Smoked! A soldier’s life and death: The story of John Needham

Dandelion Salad

by Maverick Media

Michael Needham tells how his son, John Needham, joined the army, was stationed with the 2-12 unit known as “The Lethal Warriors” in Al Doura, a suburb of Baghdad, and how John became disillusioned, not only with the war, but with the actions of his unit.


Michael Needham tells about atrocities his son, John, witnesses in Iraq, about how the situation for John in his unit gets worse and worse and how Michael is finally able to help his son, at least temporarily.


Michael Needham tells how his son, John, endured derision from his Army 2-12 unit and threats of being sent back to Iraq while he struggled with his own personal problems of PTSD and physical and mental wounds.


Michael Needham tells how his son, John, is charged with murder.


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