most cases! For ANYONE to suggest that Ron Paul can accomplish his Libertarian objectives with a Republican/Democratic Congress who will fight him every step of the way ( we have all SEEN how they can do this with President Obama! ), is unrealistic. He has never in all his years of congress been able to even swing enough Republican buddies in favor of any of his ideas to get anything done yet, why would anyone believe he could do so as President fighting BOTH Republicans AND Democrats? You may fool SOME of the people into believing your hype with your Ron Paul ideology agenda, but you aren’t fooling me or anyone else who sees it as it truly is. I don’t need anyone else giving me THEIR reasons why I should vote how THEY want me to; thanks!

    • Apparently you don’t keep up with the news.” Not a very educated statement. Maybe you don’t come by here often, but I’ve posted 17,415 blog posts since June 2007 and am close to reaching 3 million views on this blog. I and my readers are kept up with current news items.

      Yes, you are correct that many issues would have to be accomplished with the support of Congress. And that’s why I support Ron Paul in the Republican Presidential Primary Election, as I disagree with his economic/domestic viewpoints.

      However, there are many things a president CAN do by executive order. End the wars (plural); bring ALL the troops home; restore our civil liberties, pardon all non-violent drug offenders, etc. (watch the first video.)

      This post has nothing to do with Obama. It’s about voting for the Republican nominee for president, not voting for the president (that’s in Nov. 2012). Even if you or others support Obama, I do hope you will consider voting for Ron Paul in your state’s PRIMARY election.

      By making this post I am not telling anyone how to vote. Everyone is free to decide for themselves. Hopefully the videos presented here will add to their knowledge of the topic. By the way, did you watch any of the videos before commenting on them?

      • The statement you refer to was in reference to yours stating that President “Obama campaigned on an expedient end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Ron Paul will actually do it!” Your statement suggests that President Obama did NOT do as he campaigned he would, which is erroneous, since he has officially ended the war in Iraq. Yours appears to be the “uneducated” statement in this instance, don’t you agree? If this post had nothing to do with ( President ) Obama, then I suggest you should not have mentioned him in the first place. That leaves the door wide open for someone to respond about him in my opinion. I have many reasons why I will not be voting for Ron Paul in the PRIMARY election. I disagree with the “reasons” why YOU BELIEVE liberals should vote for Ron Paul because I disagree with your OPINION of him. And yes, I did watch the videos before I commented on them. As a matter of fact, I have done quite an extensive research on Ron Paul and he was once someone I had initially thought about supporting. It was after researching him and finding out for myself as to what he does and does not support that I decided NOT to support him or his ideologies myself. I have not heard or seen anything yet that makes me believe I made the wrong choice. Of course everyone is FREE to decide for themselves how to vote. That does not change the fact that you are attempting to tell others why they SHOULD vote how you feel they should.

        • I didn’t write this post (see my other comment).

          It’s not about Obama, it’s about choosing a Republican candidate in the Republican Presidential Primary. Obama has no opposition in the Democratic Pres. Primary, so that leaves all democrats, independents and others free to vote in the Republican Pres. Primary and the last video shows how to do that, especially if your state is a closed system where one needs to register as a Republican before voting.

          I will use my blog to support whomever I like. Corporations, the mainstream media, etc., inundate us with ads telling us who to vote for, so I’m doing what I can in my blog.

    • President Obama did not end the war in Iraq. See this news story – http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/checkpoint-washington/post/on-iraq-pullout-panetta-faces-skeptical-senate/2011/11/15/gIQAqFvCPN_blog.html The Administration is mad at Republicans for saying they are leaving Iraq. They wanted to keep soldiers there, but the Iraqi government refused to accept terms. Although Iraq prevented us from keeping uniformed soldiers there after the end of the year, we are keeping 16,000 without a military uniform there.

      The President has sent Special Forces – the imperial troops who don’t even make a pretense of following the normal rules of war – into far more countries than President Bush had. He is expanding our military reach all across the globe. Most recently, he announced he is sending Marines to Australia! He is an empire builder of the first rank.

      We need regime change!

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