War or Peace? You Choose by Ariel Ky

by Ariel Ky
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
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November 11, 2011

Build a Peace Economy!

The absurdity of a preemptive war is quite clear to me, if not to everyone. First of all, even the phrase is an oxymoron — how can you describe a war as preemptive? War is war, and it’s always destructive, chaotic, and horrible. It brings out the worst in people. It doesn’t matter what reason or excuse is made to start it. And most certainly, you can’t start a war to prevent it. I think that’s obvious to anyone who pauses a moment to think about it.

The only value of a so-called preemptive war is the advantage gained by striking first. A more accurate description of the U.S. plans to attack Iran are a first-strike war, or even more pithy, a war of aggression.

The only reason that the U.S. can even consider attacking Iran is that the global community failed to hold the U.S. accountable for attacking Iraq. The war against Iraq was an aggressive war for oil. It had nothing to do with democracy or nation-building… or weapons of mass destruction. It’s been proven conclusively that the WMD pretext for starting the war in Iraq was a pack of lies. And the failure to rebuild the infrastructure in Iraq or to rebuild the nation after destroying it also testify to either having lied about these matters as well, or colossal ineptitude.

So, where is the accountability? … the reparations made Iraqis by the companies who profited from the war? The return of the historical art treasures looted from museums? The public apology to the Iraqis? The prosecution of war criminals? Where is the outrage? Where is the censure? Where are the sanctions against the U.S. as an aggressor? There’s considerably more justification for condemning the U.S. than there is for Iran.

The case against Iran has been thoroughly debunked, just as weapons of mass destruction were shown to be nonexistent in Iraq. And yet the propaganda pours forth in an effort to justify attacking Iran.

Well, I declare that there will be no attack or invasion of Iran. I offer instead a vision of our world at peace. It won’t look the same as it looks today because everything is changing energetically even as I write. In this reality, the voice of sanity prevails, and everyone in every nation dedicates themselves to preventing the outbreak of another world war and creatively collaborating to find ways for everyone to prosper, for peace to prevail, and the Earth and the web of life to be honored and stewardship of our resources for ourselves and future generations assured.

People travel safely from one country to another. Young people, in particular, can look forward to spending time in other countries and learning other languages, as well as making friends and business partners. International trade flourishes at every level, and even ships and planes use solar power and alternative forms of energy. A new field emerges of environmentally friendly technology, as well as the development of sustainable systems.

The trend toward building ever higher, ever larger, ever more expensive buildings reverses and people find ways to build communities where they live, play, worship and work. The matrix of control and suppression, of exploitation and oppression is gone, and a good quality of life for everyone becomes the organizing principle rather than profit. Capitalism collapses. What am I saying? It’s already collapsing.

And in its place emerges a beautifully crafted economic system (unlike any the world has seen before) that is the collaborative work of vigorous intellects from all over the world which takes into consideration stewardship of the earth, quality of life for everyone, and the opportunity to achieve each person’s potential. This system has great variety as local preferences and decision-making is integrated into a global trading network that is easy for everyone to participate in.

Many forums take place on an ad hoc and also ongoing basis in which the people from all around the world teach each other what they consider valuable that they have to offer the development of humanity. A flourishing of the arts takes place as people discover the fabulous offerings of the cultures of the world. Culture fairs and festivals become commonplace events that people enjoy tremendously. As war is banned and violence prohibited on the part of governments and countries, corporations are refashioned for accountability and a shift in mission statements, and people’s collectives emerge, a global culture of trust ensues which makes possible what was impossible before.

Education and experience become the higher values in which the world’s societies are focused. Stewardship rather than exploitation of the world’s resources gains precedence.

I’m using words to paint in broad strokes the vision of a world at peace which is clearly ahead of us. The details to transition us to this paradigm are being worked out at many different levels by people everywhere who despair of our future if we continue on the path that we have been.

I am here to say that we are not powerless to prevent a world war. We actually have the power to entirely stop the practice of war all together. We are at the juncture where no other possibility exists… only war and more war unless we decide that we truly desire peace instead.


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  5. Good article . one thing people should be aware of is that if we act as citizens and dont vote for pro war candidates , then all war can stop from the American Empire , and it can go back to being a republic .

    so many people get conned into voting for pro war candidates , and then make excuses for their vote. there is no excuse . and there must be a blanket no wars zeitgeist period .

  6. I need to hear people say this everyday,,, it just makes me feel so much better,,, it’s so damn simple,, the hard part is how to figure out how to occupy the oil fields peacefully,, without military occupations, so that we can still quite selfishly drive everywhere we want to at reduced gas prices. The scary part is having to adjust our standard of living so that all the people in the world can have clean water and food and a chance to make progress in their lives. Peace is easy, compared to peace with justice for all. The world is slowly waking up,, slowly getting to know each other, slowly realizing that the Saudis are teaching violent jihad while moderate sensible muslims are trying to get their message out. Yes, we can live in peace,, just as soon as we rest control from the incorrect people who spend billions to teach us that peace is not possible. Hmm, who are those people ? The list gets longer every day. Teach peace.

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