The Stimulator: Occupy the Machine

99% over 1%

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Dandelion Salad

on Nov 21, 2011

This week:

1. Occupy movement under attack
2. Waking up to the role of the police
3. Bloomberg’s real message
4. Anonymous strikes at the 1%

5. McGill students fight back
6. George Wright still free
7. Mc Sole
8. Occupy the Machine

The Stimulator: Occupy the Machine


Why We Occupy by Greg Palast

Repression Expands Resistance by Ralph Nader

This Is What Revolution Looks Like by Chris Hedges + OWS: Police Brutality and Eviction Destruction

Raven, that Lying Little Bastard by Greg Palast + Palast: MSM is Manufactured “News”

Michael Parenti: Combating Imperialism: Occupy

OWS: Just how do you turn ‘occupation’ into revolution? By William Bowles

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