Rick Rozoff: NATO’s expanding horizons

by Rick Rozoff
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Stop NATO-Opposition to global militarism
November 26, 2011

Stop NATO manifestation, Krakow

Image by Gosia Malochleb via Flickr


NATO’s expanding horizons
November 21st, 2011
Featured Guest: Rick Rozoff
CIUT 89.5 FM

The Taylor Report
November 25, 2011

Program Description:

NATO is more and more becoming the center of all things in every quarter of the globe, so Phil speaks with a very important news source: Rick Rozoff, of “Stop NATO.” They cover the whole gamut: from Eastern Europe to the Northwest Passage to Libya. And while NATO appears to be receding from the Libyan story, even Saif Gaddafi’s current trial was enabled by NATO airpower. Rozoff suggests that NATO now wishes to avoid a trial for Saif because of the earlier embarrassment of Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic mounting a legal defense after the Kosovo war. It would be more convenient for Gaddafi to die at the hands of the new “independent” Libyan government.

Meanwhile, the guiding objectives are the same, whether in NATO’s East European frontiers in Kosovo and Georgia, or the shores of Tripoli. In Libya, NATO spokespeople are forecasting “NATO interoperable forces,” and kings and dictators are supported in Georgia and elsewhere. NATO also seeks a “Middle Eastern Partnership” to bring that area into their fold.

While NATO and clients commit acts of aggression around the world, only those who “resist assault” end up on the docket. The U.S. plays with fire, engaging in brinkmanship with Syria, Iran, and North Korea. We could wake up any day to terrifying news of a new war. So why does Harper want to be a wolf in this wolfpack?


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