Ralph Nader: Giant Corporate Power is the Central Political Issue of Our Time (must-see; repost)

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Ralph Nader: The Road to Corporate Fascism

Oct 14, 2007

Jeffrey Keating Feb 3, 2012

Ralph Nader exclaims that the central political issue of our time is giant corporate power and its take over of our government, plus the spread of commercial values into every nook and cranny of our culture including the commercialization of childhood, the universities and almost everything these large corporations touch. Speaking at the Washington, DC Green Festival, he also details what we can and must do about it.


Taming the Giant Corporation

Center for Corporate Policy

Michael Parenti: Imperialism and the 99% Solution

First Steps in Reforming the U.S. Financial and Tax System by Michael Hudson

Fix the FEC: Partisan Gridlock Has Rendered The Federal Election Commission (FEC) Useless

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