Michel Chossudovsky: My recommendation is regime change in the United States of America (2005)

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Chossudovsky: The Dangers of Nuclear War and Threats Against Iran

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on Dec 5, 2011

Professor Michel Chossudovsky gives a speech at the Perdana Global Peace Forum in 2005.

Chossudovsky states that “Osama bin Laden and the Taliban were identified as the prime suspects of the 9/11 attacks, without a shred of evidence” and that “amply documented, the war on terrorism is a fabrication.”

He has also claimed that the invasion of Afghanistan had long been planned by the United States and NATO, with the 9/11 attacks used as an excuse to justify the war.

For more information visit the Perdana Global Peace Foundation:

Chossudovsky: The Dangers of Nuclear War and Threats Against Iran


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