Kucinich Calls for Reparations for Families of Pakistani Soldiers Killed by NATO

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by Dennis J. Kucinich
Washington D.C.
Nov. 28, 2011

President Obama: Stop the Wars!

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Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today released the following statement after Pakistani troops were bombed by NATO in the Mohmand district of Pakistan.

“Saturday’s North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) airstrike that killed 24 innocent Pakistani soldiers and injured many more near the border of Afghanistan has further strained the vital U.S.-Pakistan relationship, increased anti-U.S. sentiment abroad and placed our troops in Afghanistan in even greater danger.

Reports indicate that NATO is bracing itself for reprisal attacks on coalition forces in Afghanistan. This means U.S. forces will be at increased risk. The U.S. cannot expect to achieve stability in Afghanistan and the region while NATO, with impunity, conducts reckless actions that directly undermine the security of the Pakistani people and jeopardize U.S.-Pakistani relations.

“The United States must insist upon a full, impartial, transparent investigation and ensure accountability within the NATO command for any wrongdoing, intentional or not. NATO owes reparations to the families of the soldiers killed and injured. It is also timely for Congress to reconsider our support for NATO. How useful is an alliance which destabilizes friendly governments, kills innocent people and creates international provocations?

“My deepest sympathies are with the families of those who lost loved ones in the attack. Accountability of those responsible for the loss of life and an impartial and transparent investigation will be critical to maintaining our vital relationship with Pakistan.”


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on Nov 26, 2011

NATO admits it’s probably to blame for a deadly helicopter raid on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, that killed up to 28 Pakistani soldiers and injured over a dozen others. Islamabad responded by cutting off the flow of vital NATO supplies to Afghanistan. The incident may deal a serious blow to their already-strained relations over lethal incursions in Pakistani territory. John Rees, a political analyst from the British-based ‘Stop the War Coalition’, told RT that the U.S. and its allies are creating an explosive situation in the volatile region.

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